Hogwarts: Hurray For Teenage Hormones!

Draco Malfoy sat and stared at each Hogwarts house table in turn. Hufflepuff, the house of wimps and losers, Draco thought to himself. He watched as Justin Finch-Fletchley knocked over Hannah Abbot's pumpkin juice and she screamed so loud that the teachers turned to see what happened. Yup, defiantly pathetic wimps and losers, Draco thought again. His gaze wandered over to the Ravenclaw table. 'The brain train' Draco recalled hearing Timothy Nott call them the year before. Almost everyone at that table was trying to read a very large book and eat their breakfast at the same time, most of them unsuccessfully. He tried to refrain from looking at the Gryffindor table, they made him sick. All of them with their cocky I can do anything attitudes and wild adventures. They never got in trouble either, unless of course they where in Professor Snape's class, he hated them just as much, maybe even more so than Draco did. But it was no use; his eyes turn and rest on a couple of 2nd years sitting on the end. They were trying desperately to see something on the other end of the table. Amused by their efforts he followed their gaze to find the Weasley twins dangling a large spider in front of their brother, who sat whimpering low in his chair. As Draco watched them he began to chuckle, Ron defiantly did not belong in Gryffindor if he was scared of a spider. Then the spider vanished from one of their hands.

"Hey! Hermione, chill out we were just having some fun"

Hermione Granger. Draco scanned her up and down, standing there with her hands on hips giving Fred and George looks that could kill.

"Oh honestly, both of you. Go away; we are trying to have a decent conversation here." She said sitting back down.

Draco didn't understand why he didn't like her. He knew she was in Gryffindor and a mudblood, but why wasn't he attracted to her? Every other boy in school was; her dark brown eyes, long brown hair (which she straightened everyday), and slender figure. Maybe he was gay.

Someone got up and walked right in front of him, Lavender Brown. She was accompanied by her best friend Parvati Patil. Nope, not gay, Draco thought. He knew he was attracted to Lavender, she was by far prettier than Hermione, in fact she would probably be the most beautiful girl in the school.

"Lavender!" a voice called out behind her. "Lave, love, listen I'm sorry but…"

Lavender wiped around, her long blonde hair fanning out and flying over her shoulder. "Sorry" she spat at her boyfriend Seamus Finnigan, narrowing her bright blue eyes ", doesn't cut it. I'm sorry too Seamus. I'm sorry you blew it, I have just had enough. I'm sick of you and your stupid…" Draco cursed silently as someone called his name loudly in his ear. "Forget it, its so over" Lavender finished sharply. Seamus, whose ears were now a deep red, called her a rude word and stormed off.

"It's alright Lave, he's is like so not worth your time" Parvati stared consoling her friend (though Draco saw no reason, it was Lavender who broke up with Seamus). Lavender turned to leave then stopped, she looked right at Draco. He turned his head quickly towards Pansy Parkinson who was throwing a fit because he had not answered her.

"Knock, knock!"

"Who's there?"


"Me who?"

"Me! Jack ass, me!"

No one laughed.

"Harry, teach me a good joke" Ron hissed in Harry's ear. "One that will leave the ladies begging for more"

"What's black and blue and red all over?" Harry said lifelessly.

"What?" Ron asked getting just a little too excited for Harry's liking.

"A newspaper"

"Yoo hoo, ladies! What's black and blue and red all over?" Ron asked smiling.

"You if you don't shut up" Parvati said, Ron turned to her.

"Har, har" Ron snapped back. "Look it's the little mermaid"

She didn't even try to hold back her laughter. Letting her shoulders shake and her mouth curl she burst into a fit of giggles. Feeling stupid Ron turned back to Harry and Hermione, but they weren't there. Strange Ron thought, very strange.

Hermione was quite shocked when Harry grabbed her hand and asked if she were feeling naughty.

"Harry, where are we…" she started to ask, before her cut her off.

They turned one more corner and stopped. She leaded against the wall for support and Harry began to kiss her. Hermione moaned and wrapped her hands around his waist for support as her knees buckled. He was such an amazing kisser, probably because he always applied just the right amount of presser. Disappointment flooded her as soon as her pulled away and motioned her to follow him towards a door just in front of him.

"Remember the little talk we had the other day?" He asked her stopping just out side the door.

Thinking for just a moment before she nodded Hermione wondered what they could possibly be doing at the extra hospital wing. Then it donned on her.

"Oh, you wanna…" Harry smiled, and began to turn the door handle.

Instantly her smile vanished and she froze to the spot.

"Crap" a male voice came out from the dark room. Harry turned around to see George Weasley lying in one of the beds.

"What are you doing here?" Harry asked clueless. But just as he finished a head poked out from under the covers.


"Shsss" Fred called from another bed.

"FRED!" but he too was with a girl.


Fred smiled at Harry and Hermione. "Grab a bed" he said pointing to the other side of the room, where at least 10 more hospital beds stood empty. Harry and Hermione, still in shock headed towards the closest bed.

"You'll need to be naked" George pointed out. Obediently Harry got naked.

"Oh wow" Angelina said staring. Hermione slowly followed Harry's example.

"Ooooo" George said, also staring.

"Now get in to the bed" Katie said smacking George.

"And Harry your suppose to take you're…"


After a couple seconds Fred, Angelina, George and Katie went back to what they'd been doing.

"Hey where are you going?" Fred called out. Harry and Hermione were fully dressed and heading for the door.

"To throw up!" Hermione said over her shoulder.

"Ron" Harry said sitting down in his seat next to Hermione. "We walked in on your brothers having sex"

"I always thought they were gay"

"With Angelina Johnson and Katie Bell"

"Oh." Ron said disappointed. "Oh, OH! GROSS!"