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Author's Note: Yeah, that's right...We're posting again! Yeah, I know, it's not the second chapter of Mistakes, but we're working on it. Oh, by the way, this is Miyu. Okay, on the topic of this's a little limey. Okay, no, it's not, but...Ah screw it, just read it.

Be warned's my very very very first attempt at shounen-ai fluff. I probably picked the wrong couple, but the Bakurae are my favourite couple. Leave it to me to mangle their relationship... :Sighs: On with the ficcu.


His hair is soft. I can tell, I see it gently reflecting the lamplight as he brushes it. I do not know why, but he keeps it long. But...I do not mind. When he sleeps, it allows me to trail my fingers through his hair. Then I pull my hand to my face and breathe in...

His hair smells like roses. The scent lingers on my fingers, and I can never get enough. Every night it is the same: I run my hands through his hair, smell roses on my fingertips, and I cannot help but bury my nose in his silky locks.

I do not think he notices, my pretty innocent hikari, that when he wakes he has my face in his hair, but he has noticed more and more that people comment on it. His hair, I mean.

"Oh Ryou, where do you get your shampoo? Your hair is so soft!" And they touch him. They touch my hikari. They touch MY precious Light. This cannot go on. I know I will regret ever allowing him to leave the house and buy that silly white bottle he saw on that Ra-damned picture-box. That Ra-damned moving shining picture-box, showing people with hair hardly as soft as my precious pretty Light's, saying they can make his hair even silkier and softer and shinier. That is not possible, I say to him as he rummages for his wallet. It is not possible, for your hair to be any silkier.

He ignores me while I insist that the finest silkworms in the Orient could not spin anything finer than his hair. Of course, he probably ignores me because I do not say this aloud.

He ignores me while I insist that there wasn't an animal alive with a pelt softer than his hair. Of course, this is also ignored because I dare not let him know this.

He ignores me while I insist that not even the solid silver sarcophagus of Psusennes the first could ever be shinier than his hair, even if it had been polished every day for the thousands of years it had existed. Of course, I also do not speak this for him to hear.

"I'm going out, Yami," he says. As if I don't know. As if I don't know! Stupid idiotic pretty hikari with his softsoftwhitesoft hair.

"Fine. I don't care. Just make sure you bring back more of that...whatever that stringy stuff is." I bite out the words like harsh iron and steel and they flake away like rust. Already I want to take them back. Already I want to forbid him to leave me, to grab him by the shoulders and kiss him fiercely and nevernevernever let him go away. Nevernevernever let him muss his hair with smelly potions.

His beautiful eyes roll exasperatedly. "Ramen, Yami?"

I snarl, trying desperately to keep up my fa├žade, "Whatever. Just get me more. The kind that tastes like fake cow." Screaming at myself in my head, I leave him to his own devices.

A half an hour later, he returns, humming to himself and smiling slightly, as if the two bottles of whatever-that-was in the white flimsy bag make him happy. "I'm going to take a shower, Yami, okay? I bought you your favourite, beef ramen. It's's on the counter, okay?" He shuffles his feet as I stalk past.

I place the kettle on the stove, turn it on, and wait for it to whistle annoyingly. I want my fake-cow soup...but mostly I want my hikari. I stare at the steam rising from the mouth of the teapot, then turn to stare at the identical steam flowing from between the floor and the door to the bathroom. My precious beautiful stupid hikari, all steamy and soft with that new stuff violating his pretty hair...

Hmph. That stuff is not the rose-smelly stuff that my hikari always uses. It is not what I love. It is new and not-Ryou. Not-not-not!

Look at me. I'm sounding like Marik in all his drunk-on-Malik insanity.

Drunk. Drunkdrunkdrunk... Drunk-drunk-drunk-on-Ryou yes...

I watch the steam under the door some more, hardly pulling my eyes away to turn off the stove. I can only watch the steam and think of my intoxicating hikari beyond the door, and wonder why he wants to stop using the roses in his hair.

