Well, thank you for all your wonderful suggestions, I plan to use all of them, and I'll post them as soon as I get a little incentive-if you know what I mean cough reviews cough well enough of that! Anyway, so I got a little sick of Disney, but not to worry I'll continue to rip off their songs later, so I chose this short, but sweet, memorable tune! The theme from Gilligan's isle, not from anyone's point of view, just an audience member, so enjoy!

Phantom's Isle

Just sit right back and you'll hear a song,
a song from a frightful ghost.
Who drags way down his special gal,
And is her evil host.
The fop was a flighty poofish boy,
But Christine was still below.
They kissed and sang and danced away,
for a three hour show, a three hour show………
The Managers started getting notes,
The diva's voice was shot.
But who cared for the other roles?
the phantom was so hot, the phantom was so hot
The boat took ground on the shore of this candle shrouded lair,
with Erik, and Christine too,
the Vicomte, bound by ropes,
the angry mob, la Carlotta and Megan,
Here on the Phantom's Isle!