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Harm and Mac's Apartment

Alexandria VA

1800 Romeo

A Year and a Half Later

Mac sat curled up under a blanket with knitting needles resting in her lap in front of the fireplace. It was hard to believe that it was November already. The time had past too fast for her. Things hadn't really changed much other then the fact that she was now Harm's wife and she was well on her way to being promoted. The honeymoon was well over for them and so far they had had their little marital spats but with a few kisses and apologies all was resolved. Everyone at JAG was still rubbing in the fact that they had actually gotten married. They had moved into an apartment together after about two months of driving back and forth while they were engaged. It was significantly larger then either of their previous ones, with a spare bedroom as well. She looked up at the clock on the mantle and smiled. Harm would be walking through the door in three… two… one… Mac heard the key turn in the lock and Harm walked in juggling two bags of groceries.

"Little help here Mac."

"Of course." Mac got up and took one of the bags from Harm. Harm gave her a kiss.

"Thank you, and what has my Marine been up to today? You weren't at work of course."

"Nope. I had a rather full day. I got my hair trimmed, went to an appointment, I met Harriet for lunch, then I did a little shopping and bought some very cute shoes and more socks for you as you asked. I picked up our dress uniforms from the tailors and the cleaners for Tuesday. Then it stared to snow so I headed back here."

"Whoa slow down there. You said the tailors, I didn't my need mine tailored."

"Well I had to let mine out a little."

"So this Marine is getting fat?" Harm joked and gave her light poke in the side as he started to put the groceries away.


"Oh then why were you getting it let out? You also said that you had an appointment I thought that today was to be strictly leave for you and you were to enjoy yourself."

"Did you ever think I just might want it a little looser then skin tight and I just had a little appointment nothing work related or anything." Harm knew she was lying on some respect but he didn't push the matter.

"Okay well you can go back to what you were doing and I'll cook dinner."

"Aww how very considerate of you. I think this is why I married you." Mac joked and kissed him on the cheek before going to cuddle underneath the blanket again in front of the fire. The snow was falling but it could happen in November. While Harm was slaving in the kitchen Mac started her knitting again. It was almost done. She had taken it up awhile back to keep her mind off things every once and a while.

She was so absorbed in her knit work that she didn't feel Harm sit down next to her. He kicked off his shoes and rested his feet on the coffee table and Mac looked up.

"No feet on the tables you know that and don't you have work you could be doing?"

"Is there something wrong for me wanting to just sit with my wife and enjoy the evening." Mac looked sighed.

"Well I suppose it can't hurt but I don't want you to come home tomorrow complaining that you didn't have time to get your work finished when you could be doing it now and not leave it to the last minute."

"Mac…" Harm still called her Mac it was a lot better. He loved to call her Sarah but not in a very casual setting and being a man and not taking change well he had adapted to Mac and that is what he called her. It was kind of a pet name as well.

"Harm you have been procrastinating lately why just yesterday I found…"

"You made your point Colonel. What are you working on there? You have been tackling this knitting religiously for the past month or so I even saw you working at the office one day. Is it just to hard to tear yourself away from the afghan that you are making?"

"No and I am not making an afghan. Or a sweater for you like most Navy wives might do."

"Good 'cause I can't wear pink and it looks a little small. Is Harriet expecting a girl anytime soon is that it?"

"No not that I know of."

"Tell me what you are making then." Harm stated.

"Pink pajamas." Mac replied casually.

"What?" Harm looked puzzled.

"Just let me tie it off here and you will see." Mac tied it off and cut it away from the ball of yarn and then she reached down into her small knitting basket and pulled out two significantly smaller pink objects. She laid out the items in her lap and Harm's eyes dawned with comprehension. The two small pink items were a pair of little baby booties and what looked like a little tiny romper. He had to admit even though he wasn't an expert that her knitting skills were superb.

"Oh so this a hint then. Mac if you wanted to then just tell me and we'll work on it okay. Man women and their 'hints'." Mac scoffed.

"You just don't get it do you?"

"Get what? That you want a baby? Well I've known this since day one. Like I said all you have to do is ask." Mac looked at him unbelievingly. She stood up and put her hands on her hips.

"Did you ever think that maybe for just a minute it there might be another reason?"

