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Whoamygosh, I'M ALIVE! GASP. And I have a new story! DOUBLE-GASP. This isn't going to be long, though... maybe. I said the same thing about Sweet and Sour, but it turned out to be a lot longer than I had expected. Creativity's crazy like that. >.>;

I've had the idea for this for at least a couple of months, and I suppose it was inspired by some of Chaos Flower's short, angsty fics (you rock, CF! XD). Finally got around to writing it at the beginning of my spring break. It's something of an experiment... my first real attempt at writing in first person. It's hard... but morbidly fun. >.> But being an experiment, I may decide somewhere down the road that I wanna do things differently and totally rewrite everything. So far I like where it's going, so hopefully I won't have to take down this chapter and redo it.

Anyway, you're not here to read my rambling, so let's move on to better things!


It's cold.

That's all I know. Everything is so distant…

I shiver involuntarily. Then there's something else.


I don't know where it's coming from.

But it hurts.

I moan, but I barely hear it.

A voice beside me.

It's all fuzzy to me. But the voice is familiar.

The pain is coming from my legs. Why? I can't think…

Something warm touches my hand. There's the voice again.


"Sonic… hear…?"

It's still muddled. I don't understand what he's saying.

It's light somewhere. Maybe in front of me. Yes, I think my eyes are closed. I try to open them, but they're so heavy…

Pressure on my hand. Something's squeezing it.


I will my eyelids to lift ever so slowly. It's so hard. Bright, too. I close them and try again, blinking rapidly.

"Sonic, you're awake!"

My eyes, now partially open, drift to the left. Something yellow.

"Tails," I try to reply, but it comes out choked. Why am I so tired?

"Yeah, it's me." He sounds relieved. Blinking to clear my vision, I can tell he's smiling. I manage my own weak smile in return.

I slowly look around me. Lots of white, which makes me squint. There're some machines next to me. I must be in a hospital, but why? My memory's still hazy…

"How… how do you feel?"

I look back at Tails. He has this anxious look on his face, almost like he's scared of something. Whatever happened, I must've been hurt pretty bad.

I flash him a reassuring grin. "I'm all right. My head feels like it's in space, and my legs kinda hurt, but I'm okay."

Something's wrong. He still looks scared. Or sad. Or maybe both. He smiles back at me, but I can tell it's forced. I want to ask him what's wrong, but he stands up before I get the chance.

"I promised the others I'd call as soon as you woke up." His voice is trembling slightly. "I'll be right back, okay?" I nod, and he quickly dashes out of my little room. I stare at the door for a few moments then shift my stare to the ceiling. What happened? Why is he so scared?

I didn't… hurt him… did I?

No… no, that can't be it. Think… what happened before I ended up here?

I… was fighting. We all were.

Me, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow.

We were all fighting inside Eggman's base.

There were the usual badniks—not terribly strong, but enough of them to keep everyone busy.

Everyone… but me? I wasn't fighting them.

There was someone else I was fighting…


My legs! They hurt!

I clench my teeth and moan more loudly this time. Why? Why does it hurt so much? Carefully, I move my hands to my legs and feel them.

They're covered in casts.

Both of them.

Up to nearly my hips.

My mouth feels dry all of a sudden.

And my insides are cold.

What could've done this to me?

Red eyes.

I feel even colder now. My heart's beating faster. Panic. Get them away! Get them away!

A sound to my left. I instantly look to the door.

It's only Tails.

Relieved, I start to calm down. But Tails must've noticed—he looks a little alarmed.

"You okay, Sonic?" He's seated at my bedside again.

I manage another smile, fighting to control my breathing and ignore the pain in my legs. "I'm fine."

He nods, but I doubt he believes me. He knows me too well. But he lets it drop anyway. "I called Amy. They're all at her apartment. They'll be here—"

The door swings open again, and none other than Amy Rose herself bursts through.

"…soon." Tails finishes, looking as surprised as I am.

"Sonic!" Amy rushes over to me, and at first I'm sure she's gonna latch onto me like she usually does. But she hesitates when she reaches me and grabs my hand instead. That's a relief…

I hear the door close and notice that Knuckles and Shadow have just arrived, too. "That was quick," I say to them. Shadow holds up the green Chaos Emerald with the slightest of smirks on his face. I grin back at him. Figures.

Amy squeezes my hand in both of hers. "How are you feeling?" I look back at her. She looks worried, just like Tails did. "I'm alright," I respond. But by now I know that's a flat-out lie. She seems at least a little relieved, though.

Knuckles snorts as he pulls a chair to the right side of my bed. "I knew he'd be fine."

"Oh really?" I turn and see that Amy's glaring at him. "Is that why you decided to use my wall to vent your 'peace of mind'?"

I can't help but laugh at the image of Knuckles putting a fist through Amy's wall and the pink fury that must've ensued. "Aw, Knux. I didn't know you cared!" He folds his arms and looks away, but I'm certain he's a little redder than usual.

I look to Shadow, who hasn't said a word yet. He's leaning against the wall opposite the foot of my bed. He looks like he has something on his mind, and it makes me uneasy. "So." I look around at the others. "Someone wanna tell me what happened?"

Suddenly there's a tension in the air. Amy and Tails have that worried look again, and I'm sure I saw Shadow shift uneasily, too. Knuckles leans forward in his chair a little bit. "You don't remember?"

I furrow my brow. "Well, I remember being in Eggman's base. You guys were fighting some badniks, and I was…" My voice trails off as the memory of those red eyes returns. I swallow hard, fighting off panic again.

Knuckles exhales softly. "You were fighting Metal Sonic."

My eyes widen. "M… Metal…" Images flash through my head.

Red eyes swooping down at me out of nowhere.

Red eyes slamming me against walls.

Red eyes standing triumphantly over me.

Red eyes laughing.



My screaming.

"Tails, Amy, why don't you see if you can find us some drinks?"

I snap back to reality and realize that Shadow's speaking for the first time since he arrived. I turn my head to look at Tails and Amy. They both look frightened, and Tails looks like he's on the verge of tears. "Come on," I hear Amy whisper. She gently tugs him out of his seat and they head for the door.

His tails are dragging on the ground.

As the door closes behind them, I'm even more aware that something is terribly wrong.

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