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Chapter Twenty: Nightmares

He stood alone, in the dark, the wet grass soaking into his smart leather shoes and dampening the bottoms of his trousers legs. It was cold, the wind chilling him to the core. He willed himself to look at the tombstone in front of him.

'Benjamin Coleridge Turner, beloved father and son.'

Feeling a tear slide down his cheek, he opened his hand and released the dirt encased there, letting it fall onto the newly filled in grave.

"How could you kill your father, Cole?"

He spun round to see his mother standing before him, fixing him with an accusatory glare.

"What? I didn't. It wasn't – it wasn't me."

"How could you kill me Cole?"

He spun back to the grave to be faced with Phoebe, her eyes filled with tears.

"Phoebe – I didn't – you're not – I couldn't –" he stammered.

"How could you kill me Cole?" she repeated.

The tombstone loomed in front of him.

'Phoebe Halliwell, beloved daughter and sister. Murdered.'

"Why?" she asked again, the tears now spilling over, pouring down her pale cheeks. Suddenly her mouth opened in a scream as a gaping wound opened in her chest and blood streamed out…

Cole sat up straight in bed, drenched in cold sweat, his heart pounding in his chest. He gulped in mouthfuls of cool air, trying to calm himself, attempting to rid his mind of his terrible nightmare. Without thinking, he grabbed the phone off his nightstand and dialled the only number he had memorised.

"Hello?" answered a groggy voice.

"Hi, Phoebe."

"Cole? It's two thirty in the morning."

"I know. I just – I wanted to hear your voice."

"Cole, that's really sweet, but also, it's two thirty in the morning!"

"I know," he repeated. "I'm sorry. But I really need to see you. Can I come over?"

"Do I have to remind you what time it is?"

Cole smiled. "No. Please. I'll come through your window and I won't stay long. Please?"

Phoebe sighed. "Fine. But you have to be really quiet."

"I promise. See you soon."

Cole pulled himself up on to the windowsill, before dropping down nimbly into Phoebe's room, pulling the window shut behind him.

Phoebe was curled up under her duvet, having fallen back to sleep. Cole smiled as he saw the teddy bear wrapped in her arms. She looked so beautiful and peaceful as she slept. He removed his shoes and jacket and then lay on the bed behind Phoebe, curling his body around hers, wrapping his arm around her warm body and pulling her to his chest.

"Cole?" she mumbled sleepily.

"Yea. Go back to sleep," he replied, his mouth moving against her neck as he spoke.

She turned over, facing Cole. "Are you okay? You sounded upset on the phone."

"I'm better now."

"Do you want to talk?" asked Phoebe, yawning as she did so.

Cole smiled. "No. I just needed to hold you."

Phoebe placed a soft kiss on Cole's lips. Then, wrapping an arm around his waist, she shut her eyes, a small smile on her mouth. Cole kissed her forehead, and closed his own eyes, feeling safe and happy as sleep overtook him.

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