"Oh what other possible option is there? You wanna get a dog and dress it up?" Harm questioned and he stood as well and went into the kitchen to check dinner on the stove. Mac rolled her eyes and threw up her arms and followed him in there. He was draining noodles and she snapped.

"Well gosh I don't know that I might actually be having one?" Harm shook his head.

"A dog or a… Come on Mac you don't mean to tell me that…" Harm looked at her serious face and he gasped,

"WHAT?" Mac smiled.

"Yes Harm I am having a baby in well seven months in fact and there isn't a thing that you can do about it!" Harm about dropped the pot he was holding, the lid however he did drop and it hit his foot and then the floor with a clatter.

"OUCH! Oh man! Wow!" Harm set the pot back down and stood there in disbelief with his mouth wide open.

"Oh don't stand there like an idiot do something!" Mac suggested. Harm gasped out the words.

"I'm going to be… a father?"

"Yes." Harm muttered something and then fell to the floor in a dead faint. Mac threw her arms up again and cried.

"I said do something but not that!" She wet a towel and kneeling down and resting his head in her lap she pressed the cloth to his forehead. It wasn't ten seconds later that he regained conscienceness.

"Did I just pass out there Mac?"

"Yes you did." Harm sat up very slowly. His head hurt really badly.

"Um why did I pass out?" Mac didn't look overly surprised. She helped him up off the floor.

"Don't worry about it right now go sit down I'll finish up in here." Mac assured him and Harm left to sit in the living room. Mac went about the kitchen continuing to cook the Alfredo thinking of another approach. Telling him outright would probably cause him to inflict more physical pain on himself and he was apparently too thick to take the hints. Well he was a pilot. Mac was cutting the chicken with fury now. She might love Harm but sometimes his grasp of the obvious was a little short ranged. She added the chicken into simmer for a few minutes before she called Harm back in.

"Time for dinner Harm come on before it gets cold!" Mac called as she set the table. Harm came in and sat in one of the dining chairs with a sigh. Mac sat across from him and they ate in moderate silence.

Mac was washing dishes and Harm was back out in the den working, but Mac could hear the TV on. She then heard him yelp.

"MAC!" Mac came in and saw him holding her knitting in his hands. Mac chuckled and sat down next him and turned off the TV.

"You called?" Harm took a deep breath.

"You know it just occurred to me that we are going to have a baby and that I do believe was the reason I passed out before dinner."

"Wow you are one smart little Flyboy aren't you?" Mac said sarcastically ruffling his hair and Harm frowned.

"How long have you been trying to beat this into my head?"

"Oh just about the last THREE weeks!"

"I see." Was all Harm could say. Mac looked concerned suddenly.

"Is there something wrong? I thought you would be happier about it." Harm sat there not saying anything for a minute and then he jumped up.

"HOLY COW! Mac are you serious? We, we are going to have a baby?" Mac scooted away from him a bit and nodded.

"YES! I am the happiest man alive! YAHOOO!"

"HARM! SHH! Sit down!" Mac ordered and Harm sat looking as excited as a kid at Christmas he had his Flyboy grin on and he couldn't seem to sit still.

"Well that was about how I pictured you to act. You know this means we will need a house now."

"Yes that's fine whatever. I'm going to be a father!" Harm was still trying to let it all sink in. What a way to end the day! Mac sighed at Harm's fidgeting.

"Alright Flyboy you are free to jump for joy no…" Harm was kissing Mac like he hadn't in a while what with them both coming home from work dog-tired. When she needed air she pushed him away.

"Or you could do that again!" She gasped and Harm kissed her again and when he pulled back she felt much better.

"Well Mac I do believe this is cause enough for celebration, what do you want?" Harm asked happily. Mac looked thoughtful for a minute.


"Yes name it and it's yours." Harm answered.

"I have had a terrible craving for Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia." Harm nodded and stood.

"Got it. I'll just hit the local Wal-Mart and pick some up. Anything else?"

"Yes get a couple of Pomegranates too." Harm put his shoes and coat on and grabbed his keys.

"You stay put and don't work not even the dishes." He kissed her forehead and Mac smiled.

"Won't even lift my little finger." Mac assured him and Harm walked out. As soon as the door shut behind him Mac jumped up and ran back into their bedroom.