Finally, the steam stops. I catch my breath, and the door opens and there he is... in a whitewhitewhite towel with his whitewhitewhite skin glowing and his whitewhitewhite hair falling over his shoulders, and his shimmerybeautifulchocolate eyes.

Those eyes...they lock with mine. For a second, one whole glorious second, I consider crossing the room and kissing him then and there and setting myself free...but the second is gone, and he blinks, and goes into his room to dress.

I pour the cooling water into my ramen and wait for it to soak.


Later, I realise that his hair does not shine like it used to. At night, the scent of roses slowly fades until all I have left is a memory. It is not fair... His hair does not slide through my fingers like the priceless silk it once was...

Do not get me wrong. It is still sort of shiny, because it is naturally so. It is still mostly soft, because it is naturally so. But his scent...the smell that made him is gone. His hair smells sharp and cold and dull.

I can no longer take it.

Three weeks after he bought that horrible stuff, I realise that I can no longer stand the new...shampoo. I sneak out of his room, where I have been sitting beside him staring at him, and into his bathroom. My hand darts out, and carefully, so as not to knock over anything, I grab one bottle, then the other, of that horrible stuff.

Though I cannot see myself in the mirror, I know there is an evil smirk on my face.

Knowing full well that he would find the stuff if I simply threw it away, I walk down to the dumpster at the end of his street, open the bottles, and pour the stuff in, watching in triumph as the pale syrupy liquid flows and then sputters into the garbage.

Then the bottles clatter to the sidewalk. I do not bother to show them any respect by putting them even with Ryou's trash.

Luckily for me, the corner store he goes to is still open. Of course, it DOES say "Open 24/7" but still, you never know what these crazy mortals might try to pull. The cashier is asleep at the counter, which makes stealing oh so much easier. I figure, why not pick up a few gifts for my precious hikari while I'm at it?

Ten minutes later, I waltz out with a shopping basket filled with two years' worth of my hikari's rose shampoo, five of his favourite candy bars, eight cans of his favourite soda, and a month's worth of Pixi Stix. Well, I might as well make the opportunity useful!

After carefully sneaking back in the front window (I'll have to have a talk with that stupid hikari of mine, leaving windows open like that! Someone could come in while I'm away and violate what's MINE) I place everything where it should be. Hmph. I am hoping that he will be surprised. I want to see his eyes widen in shock when he sees that I put the soda in the cold white box, and the Pixi Stix and chocolate in the cupboard.

My predictably predictable silly hikari...every morning is the same. He rolls out of bed, showers, comes downstairs, drinks his tea, eats his muffins, and goes to school, all at the exact same times. I could set my clock by him, if I knew how to set a clock.

Now...for the last thing.

I tiptoe upstairs, silently, and place the bag of shampoo on the floor by the shower. There are at least fifty bottles in there. Maybe he'll get the hint.

Then I return to my place beside him, stroking his hair and watching how the moonlight steaming through his curtainless window highlights his face. As the moon sinks, I know that I have to go back to my soul room, but this time I do not want to. I want to be the first thing he sees this morning...

And that I am. His eyes are opening slowly, blearily. I can tell he is confused. Of course he is, I still have not moved my hand from its cage, entangled in his hair. "Y-yami?" he asks.

"Shh..." I start to fade, pulling myself into my soul room at last. "Shh...just...go take a shower, Hikari."

Ah. My soul room. I look through my hikari's eyes, unnoticed. He is walking into the bathroom...opening the door...

"What in the?"

I stand before him, transparent and ghost-like, and I grasp his shoulders. /Stupid pretty hikari, I say silently//Never use that other shampoo again. This is all you will use./

/I didn't-I thought-/

/You may think what you wish...but this is what you will use. Do you understand/

/Yes.../ He sounds hesitant, unsure.


I break the link and walk downstairs to make his muffin, but not without sensing my hikari's / of confusion.

As I thought, it took him a half an hour to come back downstairs-and Ra-damnit, he's fully dressed, there went MY plans. I'm sure he expected to have to make his muffins himself, but there they are, sitting on the table, steaming cheerfully.

They irk me, those diabolical blueberry muffins. Trying to seduce my hikari. Stupid muffins.

