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Chapter One: The Bad News in the Letter

Lily Evans was sitting in the common room next to the bright sunlit window on the evening before the Easter holidays began. She was dressed in her black school robes, which made her fiery red hair stand out all the brighter; she was reading a large book she had gotten from the library. She looked up when she heard the portrait hole swing open and she sighed. It was James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew that walked in, talking and laughing loudly.

All the girls in the common room started to giggle and fluffed their hair, making google eyes at the boys, who didn't seem to notice.

James and the marauders approached one of the tables and sat down a little ways away from Lily. Lily sighed again and buried her nose deeper in the book.

When the marauders had sat down, James glanced at his friends. While Sirius and Remus were joking about some prank they had pulled and Peter was pulling out a sandwich from his bag (they had just come form the kitchens), James stole a look at Lily. All that he could see was the top of her very red head. The dying evening sunlight was filtering in through the window and, it seemed to James, to be concentrating directly on Lily's beautiful hair, making it shimmer and shine. James put his elbow on the table, his chin in his palm and continued to stare at Lily's head. A happy, glazed expression overcame his face, his glasses askew.

Sirius elbowed James in the ribs, hard.

" 'ello? Lover boy…anyone home?" asked Sirius good-naturedly, as he smiled his handsome smile. Two or three girls shrieked with delight.

"Shove off," started James, scowling and turning slightly pink. "You know I don't like Evans anymore…"

"Ohh please James." Said Remus, dropping his voice. "So you were just staring at her hair, as though bewitched, for no reason? Just daydreaming, were we?" he smiled at James now.

"Mmmm. And oolookedhowasin anuthur worldfeihtnsk…" started Peter with his mouth full of sausage and egg, which slightly sprayed the rest of the table.

"And what have I told you about talking with your mouth full?" asked Sirius sternly, his voice going high, mocking his mother. James and Remus laughed. All the girls in the common room laughed along with them, except Lily.

Peter blushed scarlet, swallowed, smiled sheepishly, and said, " I said you looked like you were looking at another world."

"Well get it out of your minds, you halfwits, I don't fancy her anymore…waste of my bloody time."

The other marauders gave a cheer. "Yeah!"

The girls straightened in their chairs, talking more loudly, hoping to attract James' attention.

James smiled at his friends and glanced at the practically screaming girls, shuddering slightly. Some girls were so strange.

"He's finally over her!"

"Way to go man!"

"I could fix you up with a really gorgeous girl from Hufflepuff. Blonde, pretty, loose…"

"That's ok, I think I'll just stay away from girls for the holidays." Said James, laughing at Sirius trying to hook him up with the Hufflepuff. All the girls in the common room gave a collective sigh as they looked at James Potter's handsome, smiling, girl-sworn-off face.

James was six foot two with constantly ruffled hair that he ran his hand through, from time to time, to muss up even more, just in case it got too neat. Unlikely… He wore glasses, and through those glasses could be seen the most lovely chocolate brown eyes at Hogwarts. All the girls loved James for his eyes, and his hair…and his body…and his, well, everything. All the girls that is, except Lily. (And some of the slytherins. But who cares about them?)

Lily looked up when James' mad bunch let out a cheer and shook her head. Boys…she thought, just as there was a tap on the window. A small tawny owl was perched on the ledge outside. Lily opened the window and the bird hopped inside, blinking at her through large, amber eyes. She looked at it, cocking her head slightly to one side.

"Are you lost, little bird?" she asked. The owl blinked at her, looked at its leg where a letter was tied, and then looked back at Lily, extending its leg to her. Lily untied the letter and the bird flew off. She looked at the address, which read;

Lily Evans

Gryffindor Common Room, Hogwarts

Lily's brow furrowed, who would be writing to her now? She flipped the letter over and tore it open. A little way away the marauders were jumping around and James was watching Lily open the letter.

When Lily had gotten the letter out of the envelope, she found that it was not parchment but muggle lined paper. She read the hastily written contents:

Dear Lily,

You're Grandmother is very ill and dying. Something has happened to her but the doctor's don't know what. Maybe you could help comfort her, I don't think it has anything to do with her cancer. Mr. Nethers saw her acting oddly the other day and now she's like this. It would be best if you could come home for the holidays. I don't think she is going to last much longer. We are all at her house, meet us there.

