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Author Notes: Well, this story kinda lurked around the edges of my brain for a while. I should warn you right now, this will not be a happy story.

Chapter 1: Strapped.

The darkness began to give way to light. A bright light that hurt his eyes. He closed his eyes against the pain and waited before trying again. Once he could open his eyes without pain, he blinked several times in sucession waiting for his vision to swim back into focus. He had trouble thinking, and everything was rather fuzzy. It wasn't until he tried to lift his hand to rub his eyes did he realize he was tied down. His wrists and ankles were lashed to the chair and a strap was wrapped around his chest, effectivly binding his chest and shoulders to the chair. Only his head seemed to be free to move, and he let his glance flicker around the area. His next move would be to try and figure out where he was, how he got there, and why he was tied down. After scrutinizing the area he came to the conclusion he was in a warehouse. He was positive he didn't recognize anyone in the area. He felt panic well up in his chest momentarily.

'Stop it! Don't panic!' The little voice of reason in his head chimed in. 'Just think back!'He took a deep breath and tired to think back on his day.

Through the haze he seemed to be muddling through, he remember an arguement. Vicious words slung with the intent to hurt. In a flash of clarity he distinctly remembered anger encased words flickering over his skin, like the tendrils of a whip leaving bleeding wounds. He couldn't however recall what the fight had been about or even who it was. He aslo vaguely remembered someone coming to see him...a visit. Something about that felt important. Like he should remember it.All he could see however was a dark shadowy form.

He was starting to feel exhausted again. His eyes were beginning to lid, and he was about to drop off. Suddenly the shadowy visitor who lurked around the corners of his mind snapped to the forefront and his face was introduced in startling clarity. His eyes flew open in alarm. The first words Dr. Nigel Townsend voiced outloud since flickering back to awareness summed up his situation.

"Shit. I'm screwed."

Author Notes: Well if you guys liked this and want more, let me know. It's up to you guys really.