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Basically, I'm doing a chapter on each of the guys, starting with Mikey. This will be in his point of view.

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Ya know, the more I think about it, the more I realize how well me and my brothers' masks fit our personalities.

Leo's a really loyal dude. And it's pretty obvious to everyone that he's the unofficial leader. Then there's the fact that he trains more often then any of us, including Master Splinter. But that's just as of recently. If blue doesn't fit him, I don't know what other color does. Except for green, of course.

My brother Donny's the smart one. If you ask me, purple is probably the most peaceful color I've ever seen. And that fits Don, too. I don't think I've ever heard the guy cuss or get in a fight that wasn't absolutely necessary. And I think of purple as a brainiac color anyways. Don't ask why.

As for Raph, what other color could possibly fit him better than red? Man, does he have a temper! And I got the bruises to prove it. But red isn't just a color of anger, if ya noticed. It's also a color of affection, and I know that somewhere, deep down in his heart, he cares about us. Don't tell him I said that.

My bandanna is orange. I got the brightest color of 'em all, if you don't include yellow. It's a cheerful color, too. And I'm usually pretty easy-going, not to mention the funniest mutated turtle who knows Ninjitsu that you've ever seen.

But I'm more than just a comedian. I know everyone thinks that I am, but there's more to me than you think.

I can be serious when I want to. Seriously! I really can!

Like the time when Raph got real sick when we were eight. I thought he was gonna die. I remember making some soup for him, all by myself. It was pretty good, too. I even tried to carry it to his room. Of course, by the time I got there, I had spilt over half of it.

But I'm telling, ya, I've never been so scared to lose one of my brothers than the time we were waiting for Leo to wake up after he'd been ambushed by the Foot. Do you know what it's like to sit through a three hour trip with one of your brothers beaten to a pulp? Not to mention waiting for a long time after that for him to wake up? It's pretty scary.

See? I can care about something other than comic books. Oh, did you read the last issue of the Justice Force? It was so cool!

Sorry. Anyways, there is more to my life. I have fears and weaknesses just like everyone else. I have my own strengths too, strengths I can use to accomplish a few dreams.

As a kid, I was always afraid of the dark. And I kinda still am. But I don't use a night-light anymore. It isn't just a little kiddie fear either.

One time, when I was really little, Raph dared me to stay out in the sewers all by myself. At nighttime. Have you ever sat in the sewers at dark? There's all these weird things that crawl around down there, things you wouldn't normally see in the day. I swear I saw a bug that had glowing red eyes. Then there's all these rats, and they're not smart rats like Master Splinter. One of 'em ate a bug that was on my leg. I was scared it'd bite me.

To make a long story short, I didn't go out at night for a long time.

But can do my job when I need to. Like if someone's in trouble, I'm not gonna just let them die. I can face the music when it's really important.

And I'm not that dumb! My bros always call me lamebrain, but I'm not a retard! Just because I do stupid things, it don't mean I'm stupid.

Did ya know that I was the first one to say the ABC's? I betcha thought that Donny did that first, huh? Well, he did do everything else first, as far as reading and counting goes. But I knew my ABC's. You can learn a lot from Sesame Street.

Besides, it's not like I go and stick metal in the microwave. I learned that that was not a good thing when Raph stuck some soup in the microwave once, with the spoon. By the way, Laffy Taffy don't work too good either.

You guys wanna know about those dreams I mentioned? Oh. Well, ya see, I don't think I wanna stay here in the sewers forever, in the dark. You probably already know about my attempts to be a superhero. I still think Turtle Titan is a good idea.

But my dreams. I want to, someday, make people understand us. In some movies, you see society except different people, like Superman and Batman. Other movies have people hating the good guys, like in X-Men.

I think the latter is the one we're stuck with. But I'm gonna fix that hopefully. I don't quite know how yet, but I will. If the Mayor can like old Shred-head, he can certainly except me!

But there's something that really bugs me, something other than the basic everyday crisis around the world. I never got why I'm considered to be the little kid of the family. I mean, I know I'm the youngest and all, but I'm the same age as my brothers.

Maybe it's 'cause Donny's way smart and Leo's so mature. I don't know. But even if I am the baby of the family, what's wrong with maintaining a little innocence? I don't know about you guys, but I haven't met all that many teenagers who fight a group of deadly ninjas on a regular basis.

But I'd still like to see someone look at me as a… well, anybody. Anybody that they don't already consider me to be. I'm not just the jokester, or the guy who's watches those old horror flicks.

I do have my own personality. I'm Michaelangelo.

Why can't anyone see that?

Is that thought really so unthinkable? I don't think so, either.

I know my bros probably have their own problems to deal with, but isn't there anytime for them to notice who I am?


Well, how'd you like?

This is a really different venue for me. It's my first story written in the first person!

Oh, and I'm really sorry if it's too short. I find it real hard to write a serious Michaelangelo, even though I think about quite a lot.

Hmmm, I think next chapter will be Donny…

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