Love Us

Lily clapped a hand over her mouth. Her grandmother had been diagnosed with cancer last year and had been battling it well, for a muggle. Lily could still remember the last thing her grandmother had asked to her to do next time she came to visit. "Lily…" she had said…

Her thought was interrupted by James who had walked over to her to engage her in innocent conversation, uh… I mean annoy her.

"All right Evans?" he asked, loudly and obnoxiously, grinning. He always loved to torment Lily, he loved the way her face turned the same color as her hair when she was mad. When he saw her hand over her mouth. His smile faltered.

All the girls in the common room glared at Lily.

Lily gave no reply but tears started to well in her eyes as she looked at the letter, ignoring James. He bent slightly and looked her in the eye, or tried to, she was still looking at the letter.

James pressed on.

"Evvvannnsss?" he continued, in the same annoying tone. "What, your cat snuff it or some thing?" Gawd, I am being such an arse! Stupidstupidstupid! Comfort her! Hug her! Tell her it will be all right! Don't tease, he thought. But I can't make it seem like I like her anymore. AHH! To many emotions, I think I'm going to explode!

Lily's hand that was holding the letter started shaking.

James looked over his shoulder and dropped his voice. He dropped to his knees in front of her. "Lily?" he asked again, though in a comforting way, showing how he truly felt. HaHA! Now I can seem concerned…with out SEEMING concerned…

"It's…it's my gran," Lily choked looking up at him at last. "She's…she's…" started Lily, she swallowed the growing lump in her throat.

"Is there anything I can do?" asked James seriously. His hand went out as if to grip Lily's shoulder, but since he had just declared her a waste of his time, he stopped.

Lily's face darkened. "Why do you even care if I'm upset? You want to tease me, is that it? Well get your pleasure somewhere else! I'm not in the mood!" And she pushed passed James, knocking him completely to the floor as stormed to the girl's staircase and ran up it.

James looked around rather confusedly to his friends.

James got up and walked over to Sirius. "Uhh?" He started. "What just happened? One minute I go over to annoy Evan and the next she's balling her eyes out and pushing me to the floor." He rubbed his shoulder where Lily had knocked into him. "She's pretty solid for such a petit girl…"

"How should I know? I was over here celebrating your freedom from that one's spell," he jerked his head at the girl's dormitory staircase, "if-you-will, and you're over there chatting her up." He smiled ironically. "So I wasn't paying attention. I didn't see what happened…"

"Girls," said Peter, sagely. Though he had absolutely no idea about anything concerning girls.

Remus, Sirius and James looked at Peter strangely. " 'Cause you would know…"

"Should I go up and check on her?" asked James.

"We're not allowed up there…"started Peter incredulously.

"Really?" asked Sirius mockingly. "Shut up Wormtail. Why do you care if she's cryin'?

"We'll…I don't," faltered James, lowering his voice so only the Marauders could hear. "It's just that…well, I think it had something to do with her Grandmother. You know what that feels… like being close to family and having…" James stopped. Sirius had a stony look on his face.

"I don't know what that feels like…I'm the dregs of the Earth to my family…" scowled Sirius, his face darkening.

"Sorry mate…"started James, but he was interrupted by a blonde girl to his right.

"We could check on her for you," simpered Jessica Levingly, a fellow seventh year girl pointing to herself and another girl.

"That's alright, I don't care about Evans. Let her cry, I bet her stupid dogs just died or something." Said James coldly; inwardly he resolved to check on her. I have to act like I don't like her, no matter how much of an arse it makes me sound like.

The girls inwardly smiled.

James walked over to Sirius and gripped his shoulder. "You'll always be family to me," he said. "No matter how much of a git you are."

"Thanks mate," said Sirius, smiling again as James walked toward the portrait hole. "And who are you calling a git?"

James just waved over his shoulder as he exited the common room and heading toward the great hall...

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