I see him shake his silver head and GOOD...he used the rose shampoo. Good. Excellent.

After this, I go back into my soul room. All this shampoo stuff has addled my me thoughts I never had before. Strange, these thoughts. I spend all day in front of the moving-picture-box, thinking these thoughts and trying not to think them.

The door opens. I know it is him. I have spent all day playing with the moving-picture box. It is not one for deep conversation.

"Oh, Yami, it was so strange today!" My stupid talkative beautiful hikari sets his bookbag down on the table and makes his way into the living room, sitting down next to me. I suppose he wants to talk talk. Ah well. better than the moving-picture box. And besides...I want to hear his voice.

"Yeah? What was so strange today, huh? Did Pharaoh's little whore come to school with his collar still on? Or, wait, speaking of kinky sex, did the janitor find Psycho and Psychoer pretending to be bunnies in the closet again?" My voice is harsh again...I can not soften my tones unless I am fooling other fools with my hikari's voice.

Hikari-precious looks at me funny. Probably the 'bunnies' comment. His innocence appalls me. " seemed to like my hair again. I guess it was the shampoo."

Shampoo... That same damn word again. I nearly broke the moving-picture box three times today when I saw the commercial over and over. Stupid commercials.

I cackle in victory. "See, I told you it was better! I don't know WHY you used that other stuff."

There is a silence. I really do not like it...



"This...this morning... You called me 'hikari'."

I scoff. "So? You are my hikari."

He is blushing, looking like he did the time he got sunburnt at the beach...and I'm getting this hot feeling inside me as well. "Yeah...but you just...never actually said that I was..."

Another silence.

"Yeah, well, get used to it, you stupid hikari." No! No, Ra damn it. I am doing it again. I'm going to drive him away again. I can't take this. I stand up, to leave, to go to his room and inhale his pillow some more.

He catches my wrist. I suppress a sharp gasp, and cough instead. He is touching me. He is touching me. He is touching me. He is touching me...of his own will. "What do you want now?" I ask, with the tone of This-had-better-be-extra-good.

My precious beautiful hikari is not looking at me. He is looking at the ground. He is stammering. "Can...well...c-can you...uhm, f-feel my hair, you know, just-just so I can t-tell if it's re-really change-changed anything?" I know how hard it is for him to ask a favour from me, so I sit back down again.

"...Yeah, fine, if it means that much to you."

"Th-thank you...Bakura."

My hands, halfway to his hair, stop. He called me by name. How strange. I wonder why...Oh well. I can finally touch his hair without worrying if he will wake up, nothing matters now. I bury my fingers in the silky strands, and the aroma of a rose garden rises to meet me. I cannot help it, I am stroking his hair now, bringing it closer to my face, inhaling it


I stop, unwillingly. "Sorry," I mutter. Why? Why do I apologise? I never apologise...but this time, I am genuinely sorry. Sorry that he wants me to

"Don't stop."

I gape. This is ridiculous. I never gape. Except, here I am, gaping like a soon-to-be-sushi salmon. Not removing my hands from his hair, I look into his beautiful brown eyes.

Oh, Ra, you must hate me. You know I can never uphold temptation too long, and you tempt me with this, with roses, with chocolate and silver and pale pale tempt me with Ryou.

I blame it on the shampoo. It's that damn rose shampoo. It's got drugs in it. It's obviously laced with ecstasy. It's making me too high to think clearly. We're going to pass out, wake up three hours later, and not remember a thing. Exactly. Absolutely. Abso-fucking-lutely. Positi-oh, to the seven hells with it all!

I dive in, locking his lips on mine. It's amazing, I swear the gods are screaming at me for tainting such innocence with my lips, my tongue, and my hands are everywhere

But so are his.

It's a battle of tongues, of mouths, and I am winning. I realise it is because of experience, of which he has none, and that just makes victory all the sweeter.

I cannot recall exactly everything that happened after. I told you it was because of the drug-laced shampoo. All I remember is silver and chocolate and palepale skin glowing and roses and breath.

I blame it on the shampoo.


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