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Linger Still

He heard it before and he found it insane

Never believing it for a single day

It was ridiculous how they claim

That love and hate is but a hair's breadth away

But fate is tricky and decided that he

Needed to learn a lesson in life

Nothing is ever what they seem to be

For life's both harmony and strife

Then it seemed as if all

Of the unknown powers conspired

To make him take such an impossible fall

And render him, for a struggle, too tired

As all of the events passed by

He found himself drawn more

To his enemy's friend he wanted to be nigh

For her nearness made his heart soar

At first she looked at him with mistrust

An emotion he could not blame

Because for years he had been unjust

That now she thought he'll always be the same

But as time went on, she would smile at him

Look at him with a glow of growing belief

Despite what her friends told her, the glow did not dim

She truly believed he had turned on a new leaf

He loved her more dearly each day

Risking having a broken heart

He realized he was willing to stay

For with her he could never part

On her every pain and sorrow, he offered his arms

To comfort and love her like no other

He knew so well that all existing charms

Can never make his love waver

But even when his heart broke away

When he realized he was waiting for nothing

He continued to hold on come what may

For love made him willing to endure everything

On one of her dark and sorrowful days

When no one seemed to care

He walked up to her with a soft look on his face

And gently stroked her hair

"Every guy I loved broke my heart,"

She sobbed while in his embrace

Never knowing that she just tore him apart

While he listened and wiped the tears on her face

He held her tight and kissed her head

Trying to chase away each hurt and tear

And while she sought comfort in his arms, his heart said,

"Despite all the pain, I'll always be here."