A nervous Anna sat down in her seat in math class that morning. She was nervous that the same math teacher would be here again today. She hoped Mr. Leyk would be back soon. The door swung open. She cowered in fear, afraid of whoever it might be. Everybody stared at her. Cracking open one eye and lowering her books, she let out a sigh of relief when she saw that it was only Yoh. Everybody gave her a weird look and returned to their business. Yoh, not saying a word to Anna, went and sat down. She breathed another sigh of relief when Mr. Leyk walked in. Mr. Leyk sat down at his desk and cleared his throat.

"Good morning class," he said. "I am back today. You will be retaking your test today." The class moaned in their dismay.

"I say this because not only was yesterday's test fourth grade level math," he continued, "Yesterday's substitute teacher was a fraud. He was actually a very sexually messed up pervert who wanted to rape any female he could find. If anybody was harmed by him, the school apologizes and we would like to hear about it so we may file a lawsuit against him." The math teacher grabbed the test and began to pass them out.

"Anna," Yoh whispered, "you should really tell him about what happened yesterday." Anna shook her head.

"I want to keep that to myself," she declined.

"Nothing's gonna get better if you keep hiding it to yourself," he retorted, "Everybody saw it. Some pervert hurt you and you shouldn't just let him go like that. You don't know if he might go for you again." Anna had listened closely to what Yoh had just said. She thought about it. Then that's when she realized Yoh was right. She slowly raised her hand.

"Yes miss Kyoyama?" Mr. Leyk asked.

"…can I talk to you in private about something..." she asked, "…now?"

"Sure," Mr. Leyk agreed. Anna got up and walked out into the hall. Yoh smiled at her.

She should stand up for herself.

He started his math test.

Just before his next period began, Yoh ran straight into Anna, causing her to fall down, all her books scattering across the floor.

"I am so sorry!" he apologized. She got up and brushed fake dust off of herself.

"It's alright Yoh," she said. "It's not a big deal." He picked up her books and handed them to her.

"Thank you," she thanked.

"No problem," he replied with a smile. She smiled back and they began walking to their next class.

"Yoh?" she said.

"Yeah?" he replied.

"I forgot to mention…I'm inviting you to the Halloween party I'm going to on Halloween," she told him.

"Cool," he answered. She handed him an invitation. He looked at her.

"So they'll let you in," she explained. He nodded his head,

"I'll be there," he said. She smiled as they entered the classroom and sat down. This period was health. Mrs. Allen, the teacher, stood up in front of the class.

"Welcome class," she welcomed, "I can see that everybody is here today, so right now we'll start talking and learning more about…" She paused for a moment and wrote it on the board. The entire class groaned in disgust at it.

"Today we'll be talking about sexuality and reproduction," she said.

"Mrs. Allen?" Anna asked. "May I be excused?"

"No," Mrs. Allen decline, "you may not. Now let's get started." As she went on talking about it, Anna wrote a note to Yoh and handed it to him. He read it.

This is totally disgusting, don't you agree? Yoh wrote his response and handed it back. She read it. She was pretty amazed.

It is pretty gross learning about it, but it is a part of our life. We might as well learn about it now so we can get it done with.

"Writing notes, Mr. Asakura?" Mrs. Allen said. Yoh panicked.

"No," he nervously laughed.

"Okay…" Mrs. Allen trailed off. "Like I was saying…" Yoh didn't really pay attention to Mrs. Allen the entire time. Actually, he was just staring at Anna the entire time, just thinking about her. He didn't get caught not paying attention

It was the night of the party, October 31st, Halloween. He was very excited. He began leaving the house, thinking he had everything ready to go. He didn't bother to wear a costume; it was a party. Even if it was Halloween, it was a party, wasn't it? Regardless, he began heading down the ladder.

"Where are you going?" Hao asked. Yoh climbed back up.

"I'm leaving to a party," Yoh replied. Hao nodded his head.

"Alright then, I'll see you later." Yoh nodded his head and went down the ladder. However, he wasn't prepared at all. He forgot to put some sort of deodorant or cologne on after training. Even more mistakes would happen. He thought he was so prepared and everything, he forgot to be truly prepared.

