Title: suitCase

Disclaimers: I don't own NCIS or anything about it! But great show!

Summary: Suitcases are use in travelling, but what happens when it's use as a coffin? Will NCIS find the killer? Or will the killer never be found?

Author's note: Don't know if this is any good, this is my first NCIS fic soooo…… yeah


Tony lay down on the beach, watching the sexy, blonde chicks, in their skimpy bikinis and golden tans. He smiled, grinning stupidly at the girls. They looked at him, giggling, and then one of them waved. He pointed at himself. She nodded, and licked her lips slowly. Oh yeah, this was it, what else could he wish for. She got up. She was like a goddess; her long, silky blonde hair glistened in the sunlight, her hips moving side to side as she jogged across the sand. Out of the blue, she fell, making a rather loud bang. Tony shook and opened his eyes.

It was dark, and he found himself staring at the familiar ceiling. He glanced at his alarm clock. Four in the morning. He groaned. Why? Just as she was running towards him. He closed his eyes, disappointed at his timing. He put his hands on his head. Savouring the last moments of his dream. She was definitely a 38 DD. No doubt about it.

Something broke his thoughts. He stopped, lay very still, listening to everything around him. There were small footsteps, pitier patters, with the occasional squeak. This was odd, at four in the morning. Frowning at himself, he slowly and quietly got out of bed. Grabbing the gun on his beside drawer, he crept out of his bedroom, through the kitchen and living room. The noise grew louder, as though the footsteps were getting nearer and nearer, but his apartment was clear. Outside, of course, why didn't he think of it? Tony walked to the door and peered out the peephole. Looking left, he couldn't see anything except the light in the corridor. The noise, footsteps seemed to have stopped. Tony looked right. There, he saw it, a black figure walking off, and on the ground about ten metres behind him, a suitcase. Directly under the light. It was blue, one of those large cases.

Tony unlocked the door and stepped out. The suitcase was only two doors down. There was a cold breeze. Tony shivered; maybe he shouldn't have walked out only in his jocks, maybe he should have put something else on. He wrapped his arms around his chest.

Curiously staring at the suitcase, he wondered what was inside. Why it was left in the middle of the corridor. He squatted next to the suitcase and unzipped it. Lifting off the lid, his eyes widened and froze. A pair of cold hard eyes was staring back at him.


Author's note:
Should I continue? Or is it really shitty and stop before I torture all of you guys to death!