Just thought I'd try a lil something different w the big o series. Remember the episode "The Big Fight"? I forgot what number it was. N.E.wayz, what if something different happened with Dorothy's body after her memories had been taken? Oh, and for everyone reading my other fic "Show Me How It Ends" I'm not abandoning it, I've got most of the 11th chap done, I've just been keeping "Mechanical Men" on hold and wanted to at least get the first chap out.

M e c h a n i c a l M e n : C h a p t e r I – J a s o n

I'll pretend that I want you for what is on the inside
But when I get inside I'll just want to get out
I'm your first and last deposit through sickness and in hell
I'll never you promise you a garden, you'll just water me down

I can't believe that you are for real
I don't care as long as you're mine

When I said "we" you know I meant "me"
And when I said "sweet" I meant "dirty"
When I said "we" you know I meant "me"
And when I said "sweet" I meant "dirty"

I'm unsafe
I'm unsafe
I won't regret
So I memorize the words to the porno movies
It's the only thing I want to believe
I memorize the words to the porno movies
This is a new religion to me
I'm a VCR funeral, a definite waste
My smile's a chainlink fence, that I have put up
I love the enemy, my love is the enemy
They say they don't want fame
But they get famous when we fuck

When I said "we" you know I meant "me"
And when I said "sweet" I meant "dirty"
When I said "we" you know I meant "me"
And when I said "sweet" I meant "dirty"

I'm unsafe
I'm unsafe
I won't regret
So I memorize the words to the porno movies
It's the only thing I want to believe
I memorize the words to the porno movies
This is a new religion to me

I never believed the devil was real
But God couldn't make someone filthy as you

When I said "we" you know I meant "me"
And when I said "sweet" I meant "dirty"
When I said "we" you know I meant "me"
And when I said "sweet" I meant "dirty"
When I said "we" you know I meant "me"
And when I said "sweet" I meant "dirty"
When I said "we" you know I meant "me"
And when I said "sweet" I meant "dirty"

You are the church, and I am the steeple
When we fuck, we are all God's people
You are the church, and I am the steeple
When we fuck, we are all God's people

Slutgarden – Marilyn Manson

Well that was weird. A tall, fashionably dressed man with meticulous curly blond hair stood atop an old hotel building with three pink mechanical scorpions and a now off line android. He didn't expect the involuntary cringe when his robot took her hard drive out. Then again it did do it rather aggressively; he noted observing the few severed red and green wires protruding from, the otherwise almost human looking, girl's forehead. He remembered how her mechanized eyes had focused directly on him the second before the clawed scorpion hand had ripped her programmed mind right from her metallic head. An irritating ring tone caught his attention, tearing it away from the queer sight before him.

He picked it out of his pocket with a dramatic sigh. "Yeah."

"Well that's not exactly happiness to hear me, now is it?"

His ear suddenly felt very dirty, Alan Gabriel just had that affect on people, he supposed. And apparently that power could extend a good hundred miles through a wireless cellular phone connection. Luckily he didn't have to think up a reply to the bizarre question before he continued.

"Do you have them yet?"

His eyes automatically flickered to the hard drive still resting in the mechanical scorpion's claw. "Yeah, just got it." He stated a little suspiciously. Of course he had nothing to fear over the phone, but again, that was just the affect Alan gave off, as if he had some sort of psychotic omnipotent power.

"Then I should expect to receive them soon, yes?" It wasn't really a question.

"They're on their way now." He said waving his hand at the scorpion in question, giving the signal to head back to the specified base.

"Well done then." And that was it.

Taking the cell phone away from his ear he shoved it back into his pocket after turning it off just in time to watch the rest of the robots take off after the first. He only meant for one to go but it all worked out because now he didn't have to worry about the other two. He was supposed to just leave. Head back to Rosewater, see what else the boss wanted from him, but for some reason he couldn't take his eyes off the broken android standing on top of the building ledge like a doll in a pose. He guessed she would just be trash now, just a shell that had been shed. He doubted anyone else would want anything to do with her, what could she do anyway?

Strolling over to the ledge himself he leaned back casually against it, resting his elbows on top of the cemented railing next to her feet. His eyes gave her a once over, moving unceremoniously up and down her body. Overtaken by a sudden irresistible curiosity, his hand reached to pick up the hem of her dress. Arching his head back in just the right position he was able to get a good look, his gaze traveling up thin black tight encased legs to black cotton panties covering the object of his curiosity. Letting her hem drop with a little sigh of disappointment his attention scanned up to the gaping VCR sized hole in her forehead. As they say, one man's trash in another man's new sex bot.

