Chapter TWO!

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I think there's something wrong with my yami. He's been acting kind of funny lately.

You know, he worries me sometimes. He doesn't know that, because I hide that with my strongest mental walls, but I really do worry about him sometimes. Like at night, when he doesn't come home. Nights like those, I huddle in my bed staring out the window, just waiting for him. But I can't ever let him know that, so as soon as I sense him nearby, I dive under my covers and pretend I'm asleep.

He acts especially strange when I'm asleep. At least, when I'm pretending to be asleep, but I've gotten so good at that that no one knows I'm faking, so he probably acts funny when I'm really sleeping, too.

See, for a while now, he's liked petting me. I mean, it doesn't feel bad, actually it feels kind of nice, but he's so cold when I'm awake. Am I less of a burden when I'm asleep? But...does that mean I am a burden when I'm awake? Do I make him that angry? I just don't understand.

It's impossible to get him to talk to me, not like Yami and Yuugi, or even Malik and Marik. Even those two have a good relationship. Marik is more or less legally and criminally insane, and according to Malik, they get along great. Yuugi and Yami, well...everyone knows how close they are.

How can the crazy couple be so perfect, and my own yami can't even look at me without hissing? Marik was created from Malik's own hatred, how can they love each other like they do?

I'm so confused. I think I'm...jealous.

That's why I've been pretending to be asleep more and more often. If he likes me better asleep, then asleep I will be, even if I have to sleep forever.


There's been this continual bout of hissing in the corner of my mind, the part of me that Bakura had claimed as his own, every time someone touches me. Even in passing, when someone brushes against me on the train or in the halls at school, my yami growls and tries to lash out, probably to send the person into the Shadow Realm, but he stops himself always. Except, when people touch my hair, he doesn't bother restraining himself. I have to do that for him, so he doesn't hurt some innocent civilian who just liked my hair.

"Oh, Ryou, your hair looks especially soft today! You have to tell me what shampoo you use!" Anzu never gives up. I think she's trying to beautify herself for Yuugi, but that's hopeless. I don't even remember the name of the shampoo I use, though, and I tell her so every day. It's not like it's very good anyway.

She looks disappointed every day. "Oh, come on, maybe I can figure out what kind if I--" She starts touching my hair, and like it's a catalyst, that brings almost every other female in a mile radius to come pet me like some kind of animal.

I can always feel Bakura's white-hot anger surging through my veins, and it takes everything I have to keep cool. "Uhm, girls," I mutter, "class is going to start. Can I please go?" Not waiting for an answer I always turn and flee.

At home, Bakura either snarls at me or ignores me, but that's okay. He's not violent, like Yami thinks, he's just neglectful. With all of my homework done during lunch or during class, I sit down to watch TV. During a commercial in the middle of my favourite episode of Chobits, a dancing white sheep prances onto the screen, singing about how his wool is soft and silky and he's putting silkworms out of business and don't I want soft and silky hair too? And I remember how Bakura strokes my hair at night. Maybe if I have hair like that stupid sheep, he'll pet me when I'm awake, too.

Yes, I know that the dumb commercial is a ploy to get me to buy the stuff, but it's working, isn't it? I wait for the episode to be over, then search around for my wallet, and my yami follows me, glaring at me like some kind of predator.

There's my wallet. I put it in my pocket and get ready to go. "I'm going out, Yami," I inform him, hoping he won't give me the third degree. However, he seems distracted.

"Fine. I don't care. Just make sure you bring back more of that...whatever that stringy stuff is."

His words are cold and hot and sharp, and I suppress a flinch. Instead, I roll my eyes, hoping that whatever is distracting him will keep him oblivious to my sarcasm. "Ramen, Yami?" He's been here for over a year, and he still refuses to learn. It's a rather endearing quality though.

"Whatever. Just get me more. The kind that tastes like fake cow."

He is walking away, and I am walking to the door. The weather's nice, so I'll walk. The drugstore's only fifteen minutes away.

I find what I'm looking for, purchase it and a few cups of ramen, and walk home. Because I missed the episode of Cardcaptor Sakura, I am humming the theme song with a smile on my lips. Bakura is sitting at the counter in the kitchen, as if he is waiting for me. Nervously, I set the ramen on the counter and tell him, "I'm going to take a shower, Yami, okay? I bought you your favourite, beef ramen. It's's on the counter, okay?"

He just storms past me, and I slowly make my way into the shower, hearing the click of the stovetop fire turning on before I close the bathroom door.

In the shower, I pour a small amount of the new shampoo into my hand and start washing my hair. Funnily enough, it doesn't seem to be working quite as well as my old stuff did...but if it will make Bakura like me more when I am awake, it's worth it.

After spending a while carefully washing my hair, I turn off the water and step out, wrapping a towel around my waist. Unexpectedly, Bakura is watching the door and stares at me when I open it and walk into the hallway. He meets my eyes and we both freeze. He looks like he is contemplating something, but when he doesn't move, I break the contact and go into my room to change.


It has been almost a month, and it doesn't seem to be working. It is, however, not attracting as many strangers. But it's also not attracting Bakura, and that is all I aim for.

He's been getting restless, seemingly. Agitated.

And tonight, he left.

Once again, as I always have done, I sit on my windowsill cushioned in three layers of soft blankets, and I wait for him to come home. I don't know if he's coming back, though...

After two hours, I grow too sleepy to keep my eyes open any longer. I crawl into bed and fall asleep, hoping to sense his presence when I wake up in the morning.

