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Lennox-Yeah I've noticed I've pretty much shown that Hammerfest is the only base in GDI, obviously not true, but it is the command centre, as well as one of earths primary shipyards, but I'll get around to showing the other bases, especially when the war starts growing multiple fronts.

Greyangle-Yeah Strange Conclusions is finished, but I'll be getting around to doing the sequel eventually, going to spend most of my writing time on this, and its prequel (which I'm pretty sure would be posted now)

And here's another excellent quality chapter from Lightning Count.

Outside Athens.

Nilsons SEAL team placed their C4 charges around the hidden NOD guns and set their remote switches. From the gun rooms entrance came sparodic gunfire, the NOD troops down the corridor had learned to stay back, a few dead bodies marking where one of the SEAL defenders had ended an inexperienced soldiers curiousity. Now they simply held back and waited for back up.

"Guns are set sir." Lieutenant Dash reported. "Specialist Manny has the detonators."

"Alright, time to make tracks." Nilson unhitched a large grenade from his body harness, it had 'WP' stencilled on the front standing for 'White Phosphorous' a very nasty weapon in confined spaces. "Get into your pairs, move and shoot, ready?"

The team nodded and brought their carbines up to a ready position. Dash took his own WP grenade and pulled the pin.

"On five after the grenades blow." Nilson said, then released the lever with a twang, and together with Dash hurled them at the far wall, bouncing them off the surface and around the corner. A series of cries of alarm called out before the grenades exploded, a sharp crack followed by a rushing noise as the chemicals inside erupted in burning fire.

In his head Nilson counted five seconds, long enough for the grenades effects to take hold and short enough for the panic to still be felt among the NOD troops. Without a word his troops moved forward, sweeping guns about and staying low and close to the wall. They were quick and precise as they reached the corner and paused. Nilson took a breath, then spun around and fired a burst from his carbine, cutting down a very surprised survivor of the grenade attack. His second followed and but a single bullet into a writhing NOD soldier at their feet, more out of mercy than vindictiveness.

He urged them forward with a swift hand gesture and they pressed on through the tunnels carved from rock. Gunfire echoed from behind as the rearmost troopers fired on a NOD group rushing after them, more phosphorous grenades burst and scattered flaming fragments in the tight confines with horrific results for the overconfident pursuers.

Nilson heard a scuffle and raised his hand, the team slid to a halt and trained their guns forward and to the back. A heavy steel door across the tunnels opened, but no troops filed out.

"Bulldog." A voice whispered from behind the door.

"Chesty." Nilson remembered the countersign. He and his team lowered their weapons as Captain Carlisles SBS squad came into view.

"Commander," he shook hands. "the White suited bastards have swarmed the main entrance, we can't get out that way." Carlisle pointed back the way he had come. "We found a control room further up here, if theirs a map it could help us."

"Agreed." Nilson replied. "We found those funky looking artillery pieces further in the base, they're rigged to blow when we bail outta here."

"Then lets waste no time, the main force will be at Athens itself by now."

The two special forces units now moved down a joining corridor, travelling deeper into the complex and slightly upwards, Carlisle led the way until they reached another heavy door.

"This is it." The SBS officer said. "Mark, get some charges up here."

One of the British operatives moved up and laid a sliver of explosives at weak points on the door, they then quickly retreated.

"Grenades." Nilson ordered, and his team each grabbed some of the devices either standard frags or WP from their kit.

Carlisle detonated the charges with more of a snap sound than a bang, but it was still enough to blow the vault like door off its hinges. Before the smoke had even cleared a rain of grenades sailed through the doorway and exploded within. SBS men stormed forward, and a few brief shots signalled the stunned Nod officers were no longer a threat.

"Clear!" Carlisle shouted and Nilson went in.

"Dash, Mutt, watch the door." He detailed his subordinate to cover their backs. "Everyone else look for something useful."

The two teams went through the room with proffesional speed, one of the SEAL specialists hacked into the base computer while the rest went through drawers and desks for a map.

"This is interesting." Carlisle pointed to a huge display on the wall.

"Looks like a map of Athens." Nilson said.

"It is," Carlisle confirmed. "What do you make of these?" he pointed to red dots highlighted across the city.

"Not sure, there isn't a pattern." Nilson shrugged.

Carlisle stepped back and raised a digital camera, he took a picture and then replaced his device.

"See if the intel boys know anything about it." He said. "I'll E-mail it when we get topside. Now stand back please."

He and Nilson retreated a few steps, and Carlisle destroyed the glass display with a burst of carbine fire.

"Here's something." Manny said. "A way out."

Nilson came and stood over his shoulder. "Back the way we came." He noticed. "Great."

"No point complaining." Carlisle said. "Get your stuff and come on."

The British operative stalked forward and out of the ruined doorway, his team close behind.

"Alright SEALS, lets find water!" Nilson called. "Saddle up."

They followed on, taking a few pieces of intel for later study. The SBS demolision expert had set the main computer banks with C4 with a similar remote detonator to the US equipment, this place would soon be useless to the brotherhood.


