The brilliant manga that is Chrono Crusade (or Chrno Crusade to all you die-hards) does not belong to me. The anime doesn't either, but it kind of sucks so I don't really mind that.

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- Sis -

Blue eyes, filled with tears, stared at me. Her voice broke when she screamed. I think I was crying, too, but I can't be sure anymore. I can't be sure of anything except the fact that she's alive out there somewhere.

I can feel her, I can hear her, I can taste her in my mouth. She's sweet and hot, like sugar and cinnamon. I wonder if she can taste me the way I taste her when I breathe.

Everything I do comes back to her. She's the only thing left, of course. The Apostles are great, Aion is too, and Fiore is…Fiore is my Fiore. There are no words to describe that gem of a woman. She has no feeling, no sound, and no taste. She is merely Fiore.

But Sis…Sis is everything. She's everything and she's nothing. Everything because if it weren't for her I'd still be weak, I'd still be coughing up blood and spending my days healing skinned knees and— Wait. Was I really weak? I don't remember. I don't…what was I saying? Everything and nothing. Nothing. Sis is nothing because she's not here anymore. She's not in here, she's out there.

When I think of her, though, my headache goes away. When I think of her I can see blue eyes and feel cold wind and smell pine trees. I can also see red eyes and I remember black hair and a stone door with words I couldn't read. There's a name there, too, but I can't remember it. Thinking about those red eyes and black hair, though, make my head hurt again. Something about those eyes wakes up something in my horns.

No, not my horns. They are now, but they weren't always. Were they? Whose were they before I took them? Who was sleeping before I woke up? Red eyes and black hair and stories in the sunlight, under the shade of the trees; a smile and a laugh, a promise, candy and cookies that tasted horrible…

…A dream.

"We're going to be explorers," I whisper into the dark. I don't think anyone hears me. Did I say that, or did he? Or did Sis? No, not Sis, Sis said something else, something about giving up. She was going to do something to make me better.

Well, look at me now, Sis. I made myself better. Now you don't have to worry, you can do whatever you want. Don't be a doctor, Sis, I'm fine. I'm not sick and I'm not coughing and I'll heal all the scrapes you have. I'm sure you have a lot now that I'm not with you to fix them, right, Sis?

Now we can go and explore and find the Astrallines just like he told us about under the trees. Now we can travel and write a book about it, just like we always dreamed! Come on, hurry up, Sis!

Hey, Sis?

Sis, are you listening?


- Fin -

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