He snorted cockily giving the motionless android a little push, sending her crashing backwards into his arms. A loud grunt broke the silence, his eyes bulging with effort and strain. Well he obviously wasn't going to carry her back to the car. Taking in a deep strained breath he began the tedious task of dragging a two hundred and forty pound android down seven flights of stairs.

Beck was a man who took chances. In life, in work, in jail, and in everything around him. He made his own luck, as if, just by willing it, the dice he rolled would obey his mind and turn a seven. And now that he had found his dice, he just needed to find a good gambling table to toss them on.

"Do you even know what you're asking me?"

Beck stared down at the scrawny, pale, bald man, he looked sickly and anemic, he had no idea how the heavy looking coveralls he was wearing didn't send him to the floor. "You're telling me you can put together the Big Fau but you can't replace and install a simple hard drive?" He asked lazily clipping off the end of a cigar.

The little man, obviously one of Rosewater's engineers, stared up at him dumbfoundedly. His mouth flapping open in amazement like a fish out of water before replying. "You're asking me to build a one of a kind hard drive for technology we have next to no idea about and somehow install it into the mainframe of something I've never even seen before!"

The curly haired man growled in irritation. "You're using that hard drive and installing it into a God damn megadeuce, I think you've got a little bit more know how about this than you're telling me." He spat pointing his unlit cigar in the tiny engineer's face.

The pale man swallowed a nervous lump in his throat. "This is too much. I'm afraid I can't help you." He said, his voice quivering.

A small red glow illuminated the dimly lit room, seductive swirls of mist colored smoke rising and dancing from the end of the burning cigar. Beck blew a little ring at the terrified mechanic. "You know what I think, Carl?" Not waiting for him to reply, the blond haired con man answered his own question. "I think you're the kind of man that needs a little more motivation, other than my gratitude, to get a good job out of you. So let's try this," A sharp light gleamed out of his jacket as he casually removed a .45 semi-automatic, double-action pistol from his coat pocket and aimed it directly between Carl's eyes.

The little man almost wet himself before saying "I'm working for Alex Rosewater! There's no way he would let you get away with this."

Blowing another rude ring into the engineer's face, Beck just smirked around the cigar between his lips. "That so? Well the boss wants me right beside him when he takes over this backward little city. He needs me, you see? I've got a few memories fluttering about up here." He said tapping his temple with his free finger. "That makes me indispensable." A giggly chuckle vibrated through his throat. "You on the other hand……."

Carl gulped, taking a deep breath. "I'll do my best." He tried not to let so much fear saturate his voice.

"That's all I ask." Beck said replacing the gun into his pocket holder. Just as he began to stroll off he looked over his shoulder calling back to the hyperventilating engineer, "Oh and I don't want this to take like months or years or whatever you're probably estimating. So you might wanna fill up most of your free time."

The little man stared after him in astonishment. He basically wanted him to recreate a feat of technological genius in less than a month with absolutely no preparation. Taking a snot covered handkerchief from his coveralls' pocket he smeared the sweat away from his forehead. He would definitely have to request to be a part of the hard drive management.

-Two weeks later-


Beck groaned, flipping over on his side away from the offending noise.

Riiiiinnnnggggg Riiiiinnnnggggg

Flipping back over in irritation, in his sleep induced mind he missed the face that he had just returned to his original position.


He cracked a bloodshot eye open to glare menacingly at the innocent telephone before scanning it over to the alarm clock next to it. It glowed a bright, mocking 4:15 a.m. at him.


A tanned hand darted out jerking the phone off the receiver and yanking it to his ear. "What!" He snapped.

"It's done." Came a weary voice on the other end.

Beck stared irritated and confused into the darkness of his room for a minute, it was too late for annoying pointless phone calls. "What th' hell are you talking 'bout?" He slurred sleepily.

"I finished her new hard drive, and I may know how to install it, but I need you to bring her down. Come to 4380 Tallins blvd."

Not bothering to hang the phone up, he let it drop from his hands to the floor with a loud plastic clack, before slumping his face into his pillow. God forbid the old fart finish at twelve in the afternoon or some other waking hour. Giving an exasperated sigh mixed with some good annoyance he halfhazardly flung his legs over the edge of the bed, barely able to support enough of his weight to lift the rest of him and tug on some pants.

His sleep marinated vision just refused to focus on the road. So much that he almost missed the sign reading Tallins blvd. suddenly jerking awake enough to bring the car to a screeching two-wheeled turn he ended up at another apartment building. There was Carl in a light blue robe waiting outside looking as nervous as ever. Beck glanced at him before letting his forehead drop to the steering wheel. He was too tired to deal with this. At the mention of certain dealings his gaze flickered up to the rearview mirror to peer at the inanimate girl lying in the back seat.

