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Warning: There are spoilers for 'Fogs of London' in this fic.

Great Britain shivered as he wrapped the tattered remains of his coat around his body, all part of a vain effort to shield himself from the wind and the cold and the rain. Whiskey would have kept him warmer, but until he could find a pub that hadn't kicked him out yet, he was going to have to make do.

I can remember a time when I was invited to some of the classiest places in London. Of course, that was back when I was a well-known actor... and sober. It wasn't a very amusing thought in his opinion, but he couldn't help but grin.

Still, it was strange. He had lost so much... but what he missed was what he had willingly given up years ago. He missed memorizing lines and rehearsing. He missed the people in his theatre troupe. He missed going on stage and making a story come alive for the audience.

But he missed her most of all.

Well, if you miss her so much, why don't you just go back to her? There it was again. The voice in his head that he had tried more than once to snuff out with foolish pride and drown in alcohol, but with no bottle in his hand, it was coming back strong. Just go back home. Ask for forgiveness. Admit what a terrible mistake you made. Beg Sophie to take you back. She'll understand. She always has before.

Britain caught a glimpse of himself in a window. It happened to be the window of the pub he was planning to pay a visit to, but that was immediately forgotten as he stared into his own bloodshot eyes. He was older now; paler, and looked every bit like the worthless drunkard pub owners would accuse him of being whenever they tossed him out. He was a far cry from the young actor who had won Sophie's heart so many years ago.

A lifetime ago.

Tilting his hat over his eyes, Britain headed inside the pub. He could dream about it all he liked, but he could never go back to Sophie now. It wouldn't be right or fair to go home and ask her to try to salvage a miserable wreck like him.

He would stay where he belonged.