Hey, this is my first go at writing a Charmed fic. It's totally AU, with no magic, and is a Teen Fic with all four sisters in.

Chapter One: Mornings

The morning sun shone on the Halliwell manor, lighting the stain glass windows in the attic. In an upstairs bedroom, an alarm clock sounded and a slender hand with perfectly manicured nails shot out to turn it off. Prue, the eldest Halliwell sister at eighteen, sat up in bed and stretched. Running a hand through her chin length black hair, she padded to the bathroom and locked the door, glad to have beaten the morning rush. The peach towels neatly folded on the toilet seat told Prue that her seventeen-year-old sister, Piper, had already showered and dressed.

Down the hall, a girl with long, brown hair knocked on a bedroom door.

"Paige, it's time to get up," Piper called softly.

She pushed the door open and sat on the bed, stroking her sister's curly, dark brown hair.

"Paige, honey, come on."

Paige was fifteen, and the youngest of the four sisters. She slowly opened her eyes and smiled at Piper.


"Morning. Get dressed and I'll make breakfast."

"Pancakes?" Paige asked hopefully.


Piper kissed Paige's forehead and left the room, shutting the door behind her.

"One left," she muttered to herself, ascending the creaky wooden stairs to the attic.

From halfway up the stairs she could hear loud, angry punk music emanating from behind the heavy door. Inside the room, Phoebe, the second youngest, aged sixteen, was sitting at her dressing table, pulling her shoulder length brownish-blonde hair into a messy bun.

"Ah, one of you is ready," smiled Piper. "I'm making pancakes if you want some."

Phoebe shook her head as she applied her mascara. "No thanks."

"Pheebs, you really should eat something."

The younger sister rolled her kohl-rimmed hazel eyes and looked at Piper. "Okay, okay. I'll even help you make them."

Twenty minutes later, all four sisters were seated around the breakfast tables, their grandmother at the head. Though the sisters were close as siblings go, all four were very different.

Prue was wearing a short, dark purple skirt and a pale pink strap top, while Piper was dressed more conservatively in bootleg jeans and a black T-shirt. Phoebe wore low slung denim jeans, cut-off below the knee and a black Sex Pistols T-shirt and Paige had on a short, red kilt and a white sweater with a green tank top underneath.

Four very different sisters.

"I've got plans later, girls, so I won't be home until about eight," Grams told them. "I hope you four can look after yourselves 'til then."

"There's a party later me and Paige were gonna go to," replied Phoebe.

"Yea, we already told you last week and you said it was cool," added Paige.

"Leo's dragging me to that," muttered Piper.

"And I already agreed to go with some friends."

"Oh, well then there's no problem. Okay, well take your keys because I am not waiting up," smiled Grams. "Now, all of you. School."

The sisters sighed and stood up, muttering goodbye to their grandmother, kissing her on the cheek, picking up their stuff and leaving.

Upon arriving at school, the four sisters waved goodbye to each other and separated, each finding their own group of friends.

Prue, the popular cheerleader, headed to the stairs, which lead into the school building. Her group, which mostly consisted of cheerleaders and football stars, and her boyfriend Andy, hung at the stop of the stairs; the top of the social ladder.

Piper was intelligent and quiet and spent her time with a small group of close friends, and her long-term boyfriend Leo, who hung around the bottom of the steps.

Phoebe was the rebellious punk rocker and she and her friends sat round the back of the school and smoked.

Paige was a social butterfly and flitted between groups, depending on her mood that day, but spent most of her time with her group of "misfit" friends under their tree in the quad, or with Phoebe.

Close as they were, besides Phoebe and Paige, the four sisters rarely socialised at school. Their groups just didn't mesh. The only time they really spent time with their friends and each other was at parties. Like the party that night.

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