What If?

By: Kari Minamoto

Summery: One-Shot Kouji thinks about his adventure in the digital world and how it has affected his life after leaving it. It focuses a lot on Kouichi. Kouji's POV.

Author's Note: I haven't had a chance to work on the next chapter of Children of the Legend, but there is no way I have forgotten about it. Anyways this is a one-shot which I thought up in my head at a random time and felt like I needed to write it.

Disclaimer:I do not own digimon.

What if? That is always a question that comes up. What if I did this different or what if something else happened.

My what if is more complicated.

One of them is what if I never took that phone call, I might have never found myself and the true meaning of life.

In the digital world, I started off as a loner, the lone wolf. It fit with my spirits of light and perfectly described me. I wanted to be alone. I didn't trust the world or anyone in it. I could only rely on myself.

After a while I was forced to work with the other chosen, what if I had refused though? If I had the digital world may never have been saved and I may have never discovered the true meaning and the pleasures of friendship.

Being placed in the digital world aloud me to discover myself. I also came to the realization that friends aren't that bad after all.

The real reason it seems, that I'm so thankful for my adventure in the digital world, is for the brother I never thought that I had. I found the half of me which was missing. My brother. My twin. It was one of the happiest moments in my life.

I no longer cared that my dad had remarried and we didn't have the greatest relationship.

I couldn't believe how well we connected the first time we had met since being separated. It was like we never really were apart. We looked out for each other because we meant the world to each other.

One of the moments in the digital world I remember the most is when Kouichi was scanned. I remember the sadness I felt in my heart when it happened. It was like having half of me scanned too. One of the best things that happened to me while in the digital world was taken from me right before my own eyes.

I never thought I would recover from this, but I went on and saved the digital world and the real world from disaster. I had to. It was what Kouichi has wanted, I couldn't let him down.

My best friends and I ended up saving both worlds, it wasn't until we saw the digital world being reformed that the realization hit me.

I may never see my brother again. How could I go on living, knowing I had a brother, but at the same time not having one.

As we were returning home, Lowemon called on the D-Tector saying that Kouchi was still alive. I was burning up inside with hope and joy.

My brother was still alive.

When we arrived at the hospital, and I saw his unconscious body I was afraid. I was more afraid now than I ever was in the digital world. Even when I was facing Lucemon I wasn't this afraid.

Just as I was about to give up hope, I began to cry. I was unaware, but told later by Takuya, that at this time the D-Tectors started to glow and as soon as they were cell phones again, Kouichi was revived.

That was the two greatest gifts that the digital world gave to me. It gave me my friends for life and it gave me my brother.

We all see each other a lot now. Kouichi and I see each other all the time. Our parents even get along with each other decently. The most important improvement in my family though, is all the lies that were made during our time apart were diminished the second they saw us together. At school we have our other friends, but nothing can replace the friendships that were made when we were in the digital world.

There are all of the what ifs that occur in life, but my biggest one is:

What if I never went?

The End

Okay it's really short but I felt like writing it. I also hope no one thought I was doing yaoi, it was just brotherly love. I hope I also got his feelings right, or somewhat right. If not let me know and I will do a repost with it edited.

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