Ever since he had managed to drag her two hundred and forty pound ass back to the car that is exactly where he left her. Upon dragging her he realized that she was as rigid as a steel rod. Well, if he didn't get out and deal with the old man then those seven long flights of hell would be worth zilch. Gritting his teeth and summoning up enough strength to remove himself from the steering wheel and open the door he began to walk out to the fidgety engineer.

Shoving his hands into his pockets he glowered at the little man, as if he could send him to hell just by willing it. But before he could say a word a shaky hand dove for his arm, dragging him staggering into the building. And before he knew it they were at a door to a room on the first floor.

"Get in get in!" Carl ushered urgently.

Beck grunted in surprised as he was poked and prodded into the room. "hey, what the hell!" He bit out.

The other man paid him no mind instead he quickly shuffled over to the table holding up what looked to be a mini DVD player. Beck looked at it unimpressed. "Okay, what?"

"This is it; I haven't gotten a wink of sleep since you requested it." He beseeched.

"Yeah, join the club." He grumbled under his breath.

"I think people were getting suspicious with me spending so much time around Big Fau and the original drive but I was able study it enough. It's not an exact replica, no where near, but I think it could at least get her up and running with the proper compact disk."

Beck watched Carl's eyes shift all about the room as though it were crawling with cockroaches. They darted about with the paranoia of a schizophrenic. Before he could comment on it the eerie little man continued.

"If it can be infused with Big Fau, then your android should have the same basic components of insertion. I just need to take a look to make sure." He said looking at Beck expectantly.

"Okay." The taller man replied taking out a cigarette, he was appalled at out high the prices for cigars were being raised! He missed the confused and expectant expression stamping itself on Carl's face.

"No, I-I need to look at her." He explained.

Beck's teeth abruptly crunched onto the frail cigarette stem smashing it between his lips. "What?"

Great. Now all he needed was a black masked slave driver behind him cracking a whip at his back. Beck groaned, his vocal cords mirroring his strain, the guttural noises in sync with the careful grinding of R. Dorothy Wayneright's heels on the cement ground. He stopped for a minute to pant and wheeze for breath before continuing, going into the hallway.

"OpenupOpenupOpenup!" He snapped urgently upon reaching the door, not having any free hands to pound on it.

Instantly the numbered door swung open wide enough for the conman to drag the motionless android in. He glared menacingly up at the mechanic from his hunched position as he lugged her past the foyer.

"Quick! Put her on the table!" Carl whispered motioning for the dinner table he had prepared for her.

"Like hell!" He spat abruptly dropping the humanoid, oblivious to the reverberating thump it made upon contact with the carpeted floor.

The sickly engineer winced at the blatant abuse of such valuable technology. "Then I again, I suppose right here is just fine." He muttered.

"Damn right it is." Beck grumbled huffily. He watched the man kneel, gathering his tools and the new disk drive around him to begin work. His eyes flickered to his watch impatiently before sauntering over to the nearest recliner and promptly plopping himself down, crossing his ankles at the foot of the chair and his arms behind his head. His jaw worked itself wide for the obvious yawn echoing throughout his mouth. Making himself comfortable Beck's eyes slid shut intent on keeping his promise to make it up to the magical sleep fairy.

Of course it ended far too soon. It only seemed an hour or two until Carl reappeared hovering over the fox eyed man, cautiously prodding him to wake up. Groaning irritatedly his eyelids reluctantly resumed their open position. "Whaddaya want?" He slurred.

"It's done. Please you can't mention this to the boss! God knows what he'd do if he found out I was attempting to copy his work!" He pleaded.

Beck yawned uninterestedly waving off the older man. "Well you said yourself that you couldn't duplicate it perfectly, besides, isn't imitation the sincerest form of flattery or something like that?" He jeered. Walking back over to the newly reconstructed android was like walking back into hell after experiencing heaven. His posture gradually went from an immaculate impression of haughty rigidity to a reluctant slouch. Staring unwillingly down at the robot he placed an exasperated hand to his face. "I can't do this again." He muttered to himself.

"I think I may have a suitcase with wheels that you could place her on. It might make it easier." Carl suggested.

Nodding into his hand, Beck barely heard the other man shuffle into his room and return with a large wheeling suitcase. Glancing at it out of the corner of his eye he noticed it wasn't big enough for the entirety of Dorothy, but it was better than dragging her on nothing. Beck sighed frustratedly lugging the automaton onto the patterned suitcase.

It was surprisingly easier than he had originally thought! Granted she wasn't exactly floating back to the car but the suitcase was much faster and wheeling her was better than hauling her around. Shutting the car door after he had put much strain into getting her in, he noticed that Carl had followed him out. He looked at him with a sort of impatient expectation.

"I take it you have a disk that would be compatible with her?" He asked still looking as paranoid as ever, as if Rosewater would just leap out of the bushes with a resonating boo at any moment.

