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The beginning of this chapter is a flashback. Okay? Got it? Good.

One to Protect (Mamotte Ageru)

Saga 3: Viscera

" Deliver the pained

Souls of a broken

Heart to the healer

Of a thousand wounds ."

Dazzling rays of sunlight pierced through the soft white clouds of the newly dawning day. The content sounds of Yuya's happy singing resonated into the air, providing the milieu of her surroundings to sway underneath her blissful exhilaration. Today was her 11th birthday and her outa-san told her that he had a very special present for her.

It had been so long since either of them ever had a moment of peace. With Hiroshi's constant training and Yuya's incessant geisha lessons; they had absolutely no time for any sort of family bonding.

Her brother, Shiina Hiroshi, was a man of honor and valor. His blade had been thought to be forged deep within the blazing flames of his gentility. Never could he ever give into the enticing temptations graced upon his equals. It had been rumored that he didn't even have a single deceitful bone in his body; blankly put, if ever a man, such as himself, were to spout any sort of lies, the abyss would close in on itself allowing for all the demons of jingoku to roam freely upon the terrain of earth. He was a younger man, only in his early twenties. His features worthy of grasping the attention of many young ladies that ever had the chance to grace their eyes upon his statuesque form. His eyes were a startling forest green that glistened brightly whenever his mind where to venture into thoughts of ancient combat. His russet brown hair falling casually against the left side of his face, shielding his other eye from public view.

Shiina Yuya, was a blossoming young maiden soon to take her role in society as an elegantly established woman. After being taken under the wing of Lady Sansui, she was to say "forcefully" made into the novice of the gods. She shared similar features of her brother, her sense of honor and modesty overwhelming plain logic. Continuously impassioned by the thoughts that someday she would join her brother in combat, she educated herself in secret. The skills of martial artists and familiar swordsmen always gripping upon the very tip of her tongue. Though she were entirely too young to actual compete in any sort of tournament or war, she did know enough of the basics to allow her enough leeway in the world.

Under the cover of nightfall both siblings would spar against each other, weighing in any future lapses that could possibly hinder them later on in life.

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