As I wake up, I feel more than the heat of the sun on is transparent and thin, but Bakura's hand is tangled in my hair again. I try to make my eyes open quickly, to see him before he vanished, but I am still too asleep and my eyes open far too slowly. He doesn't disappear though, and I choke out, "Y-yami?"

He smiles and whispers to me. "Shh," he murmurs, starting to vanish. I panic inside, thinking he's leaving me again. "Shh...just...go take a shower, Hikari."

Hikari...he called me 'hikari'! He's never called me that before...I didn't think he liked the fact that we are bonded no matter what...

Wait, shower...take a shower? I always do in the mornings, but why would he tell me to? I thought he hates my shampoo... He vanishes completely, and I make my way into the bathroom. There on the floor is...

A pile of about fifty bottles of my old shampoo. "What in the--?"

My yami reappears before me (I'm starting to think he likes doing that) and puts his hands on my bare shoulders. Through our mind link, he tells me/Stupid pretty hikari, never use that other shampoo again. This is all you will use./

I nod dumbly. /I didn't-/ I stammer in my head/I thought-/

/You may think what you wish...but this is what you will use. Do you understand/ He seems to be pressing this thought into me forcefully, insisting that I obey him. I wouldn't dream of doing anything different.


He smiles, barely, and thinks/Good./ Then he severs the link and walks out, leaving me to take my shower.

After I shower, dry off, and dress, I head downstairs to bake my breakfast muffins. Except, they're already there, still hot and steaming, and I know it was Bakura who made them because most are too big and the rest are too small and they're all lopsided. And he left the oven on, and open, and one of the oven mitts is inside of it.

I shake my head and smile, rather bewildered but amused nonetheless, and I sit down to eat my breakfast.


Bakura is sitting in front of the television, glaring at it like it's the cause of war, the dissolving of the ozone layer and his lack of ramen. School was interesting for once, and I want to tell him about it. Uncharacteristically happy, I bounce up to him and smile. "Oh, Yami, it was so strange today!"

I dump my backpack in the kitchen and sit next to him on the couch. He growls, "Yeah? What was so strange today, huh? Did Pharaoh's little whore come to school with his collar still on? Or, wait, speaking of kinky sex, did the janitor find Psycho and Psychoer pretending to be spring bunnies in the closet again?"

There is a pause. I don't get it. Yuugi isn't a whore, and he wears that necklace all the time anyway, and what would Malik and Marik be doing in the janitor's closet? They hate cleaning. I ignore the comments and inform him that the population of Domino High have taken to groping my hair again.

My yami laughs insanely, sounding triumphant for reasons I can't understand. "See, I told you it was better! I don't know WHY you used that other stuff."

I look away, silent, not wanting to tell him that I thought it would make him like me...I sense that he is uncomfortable with the silence and say, "...Yami?"

"Yeah?" He doesn't seem to be getting any less uncomfortable.

"This...this morning... You called me 'hikari'." This surprises me, that I asked this, because it wasn't even on my mind. It is a good question, however, and I do want to know...

With a scornful sound, he replies snidely, "So? You are my hikari?"

I know that. I just never thought he knew. Or, if he knew, I never knew if he liked it. That's what I meant, I just can't figure out how to say it. Instead, I stammer, "Yeah...but you just...never actually said that I was..."

There is another uncomfortable silence, but this time, he breaks it. "Yeah, well, get used to it, you stupid hikari."

I flinch, but he doesn't seem to notice. He has stood, he's going to leave me again, and I can't let that happen. Without thinking, I seize his wrist, halting him. Then I realize what I have done, and that he is going to hate me for touching him, but I still don't let go.

"What do you want now?"

I avoid his eyes, looking at everything but his face. Once again, I start stumbling over my words. "Can...well...c-can you...uhm, f-feel my hair, you know, just-just so I can t-tell if it's re-really change-changed anything?"

Something, I don't know what, makes him sit back down closer to me, and he agrees, rather grudgingly. I thank him, still stammering, much to my embarrassment.

"Th-thank you...Bakura."

He stops, and I don't understand why. Then I realise, I have called him by his name. I'm finally myself acknowledging that he is bonded to me forever. He seems to shrug this off, however, and brushes my hair with his fingers. Just like at night, he starts off lightly, but he's getting a little rabid. He's leaning in and smelling my hair, and he's only got one hand in my hair now because the other is pressing heavily on the small of my back.

He's rubbing my back, but I don't think he knows it, and it's sending chills up and down my spine. "Ba-Bakura..."

No, no, I didn't mean I want you to stop...but stop he does, and he looks away, and says, "Sorry."

Why is he sorry? Why...he should be sorry that he stopped. I try to tell him, "Don't be sorry, just don't stop," but all that comes out it, "Don't stop."

He looks surprised, and I fear that he hates me, but I stare into his eyes determinedly. There is another long silence, and I watch his eyes dart from mine to my lips and back. I carefully tap into his mind, but all I catch is something about chocolate before his mouth is covering mine and the jaws of the gods are probably touching the ground all the way from the heavens at my boldness, because I part my lips and grant him access. We half-heartedly fight for dominance before I submit to his experience. Our hands are all over each other, his running over my chest with ease and mine fumbling at the hem of his shirt. I don't really understand why, but I want his shirt off. And his pants. More would be nice too.

All I can think, as I rest in his arms hours later, listening to him snore softly, is, Why didn't I change shampoo earlier?


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