"I think I can find something." Beck answered mischievously.

The little man nodded not wanting to pry into the gangster's private life. "I guess this is it then. Remember, you promised! No one is to know!" He reminded eagerly.

"Yeah yeah." He said nonchalantly as he climbed into the car.

Out of all the residents Rosewater had to gift him with, it had to be the one in the upper half of the apartment building. Luckily this one had a working elevator, but that didn't make the trip from the car to the elevator or the one from the elevator to his apartment any less hell. Finally heaving Dorothy onto his bed with an excruciating breath he leaned on his knees for a moment wheezing for air.

He paused to glower at her accusingly before walking over to his computer and taking out a compact disk from its own disk drive. Ambling back into his room he threw himself backwards onto his bed with a dramatic sigh. Finally, it was all done. All he needed to do was plug this baby in and it was finished. Speaking of which…..Beck glanced down at the gleaming, circular discus in his hand, the red cover revealing a scantily dressed raven haired woman looking back with sultry eyes and puckered lips. 'This'll do.' He thought giddily hopping up and moving over to Dorothy.

Placing a knee on either side of her steel hips his hand frisked through her scarlet hair, pausing happily at the button shaped bump on the right side of her head. Pressing a long slender finger to it he let out a merry cry when the new disk drive slid open with a mechanical whizzing. Eagerly placing the compact disk into the slot he waited anxiously for it to close and show some sign of compatibility or function.

Beck jolted at the racing mechanics that began to operate upon closing. Her eyes sparked and seemed to come alive, as much as an android could, and begin scanning the newly added software. A frivolous smile broke through his face when her arms shifted up in motion that he hadn't seen in weeks.

"GAH!" he shouted suddenly finding himself shoved half way across the room and smashing into the wall. He grunted in pain his body sliding down the side and onto the floor. Moaning in agony at the ache in his back he went to get up, stopping suddenly at the familiar motorized monotonous voice that began to filter throughout the room

"Access denied. The username or password you entered was incorrect. If you have forgotten your password, please use the lost password form to recover it. If you are still unable to recover your password, see the FAQ for more information. If you would like to sign up for a username and password please go to registration."

Beck stared at her queerly for a second before crawling closer to her side of the bed. Kneeling up he hesitantly placed a hand on her arm.

She immediately grabbed it and shoved it away knocking him into the dresser behind him. "Access denied. The username or password you entered was incorrect. If you would like to sign up for a username and password please go to registration." She said automatically in her emotionless voice.

What? What the hell was he supposed to do? She was a robot not the freaking internet! Then again, he had gone this far….. "I want to register."

"You are welcome to join the most popular and most exciting NC-17 community around. Joining gives you the ability to fully interact with our material. Submit your own material and share in the material of others in the community. The process is fast, simple and best of all free. Please enter a username."

Well at least something was working in his favor. He already had an account with this 'community' but he wasn't exactly sure how it would work operating within an android, so he decided it was best just to start from scratch. "Jason Beck."

"Please enter password."

Beck thought for a minute, all his passwords were saved onto his computer so he couldn't remember his old one right off the bat, might as well make up another one. What should he use? Something that was easy to remember. A lascivious smile suddenly came over him at the thought. "android lover." He said shamelessly. 'If only Smith could see me now.' He thought arrogantly.

"Re enter password."

"Android lover."

"Would you like to subscribe to our newsletter?"


He watched her eyes flicker back and forth for a minute processing the information before coming to a halt. "Welcome, new member, to the Erotic Net community, please log in with your new username and password."

Beck rolled his eyes, he always hated these things, they said it would 'only take a minute' to register and it ended up taking for-freakin-ever. Jesus, how the hell was a guy supposed to maintain an erection through all this? And how the hell was he supposed to log into her anyway? He was about to comment before she continued.

"Username: "

'Oh.' "Jason Beck."

"Password: "

"Android lover."

Her eyes scanned and whirled back and forth before coming to a halt. And then something odd happened. Instead of the automatic look they had continued to possess they suddenly took on a look of intelligence, still no emotion, but a stare of intellect, for a second Beck thought she had become R. Dorothy Wayneright again. The one that had focused her gaze on him so intently before violently having her memories ripped viciously from her head.

Beck watched for a moment, jumping a little when she made the second physical movement in weeks. Her head abruptly turned to him, her eyes staring at him the same way they had on that apartment building.

"You never learn, do you, Jason Beck." It wasn't really a question.

He started, crying out and jerking back into the dresser again. "What? You remember me!" He exclaimed.

"You are not a person that can be so easily forgotten, Jason Beck." She replied monotonously.

"B-but, your memories! They're gone, how are you doing this!" He cried kneeling up.