Harm and Mac's Apartment

2 hours later

"Hey Mac, I'm back but it took me forever to get those pomegranates." Harm called through the quiet apartment the lights were out as well as the fire in the living room and the only flickering light Harm could see was coming from their bedroom. He put the few things he had bought away and then went into their bedroom to find several candles lit and the small fireplace aglow with flames. That was one of the reasons they had picked this rather spacious apartment. Mac was lying in the center of the bed with the sheets up to her chin.

"I thought you got lost." Mac said softly. Harm sat down next to her.

"Were you worried?"

"Not for you. You're a big boy. You can handle yourself, but that ice cream…" Harm chuckled.

"You cold there Marine?"

"A little." Mac shrugged.

"How can you possibly be cold? When I got home you had a roaring fire going and were decked out in a sweater with a blanket."

"Well I am still cold and my attire has been altered slightly."

"Do you mind if I see what your state of garments is currently?" Harm asked politely and tried to pull the sheets away.

"NO!" Mac exclaimed pulling them back up.
"It must not be much then." Harm smiled even wider.

"I know what your thinking Flyboy and I don't like it, and no it is not my birthday suit sorry." Mac scolded and Harm looked disappointed.

"Okay fine. I got everything you asked for and eggs so that you can have your standard omelets for breakfast. Now if you don't mind I think I am going to get out of this uniform."

"Oh can I help?" Mac asked eagerly and Harm looked thoughtful.

"Umm… nope!" He decided. It was Mac's turn to look disappointed. Harm started to change and Mac just watched him.

"Do you have to stare at me?" He asked as he hung the uniform up and Mac nodded.

"Well yes of course."

"Oh and I suppose it is the event of the year to watch me brush my teeth then?"

"Yes and I have prime seats, but my favorite is watch you shave in the mornings." and Harm cringed.

"Mac not only do you have weird habits, but need I remind you that you like to jump into the bathroom and grab me from behind while I shave and cause some serious nicks." Harm moseyed into the bathroom and Mac laughed,

"Don't forget I like to smack your six with a wet towel when I get out of the shower too."

"Oh I can't forget that! I usually have my uniform on by then as well." Harm remarked, he really hated to eat breakfast with a wet six, but he put up with Mac he had to admit he had some weird habits as well. He started to brush his teeth and Mac walked in and stood behind him.

"You know you make it sound as if I'm the only guilty one here. I too am a victim. One you hog all the hot water and then when you do that hair shaking thing when I'm still asleep. You get water everywhere!" Mac shivered. Harm rolled his eyes and rinsed his mouth and turned to face her.

"It is better to air dry, you how blow drying damages… well what have we here?" Harm had noted her new attire. He motioned for her to turn around and she did. He touched the silken pale pink fabric and his eyes narrowed.

"Now where have I seen this before?" He gave her the up and down mid thigh length lace trim, and spaghetti straps.

"Victoria's Secret catalog maybe?" Mac suggested but she knew otherwise.

"No, no not there the key color theme was blue…" Harm stopped.

"AH HA! I caught you red handed! Now I know what you have in the bottom desk drawer!" Mac squealed leading him on and she turned to run. Harm rushed after her and they chased each other around the bedroom for a minute and then Harm caught her and trapped her on the bed with her underneath him.

"Got ya'!" Harm cried triumphantly. Mac asked him after a second.

"Uh Harm could you get off me it kind of hurts." Harm immediately moved.

"That can't be good for the baby can it?"

"I'm not sure but it isn't exactly very big yet, just in case…" Mac shrugged and then straddled Harm with a smile on her face as she pinned him down.

"No fair Mac!"

"Well life ain't fair now is it? You tell me where you have seen this gown before and I might let you off the hook."

"Pregnant women get all the advantages. Umm I know I have seen it but I can't tell you where, have you had it for more then six months?" Mac shook her head.

"You know you aren't sounding like a very trustworthy husband, but yes I have had it for six months and longer."

"Okay…" Harm paused

"Umm sir, ma'am?" Mac's eyes widened as she looked to see Coates standing in the doorway.
"COATES! What are you doing here?" Mac demanded, she was not happy to see the petty officer standing in her apartment.

"I brought those books over. I just got off work and you told me to just let myself in."

"How did you get a key?" Harm asked. Mac still had him pinned down.