He arrived at the party about fifteen minutes later, and sure enough somebody was standing at the door to see who was able to come in or not. He went over to the door.

"Invitation please," the young man asked. Yoh handed it to him.

"Come on in," the young man replied. The young man sniffed the air and stared wide-eyed at Yoh.

"You smell awful," the young man said. Yoh gave him a weird look and walked in.

Things grew worse. He stood there as he saw everybody there was wearing some sort of costume. At one point one of the girls came up to him.

"Who are you supposed to be?" she asked.

"Uh…myself?" Yoh said.

"You're really weird," she replied as she walked away. Yoh sighed and walked along. He could hear everybody murmuring about how bad he smelled and why he wasn't wearing a costume. Yoh sighed.

"This isn't too good so far," he muttered to himself. Just then he found Anna.

"Hey there," she greeted. She was dressed as a cheerleader.

"Hi," he replied.

"Who are you supposed to be?" she asked.

"I didn't know I was supposed to wear a costume," he answered.

"No biggie," she shrugged. "But you do smell really bad." He sighed.

"I'm gonna get some punch or something," he said. He made his way to the kitchen and then to the punch bowl. He poured himself a glass and went outside and took a drink out of it. While he was drinking out of it, some jocks sneaked up on him and…

"Cold!" Yoh shouted. He heard the jocks laugh. He found himself soaking wet. He looked around his body and turned around. He saw that jocks had poured a tub of water on him. He was really mad. He went over and tackled one of them, the one with the one pointed purple hair. He knew that was Ren. Yoh began punching him and beating him up, but he felt someone pull him off. Yoh turned around and saw one of the popular guys grabbing him. He knew it was Ryu.

"You tryin' to beat up one of my pals?" he growled, even though Ryu wasn't a jock.

"They poured a friggin' tub of ice cold water on me!" Yoh shouted.

"You better back off," Ryu threatened, "or else…" Ryu threw Yoh on the ground hard. Yoh just lied there for a moment and got up. He began walking away and went into the bathroom. He grabbed a towel and dried himself off. It took him about ten minutes, but no more.

"Spin the Bottle time!" he heard someone shout. He moaned.

Not Spin the Bottle.

He hated Spin the Bottle. Everything bad happened during that. Regardless, he went downstairs and went into the room where it was.

"Yoh goes first!" Anna exclaimed. Yoh just sighed and spun the bottle. It slowed down and it was near Anna.

Yes! Something good during this game!

However, it didn't end that way. It ended up on a really nerdy girl with braces and glasses. Everybody laughed.

"You have to make out with her now!" Ryu shouted. Yoh slowly made his way towards her. He'd have to pretend. He pretended to kiss her on the cheek. Everyone fell for it and he made his way back to where he was.

"I'll go!" Anna declared. Anna spun the bottle. It landed on Ryu. Anna, frowning, walked over and began pretending making out with him. "Pretend Ryu! I'm gonna kill you if you don't!" Yoh thought they're doing it for real and couldn't take anymore. He was done here. He grabbed the bottle and smashed it on a wall. Everybody stared at him as he walked away. Anna was a bit worried. She got up and walked after him.

She had to follow him outside and down the street.

"Yoh!" she shouted. He turned around and watched as she caught up to him.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"I'm leaving," he replied.

"Why?" she asked. "Aren't you having fun?" He stared at her blankly for a moment.

"I'm having an awful time," he answered. "I forgot to put on some sort of deodorant or cologne, so I smell terrible, I didn't know I was supposed to wear a costume, and some idiot jocks poured a tub of ice cold water on me!" They just stared at each other for a moment.

"I'm sorry to hear that," she apologized. "I should make it up to you."

"It's okay," he declined. She didn't listen to him.

"How about I go out on a date with you?" she offered. He thought about it for a moment. He could get to know her. He decided it couldn't hurt.

"Sure," he accepted. She smiled.

"How about next Friday?" she offered.

"Alright," he agreed. "I'll pick you up at…6:00?"

"Sure," she replied. "I'll see you at school."

"See ya," he said. He made his way back to his house as she made her way back to the party. They both were pretty excited for their date. For now, they just had to wait.

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