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Showing the World

When people look at me, can they see who I am?

Can they see a protector? a fighter? a lover?

Or do they only see what I am?

A hanyou. An outsider. Something different.

There are some who foolishly judge the surface of me. I am a hanyou, therefore that makes me a monster.

My parents were never allowed to join together.And so; I am condemned.

I am stronger than humans. They fear me.

I am a 'tainted' demon. They reject me.

I'm the one that everybody spits on. People mock me, insult me, and betray me. When I retaliate, they scream foul play.

I am labeled as 'a foul, bloodthirsty creature with no morals'. They wish to find fault with me so much that they fail to see the evil that resides in themselves.

I am not a saint, but neither am I a devil. I have killed, and I have stolen. But I have also loved, and I have given. I protect myself, as I protect others. I do not murder children, and I do not eat flesh. I am a good person, but nobody sees what lies within me.

No, all the humans see is a half-demon. Something lower than dirt: an abomination.

All demons see is a half-human. A pathetic excuse for a demon.

It infuriates me to be thought of like that. I have lived through more than they ever will. I have been orphaned, beaten, starved, and sneered at. My own flesh-and -blood rejects my existence, and I was betrayed by the only woman I trusted since my mother's death. They dare to call me weak?

Anybody else would have been killed off long ago, either by the blades of others, or by their own hands: but not me. I have put all that behind me, I have moved on! No one else can say that, not you, nor anyone else in this world.

Who are they to judge what kind of person I am? They don't know me, and would never get to know me. For the rest of their lives, they will go around despising all hanyous. They will take in the hatred that others have of us, and blindly follow that way of thinking.

They will look at me, and see only what they wish to see. If they discover even a hint of humanity in me, they will push it aside, and continue searching for the evil that they feel they need to find.

It is pitiful that they cannot live with the thought that we might be the same. The thought terrifies them.

Their minds cannot grasp the concept that everyone has something in common, even if it is something as simple as laughing or crying. They stupidly believe that they are the only ones that do those types of things.

But they're not. We all do the same things; some just choose to ignore that fact. So go on, keep going about your life thinking that we're all different. You'll see that you're wrong someday; I'll make sure of it.

I will show you all what it means to be a hanyou.

The End

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