Abbey and Zoe watched as the lights went out one by one down the side of the ship. They ran through a nearby door, quickly locking it behind them. As they came into the room Zoe stopped and looked around. The walls were blood red, with intricate carvings of some sort of alien at the bottom. It had obviously been a child's room. She walked over to a porthole and gazed out down at the earth. The oceans were shifting. "Zoe!" she spun around to find Abbeys worried face. She had grown up quickly, just like Zoe had, since they were spirit twins, which made sense. She could almost see her childhood face. "Quickly Zoe!" she yelled, throwing a bunch of black clothes into her arms. "It is coming we must make haste, quickly put the clothes on and retrieve your sword, we might be able to fight it before it reaches the cockpit and causes harm!" Abbey spun around, about to leave the room. "Fyed!" cried Zoe "We need details. What about the boys, what about Alexander! I am not leaving this ship without him!" Abbey could see the worry on her face. Her Boyfriend and her child were two of her most important things that she possessed. "Sister, do not worry, Alexander is safe and Alex, Jarrod and Brandon are to met us on the Left Wing in the Gallery" Zoe listened intently. "From there, if its route is as planned, we should be able to cut it off." …..

It didn't go as planned. Its route was incorrect. It got to the cockpit before us…and did some harm.