Disclaimer: Again I own nothing. Anything related to Phantom of the Opera belongs to Andrew Lloyd Webber and the Really Useful Group. If you were confused in the last chappy Catherine will explain it-sort of-in this chapter.

John, Nick, Will and Lily looked at Elisa's box. They already knew what had happened and everything about her–well pretty much everything. It was procedure.

"So the new girl is Elisa's sister?" John asked looking at her picture. "I didn't even know she had a sister."

"Catherine ran out after a play in high school. She wasn't listed under family. Mr. and Mrs. Montego obviously didn't care for her much," Nick said holding up a list of names.

"At the time," Will cut in before Lily could say anything. "They didn't know where she was so they didn't list her."

"What was the play she was in that made her run away?" Lily asked.

Catherine and Scotty had been listening the whole time and Cath replied scaring them all out of their skins.

"The play was The Phantom of the Opera. I played Christine and Scotty played the phantom. My evil ex played Raoul. How ironic."

John, Will and Nick stared at Cath with a very confused look. They obviously had no idea what in the hell she was talking about.

"I'll tell you about it over drinks some time."

The three nodded and returned to the case.

"The ME didn't do a tox screen. Actually she didn't even have a proper autopsy." Will said holding up her sheet.

Scotty grabbed it and looked it over hard making sure Will was right. He was. Scotty threw the sheet on the ground and started pacing and cussing.

"Those damn, son's of bitches! Hell, they didn't give a shit about her! She was a stupid, schizophrenic woman who supposedly killed herself!" He kept pacing then after about two minutes he left.

Catherine started after him but John grabbed her and kept her there. "He is still grieving. Give him time."

She nodded and went over to the box they were all huddled around. Not a lot had been found that pointed to a murder but they all were still convinced that she had been killed.

Lily grabbed the box and led her co-workers down to the office. As Catherine followed she noticed a little white envelope had fallen out of Scotty's pocket when he stormed out. It had Elisa's handwriting on it. Suicide note, she thought automatically. Cath shook that out of her mind. No! She had not committed suicide. She had been murdered. For what reason she had no idea.