Dorothy looked at him expressionlessly. "You have taken the memories my father programmed me with, they reside within the components of the disk you have stolen. I am still able to access the information my sensory components have gathered on their own and stored within my CPU, those remain unaltered."

He blinked, staring at her dumbfoundedly before speaking. "So why exactly are you still lying there. Shouldn't you be smashing your way out of here and back to Crow Boy by now?" He questioned suspiciously.

"I cannot. You have taken the programming that would have allowed me to do so. Now I have a new program to run from. I am still scanning it and find it to be very crude and questionable." She said her voice underlying no emotion what so ever.

Beck smiled deviously, leaning forward crossing his arms on the bed and laying his lightly bearded chin between them. "Really, and what exactly are you now programmed to do?" He asked faking innocence.

A question that would have balked and outraged a normal human woman received no outward response from R. Dorothy.

"I am to await your instructions regarding this material. I believe I am to imitate these women in sexual intercourse." No blush, no flicker of feeling in her eyes, accompanied this statement that would normally make any female blush.

Beck almost clapped his hands in glee before he leaped onto the bed, resuming his straddling position. "Yep!" He exclaimed.

Dorothy turned her head to follow his change in movement. Watching him with cold robotic eyes.

He examined her, trying to imagine what exactly her body would look like beneath that tea dress the negotiator always made her wear. He wondered exactly how talented the artistic skills of the late Timothy Wayneright were. Not being able to stand the suspense any longer, his ringed and jeweled fingers dove for her collar. "Hmm, button, button, button…" He murmured, trying to ferret out the first button to undo. He let out a jovial cry when his hands finally stumbled upon it underneath her kerchief. His fingers sprang each tiny plastic plate from their cotton prison with the deftness of a renowned tailor, stopping when he reached the skirt.

He quickly parted the lapels and went for the blouse underneath giving it the same hurried treatment, his eyes occasionally darting up to glance at her unchanging face, as if he expected a reaction to lay there in place of nothingness. At last the last of the shirts were parted to her shoulders and the upper body was bare to his gaze. His tongue darted out to sweep across his lips. Mr. Wayneright was an artistic genius indeed.

Looking up at her face again his hands reached to start at her hair. It felt real, like a humans, thick and silky, and inhumanly immaculate. They began their downward decent, stopping at her face. That was obviously not human, it felt cold, metallic, and steel-like, with the exception of what he guessed was supposed to be a protective synthetic skin covering the outside. The entirety of her face mirrored his hypothesis, all but her lips. His long piano fingers skimmed the pale parody of human lips with a little surprise. They were incredibly soft and touchable. He moved over them a little more, trying to flush out the secret behind them. 'Huh, silicone. Who'd a guessed?'

Well he supposed that is what the old man would construct with the most humanoid intent. If he was supposed to replace his daughter then he would want the soft, malleable, lips of a person to kiss instead of a metallic travesty. His hands continued to travel down her chin, to her neck, which possessed the same steel-like entity as her face, across what looked like a constructed collar bone, and finally to the breasts. Beck held his eyes shut, not wanting to suffer the disappointment to find that the old fart didn't' have the balls to assemble his daughter with natural feeling breasts.

His lids snapped to attention at the soft and firm feel now gliding under his fingers. 'Wayneright you dog!' He thought ecstatically. Apparently he had remade her lips in breast form, the same glue-like silicone lying beneath the protective false skin covering. They were small but firm, he would guess the father had a hard enough time giving his daughter breasts at all, let alone undergoing the process of endowing them. They were as pale as the rest of her, though the areola and nipple were a rather fleshy color, predominantly contrasting with the rest of her whitish skin. He toyed with them for a while, rubbing and twisting them with his fingers, still finding no reaction residing in her face.

Now was the moment of truth. Beck had found the zipper of her dress and had managed to slide it around the front. Now all he had to do was unzip and take a look at what he had to work with. He had to keep in mind that a father was remaking his daughter and no doubt did not want to remake her into a harlot. But still! This wasn't perversion anymore, this was clear anatomy! Surely the man would have been mature enough to realize that! Even though he, himself, wasn't! A recognizable whizzing and sliding noise broke the silence as he took hold of the zipper and tugged it down.

"Lift your hips." He instructed. Pulling the skirt down and off when she did as she was told.

And so there she lay. In nothing but two open shirts, panties and her black stockings. Beck pursed his lips in concentration, toying with the seam on her underwear hesitantly before sliding his fingers into the waistband. Letting out a tense breath he began to slide them down as well. He grunted in frustration when they became caught on her ankles, but he managed to tug them off as well. And there it was. Beck placed a hand to her pale, pristine nether region. Not a hair, not a freckle, not a mole in sight. It was too good to be true.