"I gave it to her in case we weren't home and in case you don't remember she has been coming over to fix our office computer which you screwed up." Mac said standing up.

"Umm Jen thank you."

"I'm so sorry ma'am and I didn't think you were home and then I saw the light on back here and I figured it might just be you since you had the day off… I should have called… I really… ma'am if you don't mind me asking, is that the gown that the Commander waved around the office before you were married?" Harm got a look of comprehension.

"I knew that was it! Thank you Coates you just saved my life!" Harm cheered and Mac's look silenced him.

"Yes it is, why don't you go home Coates, it's getting late and I'm sure that you don't want to see me when I start yelling at Harm." Mac smiled sweetly. Jen nodded.

"I really don't. The books are on the coffee table ma'am, goodnight." Jen then left quickly and Harm sighed.

"It's funny how people just keep walking in at very inappropriate times you know, but tonight Jen saved my life."

"Yeah, yeah whatever." Mac lay down next to him.

"So what do you think?" She asked.

"Of what?"

"The gown you Squid!" Harm chuckled.

"I think it would look better thrown randomly across the room and on the floor."

"I see but the funny thing about that is that you are still in some serious trouble. Do share how you got your Navy fingers on Victoria Secret catalogs?"

"Well as I recall in April I came home from quals and you asked me, which did I like better and you showed me several pages in those cursed magazines and do you remember which one I chose?" Mac laughed.

"I think I'm going to lock all the doors before I hear the answer." Mac left the room for a minute and when she returned she sat down next to him.

"You were saying?"

"Well I gave you my honest answer, I said I like the brunette there in that Marine T-shirt and jean shorts, with her pink ankle socks." Harm recited and Mac blushed a little at his memory. Harm looked surprised.

"Why Colonel do I see a blush creeping across your exotic features?"

"Oh stop flattering me Harm."

"No seriously, I think that pink is most certainly the theme this evening. I come home and you are hard at work knitting a pink little clothes for a baby a girl is what you are hoping for then?"

"No it was you who was wanting the girl I wanted a boy remember?"

"Well whatever it turns out to be they will be perfect."

"Yeah don't get too far ahead of yourself. We however are drifting off the subject. You said pink is the theme and so far I can only count one thing."

"Alright let's keep going. Baby clothes, your gown, the ankle socks that I mentioned and the lovely light shade I see you turning as I continue to compliment you." Harm gave her a flyboy grin and Mac shook her head.

"Where do you come up with this stuff?"

"I don't know it's just there in this big pilot's brain of mine." Mac laughed loudly at this.

"I think Sailor you have been pulling too many G's in those little planes of yours."

"No I think it is you who hasn't pulled enough Colonel."

"Oh and how at eleven at night am I supposed to pull G's? What are you going to do pull a forty million-dollar aircraft out of your pocket? Wait that was the wrong way to say that." Mac shook away the thought. Harm however grabbed her and pinned her down again, more gently this time.

"There are other ways to pull G's other then in a plane." Harm reassured her and gave her a kiss.

"Do I need to suit up?"


"Oh so I don't get a little pink flight suit?" Mac joked and Harm looked serious.

"Don't push it Mac, a pink flight suit, if that ever stepped on the flight deck you would have half the squadron at your feet. So I'm going to say dress down." Mac cocked an eyebrow at him and commented,

"You know I just realized something, I'm wearing this gown and it isn't even summer, so looks like I can't leave it on. I really need to get some flannel for the winter when it's not… you on the other hand…" Harm rolled his eyes.

"Don't you dare start."

"Oh Harmon wears his pink boxers in the summer when it's hot,"

"Mac I don't even own a pair of pink ones!" Harm whined. Mac pretended not to hear him.

"Rabb wears his flannel ones in the winter when it's not!" Mac gave a small tug on Harm's boxers.

"Oh no Mac… don't you even think about it!"

"And sometimes in the springtime and sometimes in the fall!" Harm gave up.

"There really is no stopping you is there?"

"Well winter doesn't start for two and a half weeks so it is still fall…"

"Fine just as long as the rules apply for you as well."

"Deal. So what exactly do we do in the fall?" Harm groaned.

"Jump between the covers with nothing on at all…"

"Good I'm glad you pay attention." Mac then pulled him down into a fiery kiss that lead to something that is shall we say quite a bit more colorful.


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