"Activate Program Alice."

With a glee-filled maddened smile, he watched the silver SUV pull away from the monitor.

The lab was in shambles, injured men and women, some dead. Dr. Issacs was amazed with the amount of damage their precious subject had done, and then disgust crossed him hearing the groans of an injured employee. Not dead.

All of them should have been dead, how was there still the weakness of a human heart within Program Alice after all of the hours spent trying to perfect her? Clearly there were still some bugs to work out, some more genes to take apart and splice together, he would make sure to put to sleep that humanity for good…


He wasn't listening, not really, still he heard Mrs. Harper, once more, this time a bit more clearly.

"Sir…about the experiment."

This time the head doctor stood, wiping the blood from his mouth and face carelessly with the back of his hand, then faced the persistent scientist.

Unmindful of the bodies littering the lab and the easy demeanor of the doctor, the young blonde scientist spoke again as though used to seeing death and destruction within her time working at Umbrella: "Sir the subject, that escaped, Program Alice, do you wish for a team to be sent to retrieve her? It would seem she is resisting her primary programming," the scientist asked.

He quickly decided he would not send anymore of their short supply of mercenaries on a task in which he knew already the results, those being none of the team would be returning alive, he couldn't have that…yet. He was still in need of them.

"No we will deal with Alice later," he said calmly. "However what you can do is report to me how the newest subjects are progressing."

"Quite well Dr., the cells of all three subjects, despite massive damage and deterioration were repairable, for the most part, however, further testing will need to be done for field of vision and hearing factors that may have been too heavily damaged by the "T" virus," she said flipping through the charts of her clipboard. "All were infected with the "T" virus within the same time span and cellular repair was expected at the same spontaneous rate. Two of the subjects are still at a lethargic brain wave pattern, there is but one who is strong enough to be wakened at present."

"Show me," the doctor instructed stepping over the bodies of the men upon the lab floor. He noticed a young woman about the age of nineteen staring at one of the dead scientists with blue eyes as wide as saucers. She sat trembling in shock at the destruction in the corner of the lab, curled under a desk. "You, have someone clean this mess up."

Getting a hold of herself the young red-haired woman nodded, swallowing and coming out from under the desk and picking up the phone with trembling hands did as she was ordered.

The docter and Mrs. Harper headed along the darkest corridor where Alice had been less than ten minutes before, instead of heading straight out the two made a left near an towering steel door. Upon punching into the system, they entered.

A warm breeze hit them and they continued inside.

Various human beings floated serenely, slumbering in the same kind of liquid cocoon as the escaped subject. In the large oval room, there were at least twelve subjects within the life-giving tanks soon to be awakened but for now they turned to the right to peer into the tank marked SUBJECT 9#.

"This one here?" the head scientist asked peering at the being inside.

The serious blonde nodded firmly before scribbling more notes upon her chart.

"Another woman, first to recover…" he couldn't help but muse.

"An Umbrella mercenary, part of One's team sent into the Hive. From the bite marks on her neck, left hand, bicep and forearm and the blood and tissue samples collected she was infected massively," the young docter paused to flip a page and her blue eyes scanned it briefly.

Curled much like a fetus in it's mother's womb the subject had a look of peace in her cryogenetic sleep. Her long raven hair dancing in the water was the only movement from her.

She was slender like Alice, but in a much stronger looking solid way. He was itching to know if she would be stronger than Alice too.

"Combat search and rescue specialist. Rain Ocampo. 5'8", 127 lbs. Age: Twenty-three years old. Found dead on the train."

So…Alice was resisting her programming, remarkable, truly remarkable as was the way Nemesis had too resisted his own. She would need to be retrieved then, by someone more than capable…

"Wake her."