Title: Kissing Shadows Genre: Horror/Mystery/Romance

Rating: R

Summary: AU, Lady Mazaki's family is the aim for a secret murderer and she has no one to protect her. That is, until she met Marik Ishtar. He, however, is a rogue and not even part of the ton, unlike his sister. Can Anzu trust him with her life or will she die at the hands of a killer?

Disclaimer: I do not own YuGiOh

Notes/Warnings: Set in London, Medieval Times. Marik/Anzu (eventually). Some OC's, but mainly just last minute ones. Like the killer, killer's apprentice, ect, ect, ect.


Chapter One, He

He was waiting. Waiting. The woman's name was Sofia. Sofia Mazaki. He wanted to ravage her. Her and her family. What did they have that he didn't? Why were they accepted into the ton and he wasn't? Why were they made perfect and he wasn't!

He would get them. He would get them all and Hathaway Lennington Mazaki would regret for all the faults over him. Oh yes, he would. Everyone thought Hathaway was a perfect, loyal bastard, but he knew the truth. He knew what Hathaway had done behind their backs. Oh, yes...he knew.

Anzu pursed her lips, watching the raindrops fall heavily outside. Why her mother had wanted to go out so late in this weather was beyond the brunette's comprehension.

"Worrying again?" A voice inquired from behind her. She turned, sighing.

"Papa." Anzu murmured. Hathaway's eyes dropped to his half-empty (or half-full?) glass of wine. "She'll be okay in this weather, won't she?"

"The obdurate wench," he mumbled, "always has to go to those absurd women meetings." He scowled.

"It means a great deal to her." Anzu concluded to herself, turning back to the window. "I do hope she will be okay. She should have stayed."


A knock at his door had him grinning. Sofia Mazaki. It was her. He knew too well. She was stupid enough to go out in this weather and was seeking out a place to stay.

"Yes?" He answered suavely, opening the door.

"Oh, thank goodness." Sofia gasped, wiping hair from her face. "C-could you let me come in? I'm cold and drenched to the bone!"

"Of course," he ushered her in, closing the door. Locking it, he grinned, knowing he had sealed her fate. "Follow me, Lady Mazaki."

"Oh, you know who I am?" Sofia beamed with pride.

"Who doesn't?"

Midnight. And yet, Anzu had the uneasy feeling something had happened to her mother. The rain had given up and it was perfectly fine weather to ride the horses home in.

"Anzu...?" Her father's groggy voice cut the silence in half. "Sweetheart, go to sleep, you can scold your mother in the morning."

"I can't, papa..." Anzu whispered, her gaze sliding back and forth, hoping for any sign of her mother. "I can't shake off the feeling something's happened to mama."

"She's fine." Hathaway assured her.

"No..."Anzu bolted up, her fingers trembling. "No, she's not." Anzu turned, her skirts making a 'swishing' sound. "I'm going to look for her."

"Anzu!" Hathaway wailed, watching as she grabbed her cloak and slammed the doors open, cool air escaping into the house. "Where are you going, you foolish girl!" His daughter's reply was muffled and he couldn't make it out. Hathaway's lips trembled as he sat down, sighing. "God."

He heard horse's hoofs. Who would be out at this time of night? Then he recognized the soft facial features. Anzu Mazaki, daughter of his late victim.

"Good evening." He murmured, clutching the bag with Sofia's corpse in it, to him.

"Good morning." She corrected him briskly. "What are you doing out so early?"

"Me?" He chuckled, as though there wasn't a care in the world. Inside, his heart was thumping loudly, his fear running in his veins like a virus. Was he caught? No, this young lass couldn't catch him at an act. What would the magistrate say? He felt the fear quicken and his hands began to tremble. "I'm always up at this time, miss."

"I see." Anzu looked crestfallen and he inwardly let out a sigh of relief. She did not look suspecting. "Have you seen a woman around here? Sofia Mazaki?"

"No," he shook his head, "sorry, I have not. Why?"

"Oh," Anzu grimaced, "she's been gone a long time and..." Anzu's face became blank, then she shook her head hastily. "No reason. I must go, goodbye."

"Goodbye, lass." She hurried off, the horse's hoofs throwing up mud and water onto her dress. "And good riddance."

DIS: So short...(faints) (wakes up) So short...(takes deep breath, trying not to faint). I hope that you liked this short (deep breath) chapter. I'll put more effort into the next. Sorry, it's 12:00 AM and I'm exhausted. (.) Hope to hear from you peeps soon! Ciao