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Dear Harry,

It pleases me greatly to know you have come through for those of us who don't deserve your help again. I may not have always believed in you, but these last three years I've known you I could not have been prouder of you. You stood by your convictions, even when I could tell in your heart it hurt you to not interfere in the wizarding world's war.

Sometimes it is amazing how the will of magic drives us. It has driven you to an incredibly unique opportunity that I would like to offer you and wish you would consider. You are the last heir to Godric and Helga. And assuming Miss Tonks is correct in her delivery, the final remaining heir of Salazar is now gone for good. In times of extreme duress or war, control of Hogwarts can be returned to those who have the rightful claim to it. Regardless of the unknown status of Rowena's heir, you are a sole individual in charge for 2/3rds of Hogwarts now. It is my hope that you assume control of her, and change her. She can remain a school, and will always function as a wonderful one. But I believe this presents itself as a golden opportunity to turn Hogwarts into another Sanctuary. Ideally one where even Wizards and Witches are welcome. Intolerance may be met with a swift boot and a kick out the gates. Opening the doors to magical instruction to all beings and creatures. The headmasters I discussed the possibility with all agreed this was not an opportunity to be missed. You could easily have a vampire teach History who has lived several millennia of it, as well as who knows what subjects and fields of magic we could learn from peaceful coexistence with other species.

The way this all falls together I think may have been magic herself pushing me. Godric and Helga I spoke with briefly when you were out and both think it is a magnificent idea. I have no doubt Archimedes would be ecstatic to be a Deputy Headmaster or even to take managerial control over Sanctuary. This is the future you have been hoping for, and I know it is a massive responsibility but I urge you not to miss this opportunity. I have arranged with the Ministry for all of this to be done completely legally and have rescinded control of the school to the heirs. Minister Diggory should be reading a letter similar to this one explaining my hope for the future.

I promise to send no more letters from beyond the grave. I will not try to manipulate you or use you ever again. I can only present you with this chance and hope you take it.

Sincerely, a well-intentioned old man,


P.S. – Please tell Miss Tonks how you feel about her. And I am not referring to the way you lie to yourself about how you feel about her.

Harry could only shake his head and smile. There was definitely more to magic's plan than Harry had realized. He looked over to Minister Diggory, who surprisingly had a very eager and happy look on his face.

"Mr. Potter, this was his wish, and I think it would be a wonderful idea. Part of this includes the dissolution of the Hogwarts' Board of Governors, and it is completely up to you how wish to govern that land. Officially, as of now it is private school controlling and governing itself. And I assure you I will do everything in my capacity to assist you in any way. I agree with Albus and you that much of this war was our history of intolerance. And now with the war over I intend to try and reform the popular and public opinion of other species and races as well as the unimportance of blood."

All the emotions Harry was feeling were coming on strong to him and he couldn't stop the tears from falling. Tonks jumped at the opportunity and hugged him tight. She held onto him and gave into the same emotions and just cried with relief and exasperation. Harry looked around at some of the disbelieving faces that looked upset, and a few that looked hopeful. He smiled at Minister Diggory, nodded, and said "I'll do it."

Author's Note (Updated June 6, 2005): After a number of responses asking for more and realizing I did have a few confrontations in mind, I finally wrote a follow-up. It is one-shot sequel, or if you prefer a much longer additional second epilogue entitled Harry Potter and the Apathy of Freedom. Check it out if you want more. Reviews and comments on this story and the next are greatly appreciated. Thanks.