Pink Pajamas

By: Comm. Butler

Disclaimer: Don't own JAG or the song Pink Pajamas which I don't know who it actually belongs to but it is one of my favorites.

Author's Note: ATTENTION ALL SHIPPERS! I have returned! You may consider this my return to the world of shipper writing! Actually this one has been on my computer for quite a bit in case you won't figure it out and the timeline is WAY off but who cares as long as I pack on the shipperiness! I figured we all could use it!

This one came about when I was teaching the song Pink Pajamas to some younger Girl Scouts that I have been working with at a day camp. I was thinking it would be a little off beat and different but funny at the same time in it's own twisted kind of way. I'm not exactly sure where this would fit in on the JAG timeline and where it will go but Webb isn't in it and Mattie isn't either so let's just ignore season nine and ten and still make it time for the baby promise. That may sound confusing but bear with me and imagine.

I also had to change the song lyrics a bit to fit the situation but just the same I hope you find it enjoyable and when it is sung in this fic feel free to sing along. "Oh I wear my pink pajamas in the summer when it's hot…"

PS- This however is not Brownie Girl Scout appropriate.

Mac's Apartment


1830 Romeo

"Hey Mac I'm here and I brought dinner!" Harm let himself back into his best friend's apartment, which was unlocked. He set down the files and Chinese and listened when he heard her voice over the shower.

"You're early Harm, just sit down I'll be out in a few." Harm sat the couch and waited for a few minutes until he heard the water turn off and for a few minutes he couldn't hear movement he went and knocked at her bedroom door.

"You okay in there Marine?"

"Yes Harm just fine." Mac smiled and opened the door and stepped out in a pair of jeans and tank top, which caused Harm to do a little double take.


"Oh nothing just admiring the view."

"Well when you've pulled your head out of the clouds, let's eat." Mac went over and began to dig into the Chinese. They sat on the couch and began their file work. They had only worked for an hour and Harm noticed how cold it was in her apartment, despite the warm weather outside. He shivered.

"You cold Sailor?" Mac asked him in truth she was a little cold but she didn't mind too much what with Harm sitting right nest to her.

"Yes, you wouldn't happen to have one of my sweatshirts here that you stole when you get cold at my apartment. You know I have had three missing in the past month?"

"Yes I do actually. They are in the bottom left hand drawer in my dresser." Mac stated absently. She could trust Harm in her bedroom and she didn't really care if he was in there anyway. Harm stood and went into her bedroom and kneeling opened her dresser and smiled. He was met with several pairs of flannel pjs and a line of a song floated through his head.

I wear my flannel nightie in the winter when it's not… He searched a bit more and found his sweatshirts, all ten of them that she had collected over the years and hadn't bothered to give back or maybe she didn't want to give back. He grabbed one and pulled it out and along with it came a short little pink number with a simple lace trim on the hem. It looked like on Mac it would only reach mid to lower thigh not even brushing her knee. He folded it carefully and was about to set it back in the drawer when he looked at it and decided to take it and use it for a little prank. Mac would probably kill him if she knew it would was him but oh well she needed a few laughs now a days what with the case load and everything on her mind. He put it in the pocket of his slacks, which he was thankful were extra deep and thanking the fact that the silk caused it to be thin. He pulled the sweatshirt over his head and when he stepped into the living room watched her as she studied a file intently, just taking in everything about her that he loved before he rejoined her on the couch.

"I thought you got lost, I thought I was going to have to come looking for you."

"Well I'm here."

"Good now I was thinking that if we took this angle on the investigation and interviewed the watch officers first we might have better luck." Harm continued to listen as Mac explained and adding in his pointers and ideas. They worked for another three hours on the other files and when Mac yawned and laid her head on his shoulder he suggested to her,

"You look tired and we have a big day tomorrow so why don't I leave and you get some sleep?"

"Okay then. I'll see you tomorrow 0800 sharp we want to be there a little early so that we can review and court is at 0900 right?"

"Yep now have a goodnight." Harm packed up his files and paused before he walked out the door.

"Well gee Mac don't look like I'm going to be deployed tomorrow."

"If you go Harm I'm going to be very lonely." She stated hopefully.

"That's the price you pay for being single, but if you want it I'll give you a hug before I go. It might make you feel better." Harm set down his things and went back over to Mac and pulled her into a gentle hug, which she readily returned.

"There is that better?" He asked.

"Yes much. See you tomorrow Harm." Harm nodded and walked out. Mac looked around for a few minutes suddenly feeling very alone. There really was no point in staying up later what with Harm not around, so she padded off to her bedroom where she changed into one of his sweatshirts and a pair of shorts, which were at one time probably Harm's as well. She would change into them on the days that she entered his apartment soaking wet and just go home with them without a second thought. One thing she did notice was that her little pink nightie that she had bought on an almost whim was missing. She and Harriet had gone shopping and Harriet pointed it out. Mac tried it on and it fit perfectly and she can still remember what Harriet said,

'Ma'am that is so beautiful, I like the color on you too.' And Mac still cringed a little at her reply at the time.

'Well it will sure give Harm a run for his money.' She had never been quite sure why she and said that it just came out. She bought it and had been saving it until the five years was up and now that it almost was, she couldn't find the damn thing. She sighed and went to bed not even suspecting the one person that she thought about most, might have done something with it.

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