Sliding his hands underneath either of her thighs he hefted them onto his shoulders. The android could practically do the freakin lambada on a 4 centimeter railing; he had no doubt that she would be able to balance her weight enough so that she didn't crush his shoulder blades. His hand went to her backside, the fingertips resting on the top of her rear slit before he ran his fingers from her back to her front, delving them into her to feel what lay beneath.

Of course it was too good to be true, wasn't it always. Beck let out a disappointed sigh when his fingers delved into the cleft of her backside, skimming over what should have been a hole between the two porcelain globes, yet there was none. He supposed it made sense. Why would an android ever need an anus? Clenching his eyes shut as if bracing himself for a hit, he took a deep breath his fingers continuing their journey up into her front crevice, silently praying. 'Ohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease!' He chanted in his head. His eyes suddenly snapped open at the strange finding.

Placing one hand underneath her, onto her lower back, he abruptly shoved her up further, closer to his face for inspection while his free hand continued to explore her nether opening. There was no labia, no clit, just the outer lips and beneath was nothing except a little hole which he guess was made to be a make shift vagina. Beck cocked his head, getting a better look. Her nether lips were made of the same synthetic skin and silicone as her lips, breasts, and backside but it was just odd to see nothing inside. He supposed he should be grateful that the good doctor had been man enough to at least give her this. Besides, all he really needed was a hole between her legs, right?

Taking his venture a little further he inserted his index finger into the tiny hole. Apparently her father had cushioned her walls with the same skin and silicon too, it was probably to take up space, God forbid anything get lost up there. The hole was too small he realized, her walls wouldn't' constrict or expand like a normal woman's would, he had no idea how he was supposed to go about this. His brows drew into an irritated furrow as he continued to probe at her tiny opening, his finger alone felt cramped, how was he expected to fit into that? Beck's gaze flickered over to the android in question's face, suddenly curious.

"Can you feel this?" he asked, continuing to insert and retract his finger.

"I have sensors in that area, if that is what you're asking." She replied automatically.

"So you can feel what I'm doing?" He questioned.

"I am able to feel touch."

Beck nodded. "And what do you think about it?"

"What do I think about you putting your fingers into the opening between my legs?" She asked, trying to specify.

"Yeah, can you feel it?"

"I told you that I could feel touch."

He gave out an exasperated sigh. "Yeah but do you like it?" He explained.

Dorothy continued to watch him with her mechanical eyes and expressionless face. "You wonder if I am taking pleasure from what you are doing." It wasn't a question because she already knew the obvious answer.

"And?" He waited a while, she seemed to study him, gauging what exactly he was asking her, as if she were scanning her data base for the correct answer and not being able to find one.

"Humans have a certain ability to differentiate between touches that I do not possess. I have read your disk and scanned its contents. My sensors are not like yours. Mine only differentiate between the areas being touched, not the level of sensual gratification each derives from it."

Beck rolled this around in his mind a bit before continuing. "So basically I could touch you here and then touch your foot and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference."

"The effect of both would be the same." She replied monotonously.

"So you can't…………ya know?" He said wanting to make a rather vulgar motion with his hands to indicate what he was referring to, but unfortunately they were both preoccupied.

"I do not understand your question."

He prayed he didn't have to explain sex to her, he had hoped the disk covered that already. "You can't come." He explained.

"You are not referring to the act following or approaching, I assume." She said. "You are asking me whether or not I can come to the peak of sexual excitement, characterized by strong feelings of pleasure and by a series of involuntary contractions of the muscles of the genitals, usually accompanied by the ejaculation of semen by the male. You are wondering if I can attain an orgasm, then?"

'That's one way to put it.' He thought. "Yeah, that." He had never heard the actual encyclopedic definition of an orgasm before.

"No I cannot. My sensors can not discriminate sensual touch."

Beck's eyes glanced back down at her slit. Such a flawless example of womanhood, yet it was completely useless to her. "That's gotta be hell." He muttered, more to himself than to her.

"I have never experienced sensual pleasure, or pain. Therefore I cannot know the difference between having and not having them."

He looked back down at her. That was true; there were people who were born blind and perfectly happy because they had never known what it was like to have sight, so how would they know what they were missing? Well, he supposed it didn't matter either way, her enjoyment would have been just an added bonus, but he could do just fine without it. 'Speaking of which….' He thought smiling lecherously at her at the remembrance of what he had her repaired for in the first place. Lowering her hips back down onto the bed so that he kneeled right between her legs he began to shrug off his gold jacket and unbutton his black dress shirt.