"Bravo company, request fire mission!" Major Leroy shouted into his radio.

"Roger that, coordinates locked." A totally cool voice said on the other side far from battle. "Watch your heads."

Leroys GDI soldiers were pinned by a Nod gun emplacement outside the city, his men were approaching from the North to assist the seabourne landings and were making slow process.

"Artillery incoming!" he yelled above the snap of rifle fire. "Stay down!"

he wasn't sure where the fire came from, but right now it didn't matter. The roaring sound of something solid moving through the sky filled his ears, almost like a jet engine in intensity, the first shells dropped bang on target, sending debris scattering off the emplacement. A twisted smoking heavy machine gun thudded down a few feet before him.

"Artillery effective." He reported. "Bravo company continuing on."

He troops stood, their tan uniforms blending nicely with the yellow grass of Greece. With an order they moved out by platoons, staying on foot to cover the rocky ground and come at Athens from a new direction.

"Hey, Major, look." His XO Captain Kramer pointed out. "Nod guys in that gully."

"I see them." Leroy froze, apparently they hadn't noticed the GDI troops despite the gunfire. "Something must be keeping their attention, take a platoon down there, I don't want hostiles behind us."

Nod Complex

"They're blocking this door too." Dash reported.

Nilson frowned, the had made it to an alternate way out of the warren of tunnels only to find it too was blocked.

"How many?" Carlisle asked.

"Fifty plus." The American answered. "And theres a wide room and machine gun nest just inside the door, we can't rush it."

"I've got a few marksmen." Carlisle said. "But shooting a HMG while its shooting at you is a losing proposition."

"We haven't got much choice." Nilson answered. "We'll throw grenades and then rush them."

"Just make sure that whatever happens we push that detonator." Carlisle said "Then its all worth it."

"Alright, I've got a red smoke grenade, supposed to be for extraction but it'll do to blind them."

"We're right with you." The SBS leader confirmed and cocked his rifle.

But before they went further, a sudden volley of gunfire erupted.

"Now what?" Nilson scowled again.

"Shoot that sonuvabitch!" Kramer yelled as tracer fire ricocheted off the rocks around him. His platoon fired back, their rifles chipping stone and concrete from the Nod bunker below. The heavy machine gun fired again and kept up a near continuous drizzle of bullets making sure the GDI troops got no closer.

"Disc unit, any chance of a shot?" Kramer called.

"No sir." The futuristic looking grenade launcher lying by its owners side. "Not with that fire."

He cursed.

"That's our guys." Dash said. "M8 rifles."

Nilson listened to the weapons fire, and over the Nod weapons he could discern the familiar report of the weapon.

"This is our chance, while they're distracted." Carlisle said. "Take 'em by surprise."

"Never a better time sir." Dash said in agreement.

"Alright, quick and quiet to the end of the corridor, then hit 'em hard."

In total silence they scrambled forward, down the corridor and to the sound of gunfire. It got progressively louder as they neared the open room and soon they could smell the cordite and see the muzzle flashes. The Nod troops were inside the room firing out through the open door and loopholes, all focused on the action outside.

They deployed silently along the ineerwall and crouched, then aimed at the defending troops, Carlisle himself lining up the HMG operator. He fired first, and before the gunner even fell the rest of the groups opened fire. Carbines spat bullets on full automatic, it wasn't recommended but the Spec ops units knew how to best use their weapons in the confines and the fire was devastating. The last of the grenades were thrown sowing further confusion in the enemy.

The Nod troops split in confusion, looking in panic at the new assault. While they were reacting a couple of metallic discs bounced into the doorway from outside and exploded in a bright flash. The GDI soldiers rushed forward, seeing the opportunity as the Nod fire withered they charged forward and stormed the doorway with grenades and gunfire.

"Hold your fire!" Nilson shouted as much for the GDI as his own men. "Stand down!"

"Stand easy!" an answering shout came. "Check the dead and secure the area." An officer stepped forward. "Captain Kramer, Global defence Initiative."

"Lieutenant Commander Nilson, US Navy Seals, this is Captain Carlisle of the SBS."

"Water babies huh?" Kramer smiled. "What brings you here?"

"The usual." Nilson said. "We've got charges throughout this bunker, I recommend you get clear so we can end our mission."

"No arguments here." Kramer nodded. "Alpha platoon, fall back, rejoin the company!"

the GDI troops left, keeping a watch as they went, followed by the special forces troops.

"Would you like the honour?" Carlisle said has he dropped behind a rock.

"Why thank you." Nilson grinned, taking the detonator. "These are the days when I'd do this for free."

He flicked the switch and was rewarded with a deep rumble as the different sets of C4 went off, sending a blast of hot air and brown dust out of the doorway to the complex.

"Mission complete." He said with a grin. "Damn I love blowing stuff up."

"We still better get this stuff to command." Carlisle pointed at the recovered intel. "I still want to know why those locations in Athens were marked on the map."

"We'll find out soon, the army will be moving into those sectors shortly." Nilson said.

"Hey, you guys!" Kramer said enthusiastically pointing up at the sky. "Wanna see something cool?"