Disclaimer: Honestly, Would I really be writing stories about Samurai Deeper Kyo if I owned them? Come on…. What kind of idiot would actually believe that I'm capable of such fraudulent charges? (shakes head sadly)RoguesHeart has returned once more. This is a fantastic story. A great story. A killer story. A story to end all stories because I said so and my word is law. (underscore threat)

Honestly, Would I really be writing stories about Samurai Deeper Kyo if I owned them? Come on…. What kind of idiot would actually believe that I'm capable of such fraudulent charges? (shakes head sadly)

Kyo: I will munch upon the exterior of this story as if it were a fortune cookie. (munches on fortune cookie)

RoguesHeart: (eats the paper on the inside and wonders where it went)

Kyo: I'm highly acting out of character.

RoguesHeart: (chokes on spit) I have noticed nothing.

Kyo: Yes you have.

RoguesHeart: Meow.

Kyo: Shut the hell up!

RoguesHeart: MEOW!

Kyo: Shut the hell up!

Yuya: Oh be nice Kyo. . . .

Kyo: And you shut the hell up too!

Yuya: (beats kyo with a ladle) WHY DON'T YOU SHUT UP!

Yukimura: Let's all get drunk!


Umm. . . Ignore that last statement and enjoy this happy story of life.

Summary: Stricken with despair, a despondent Yuya spends the rest of her youthful life searching for the man who stole away her brother's life. Before his death, she found herself confronted by some questionable individuals demanding her to become one of their own. Her brother had come to her rescue and veritably delivered a serious blow to their pride. One so harsh, that the individuals never seemed to have forgotten. Ever since that fateful day, the men vowed to get revenge upon the one so aptly named Shiina Yuya. Without her brother's protection, it will be up to Kyo and the others to protect Yuya from the ruthless gang of men.

This is a Yuya x Kyo story. Seriously, did you think I would write anything else?

Genre: Traditional Kyo and Yuya fan fiction story. An oldie, but a goodie.

One to Protect

" The untold truth

of a fable consists

of the light and the

dark essence of the

night. Do not rely

simply upon the

wishes of an

individual but

merely on the

hope of all."

Ornate flashes of pink and violet spread across the crystal blue skies, twirling effortlessly in the upcoming drafts of wind. Gentle brushes of willow trees caressed the refreshed temples of the departed. Soft footsteps began to tread upon the sea foam green tresses of sod.

A mild breeze drifted through the air, catching upon the out skirts of the lone white yukata. Once milky white skin had slowly turned into a bronze tan that contrasted so significantly with the golden wheat strands of hair. Emerald jeweled eyes glowed with a shimmering patina as they gazed intently at the solitary tombstone.

" It's been a while since I've visited, hasn't it brother…"

Her voice lifted gently into the air, floating despondently tinged with amity. She gently knelt down upon the darkened earth; a white lily falling lightly against the grass.

" I'm sorry for such a long delay but I've been quite busy…"

Footsteps sounded behind her followed by a characteristic rustle of fabric rifting through the breeze.

" Oi, woman hurry it up. . . We don't have all day."

Yuya sighed internally, her eyes fluttering shut for a small moment.

" It seems we won't be talking that long today either. . . "

" Hey stupid, didn't you hear me?. . . "

Yuya's eyes rolled into the back of her head angrily whilst clenching her small fists.

" Yes I heard you, you dolt!" she muttered beneath her breath.

She returned her attention back to her brother's grave, her anger dissipating slowly.

" Farewell for now dear brother. . . "

She slowly turned on her heel, the cloth of her yukata brushing up against her slender legs.

" I am ready. "

The man known as Demon Eyes Kyo let out a low grunt.

" As if I cared if you were ready or not. . . "

Yuya's emerald eyes narrowed slightly and her rosy lips quickly became pursed.

" You can be a real ass, Kyo."

She quickly stepped around him, her head held high and her fists clenched. Her eyes glittered with a red hot anger so intense that if Kyo had been any other man; he'd end up cowering in fear.

Luckily enough for her (or maybe not so lucky), he wasn't any other man. He was none other than Onime No Kyo, the slayer of a thousand men. Men came by the hundreds just to revel in his shadow. None of them actually worthy enough to breath his hair, but they came anyways. He was feared. He was praised. He was a murderer and a savior.

Obviously these factors didn't phase the woman. She was unbelievably devoted to him despite his obvious vindictiveness. Even though nobody would be able to notice it through her constant complaining and overwhelming urge to voice her opinion (even if he didn't care to hear it).

" Oi, Kyo! I remember distinctly that you wanted to get going! So…Why the hell are you still over there huh? " shouted Yuya's voice from a distant.

Kyo snarled quietly to himself before turning to meet the smirking blonde bounty huntress.

And that seems like a good place to stop. . . I'm just writing to see if anyone finds this story interesting. . . Tell me if so.

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