She watched him dispassionately, calculatingly, her eyes staying on him as if ordered by some higher power. Beck let his clothes drop off the bed, kneeling in nothing but his gold colored pants he stared at her as if waiting for some flicker of emotion. But of course that was impossible. Placing his hands on either side of her bare waist he slowly crawled up her body until they were face to face before settling on top of her. It was an odd feeling, the feeling of cold metal pressing relentlessly into his soft warm flesh. It made goose bumps dot all over his skin, sending shivers up his spine.

Most women he did this to would ask him to take some of his weight off them and would start badgering him about him crushing them when he lay there after sex. It was really irritating, because of course right after he rolled off they always wanted to talk or 'snuggle.' His teeth bit at his lip as he pressed his chest closer to her breasts, feeling the malleable metallic globes push against his heated skin.

"I was not built for your programming."

Beck glanced at her, her voice taking him from his erotic reverie. "What?"

"I was not made for service of this nature. I cannot be those women on the disk you have given me. I am not like them. Humans were made for procreation, I was not."

He let out a low chuckle moving his pelvis against her unyielding hips. "I never asked you to 'procreate.' I just want a fuck-bot to come home to. And don't worry, I can work around everything else, I'm a very creative man."

Dorothy just gazed at him impassively. Humans seemed to have the odd penchant for an action made for reproduction; yet they had no desire to reproduce. She honestly did not understand their strange partiality to it. Sex was only a physical union of male and female genitalia accompanied by rhythmic movements leading to the ejaculation of semen from the penis into the female reproductive tract; as far as she knew. The only reasoning she could concoct was their affinity derived from the endorphins produced after coitus. Endorphins dulled the effects of pain and could affect human emotions. Her eyes darted down to inspect the sudden zipping noise coming from below.

Beck had once again sat up just enough to remove his belt, pants, and gold colored boxers, before resuming his position over her. His hands stroked at her breasts, testing their pliability and softness beneath his fingertips, his hips having a mind of their own against the juncture of her legs. Craning his head beneath her chin he let his tongue slide down the cold metallic length of her neck. Reaching the space between her breasts he nipped teasingly at the skin he found there before moving to lave one of her nipples into his mouth. He gave a pleasurable sigh, his hands snaking under her arms to grasp the backs of her shoulders as his groin continued to playfully tap at the supple manmade womanhood.

A shudder slithered up his body making his toes clench and curl. It was such a new feeling, the strange array of rigid steel sloping and rising into softness. It was like freezing and burning to death all at once. He swallowed a ragged breath, digging his fingers into the backs of her shoulders hard enough to bruise a human woman as he lacerated the bare area between her breasts once again, roughly dragging his tongue along the false skin.

His smooth, callous less hands slid down her back, rolling across her hips, to rest on the insides of her thighs that barely gave him enough room for himself. "Open your legs." His voice was husky giving him a smoldering air as he threw her a lecherous grin.

A soft almost unnoticeable mechanical whooshing sound accompanied the slight addition of extra space between the thin childlike limbs.


The sound of working machinery came again until he had a decent amount of space.

He panted, rubbing his hands roughly along the sickly colored flesh imitation covering her thighs. His eyes glanced down at her face, not surprised to see the same emotionless, calculating look she always wore. To watch her stare at him with that detached, almost challengingly so, gaze he didn't know whether to slap her or fuck her senseless. Of course neither could really happen. He would've loved to have slapped the shit out of her a long time ago, but all that would have left him with would be an unaffected android and a broken hand. And trying to fuck her senseless would be like trying to screw the mind out of a vacuum cleaner. It just didn't work.

The tip of his tongue slipped across his lips as he gave his groin one last grind against her nether lips before slipping back to thrust into her.

"Ah! FUCK!"

Dorothy blankly watched Beck rear away from her so fast he fell backwards off the bed altogether. Upon hearing the curses and whimpers continue up from the floor she rose to her knees to crawl to the edge of the bed. Looking down she saw the lengthy man curled into a fetal position clutching at his groin, his face red and cursing vehemently. Finally, she observed expressionlessly as he gathered a deep, controlled breath and gradually let it out, appearing to pull himself together. He slowly brought himself up into a semi sitting position, obviously still careful of his tender manhood. "I told you I was not built for servitude of this sort."

Beck glared up at her hovering face as she stared down at him from her perch on the edge of the bed. "The hell you're not." He snapped, yanking himself to his feet and stomping heatedly across the room and into his bathroom.

That was the last straw! It wasn't about sex anymore! It was a matter of principle! Dicks were meant to go into vaginas! Granted it was a manmade vagina, but that wasn't the point! If he failed at this then the entire fiber of sex itself would collapse! How could he ever trust sex again if he failed? Plus that would mean all of his hard work would be for nothing! Dragging her sorry two hundred and forty pound ass half way across the city would be for shit! And there was no way he was going to let that happen!

