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RakeTheSky – I used the title because of the close relationship of the sisters and because all four are growing up – that and I love the book, however it's unlikely that I'm gonna kill one of the sisters. I've changed Phoebe quite a lot from how she is in the show, but you were never shown Phoebe at sixteen and given the things that are said about her teenage years in the show I've taken some artistic license with her appearance. Her character still remains quite like that in the show, of being happy-go-lucky, bubbly and generally sweet. And I love Phoebe and Cole – course they had to be together.

Lilsuie Padfoot – yea, I know in the show Paige did drugs etc. as a teenager but I've, once again, taken some license and not directly followed that line. Paige isn't going to be Miss Popular and totally perfect, but she's also not going to be the way she's explained in the show.

Chapter Three: Overlooked

Paige lay on her bed, looking up at the ceiling, which she had decorated with hundreds of glow in the dark stars, making her own galaxies and constellations. She'd returned from the party with Piper and Phoebe over an hour ago, but she'd collapsed onto her bed and stayed laying there, just thinking.

Sometimes, she hated being the youngest. Of course, being the baby had it's advantages; fewer responsibilities, three protective older sisters, the knowledge and experience gained from her siblings. It wasn't all good though. It wasn't just that she was the youngest. It was that she was the youngest of four. All three of her sisters had their first date before her, their first proper boyfriend, their first day in high school. They'd all go to university first, and become successful first and, as per usual, Paige would be pushed to the back and overlooked.

Prue was the oldest. She'd been born first. She'd had the most time with their parents. Prue was intelligent and sporty. She could dance and sing and act. She was popular and she was kind. And she was beautiful, with thick black hair and dark brown eyes. All the guys wanted Prue, and she'd found herself a real prince in Andy. Paige looked up to Prue, the sister that was really going places and had big dreams for herself.

Paige often wished she could be more like Piper, who was, if she was made to choose, Paige's favourite sister, because Piper was good and pure and sweet. She was intelligent, and got good grades, and was always willing to help Paige with homework. Piper was also incredibly pretty, but she didn't know it, unlike Prue, who knew it all too well. And Piper had the one thing that Paige really, really wanted. A handsome and genuinely good guy, who was absolutely dedicated to her, and loved her entirely.

Phoebe was the sister Paige related the most to, because neither of them seemed to really fit in with their family, and the ideals their parents and grandmother would have liked them to follow. She was also the sister Paige spent the most time with. They had mutual friends, and were only thirteen months apart in age. Phoebe was the rebellious one, who did what she liked, when she liked, regardless of what other people thought. It didn't matter. She was comfortable in her own skin.

Unlike Paige.

She always felt like she wasn't good enough, like she was disappointing someone. Like she was disappointing her parents. The mother who'd died before Paige had any time to form any memories of her, and the father who'd left five months before that, and had never been heard of since. Sometimes she just wanted her parents there to give her a hug, to tell her it'd all be okay when she had a fight with one of her friends.

All of her sisters had a guy in their lives. Prue had Andy, Piper had Leo, and Paige had spent the entire ride home listening to Phoebe go on and on about Cole, the guy she had met that night. The only guy in Paige's life even worth a mention was Glenn.

Glenn and Paige had been best friends for over ten years, and told each other everything. Glenn was always there for Paige, to laugh with her when she was happy, and to hold her when she was sad. Many people thought the two of them were a couple, or wondered why they weren't. Both of them always laughed it off, saying it would be weird to date. Thing was, Paige had gone in and out of having a crush on Glenn since the age of eleven. He had been a geeky kid, but had grown into a cute teenager, with dark blond hair and green eyes. But Glenn didn't feel that way about Paige, so she was content to be best friends with him.

There was a knock on the door and Piper's head popped in.

"Paige, it's almost half past one in the morning. You need to sleep or you won't be up for spending ridiculous amounts of money tomorrow."

Paige smiled weakly. "Okay, I'm going to bed."

"Night," said Piper, stifling a yawn.

Paige took off her clothes and put on a large T-shirt, climbing into bed, snuggling up with her favourite toy and turning out the light, quickly drifting off to sleep.

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