He was only gone for all but two minutes before tramping back into the room with a lavender colored bottle in his hand. Dorothy glanced at it, her eyes zooming in from across the room to read the label. "Liquid Satin. That is a conditioner. A woman's conditioner." She stated.

Beck fumbled for a second before glaring at her. It wasn't his fault that men's conditioner couldn't detangle for shit! He walked to the bed climbing back onto it when she backed away to make room for him. "Lie down." He commanded.

She did as she was told, just as her programming bid her. He didn't tell her this time; instead he just spread her legs apart himself, rather aggressively so. She watched him raise the bottle to his other hand, squeezing the lavender tube until a fat string of thick opaque liquid coiled into it. His hand darted down to rub the substance over his loins before thrusting several slippery fingers into the place he seemed so ardent to put things in. She honestly could not comprehend the purpose of sex without the intent of reproduction. This action was created for a specific objective yet now it was turned in an ineffective and pointless feat. Her thoughts were interrupted as Beck was suddenly hovering over her, his hands pressing against her shoulders, pinning her to the bed.

"Okay then, how about we try this again." He said before guiding himself into her entrance.

He hissed a bit at the impossibly tight fit. A breath of relief and pleasure broke through him when he felt himself glide slickly through her. Lips pursing tightly, he began the age old rhythm within her. His hands continued to push her into the mattress, his thumbs digging into her metallic collarbone as he moved above her.

She could feel it. She could feel his 'male genitalia' thrusting in and out of her, and she supposed she was supposed to be feeling something. Something that would make her want to do this act. Something that would make her want to do this act again. But her sensors only relayed to her that a foreign object was now inside her. She watched his face hover over her, held up by his arms connected to the hands currently clutching the front of her shoulders in a talon-like grip. A thin sheen of sweat coated his body like a glaze and his teeth were gritting inside his mouth. His overall look was of someone trying to endure a deep pain, but Dorothy was well aware that it was not pain that was making him drive into her so eagerly. She could see him savor every stroke he made into her body. He was making small sounds, every now and then a grunt or gasp would be torn from him and she wondered if he expected her to be making such noises as well. She wasn't quite sure what exactly it was he wanted from her. Not precisely anyway. She examined her new programming and could only scan pictures of what she was supposed to do; it was like walking through an erotic gallery. So far all the images consisted of women allowing a male, or several males, entrance into their bodies, and she was doing that, so she supposed she was acting as was expected of her.

Beck panted with every thrust, feeling himself pound mercilessly into her. It was definitely a pro that his current fuck partner was someone who couldn't feel pain; otherwise he would have no doubt that any normal woman would be crying rape to the cops by morning.

"You are approaching orgasm, aren't you." The question part was only out of courtesy, she could clearly read the signs since they lined up with the definition of climax.

Beck was torn from his sex induced haze, pausing to look at her dumbly. "Huh?" Never hesitating the ruthless gyrations of his pelvic bone.

"Your hands are clenching with surprising strength for a human. Your legs are beginning to show the signs of mild spasms." She droned expertly.

He nodded, clenching his eyes shut. Why the hell did he find her monotonous voice so fucking erotic during sex? Oh God, now he'd probably be associating that damned deadpanned tone of hers with fucking for the rest of his natural life.

"Your muscles are beginning to go rigid. Your rhythm is increasing in pace. Your pulse has quickened."

"Yeah…" He nodded, his eyelids screwed shut, his mind concentrating on her voice as his libido responded to it. She wasn't even talking dirty, why the hell was it getting him off? But God she had better not stop because he was so fucking close!

"Your genitals are constricting-"

"YES! Fuckfuckfuckfuck!" He cried, his spine suddenly going as taunt as a bow string. He gave a few more thrusts to ride out his climax before slumping down, like a puppet with its strings cut.

Dorothy observed his now slack face, his hands not being able to support him any longer as he fell against her. She could feel his hurried breath against her neck and hear him swallowing to regain the saliva to his mouth and throat. But most of all she could feel his hearty thumping madly against her. It started out beating insanely like a crazed humming bird, then it began to slow down, gradually it softened to its normal pace. "That is what an orgasm looks like, then?"

He nodded tiredly into the side of her neck. "Yeah."

"During climax, a human experiences a rush of endorphins. Endorphins dull pain and induce a calming and blissful effect."

"That's what they say." He muttered not really paying attention, his eyes already shut, intent on regaining sleep lost during the entirety of the day.

"Is that not what many people purchase illegal narcotics for?"

She felt him vibrate against her as he let out a funny little chuckle. "Yeah, but sex is so much cheaper."

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M e c h a n i c a l M e n : C h a p t e r II – H e r o i n s a i d H i

Summary- Dorothy begins a few new 'studies'