Who knew?

SWISH! Nathan had shot another basket in the hoop. His green muscle shirt clung to his body with sweat. His green and black basketball shorts swayed with his movement. "Lucas pass me the ball…" He spat. Buzz cut and gorgeous round eyes. This was none other than Lucas. "Dude chill…" Lucas said snapping the ball to his half brother. He looked over and saw a girl with curly black hair . He couldn't see her eyes because she was turned around hovering over a book. She had chalk in her hand and was drawing on the basketball court on the opposite side of the 2 brothers. From where he stood it looked like a typical sunset on Tree Hill. Nathan took another shot and it made it through the hoop.

"Come on Nathan, let's just go… "

"No!" He retorted jerking the ball away from Lucas.

"Basketball isn't really a way to vent," the girl said without turning around, "try drawing… it really helps.

Lucas and Nathan looked at her, "Who are you to tell me what to do!" He asked.

"The name's Brandi… Brandi Davis. I'm here meeting my cousin Brooke." Nathan and Lucas blinked at her, "You're cousins with Brooke?" Lucas asked. She nodded but failed to turn around. "What are you drawing?" Nathan asked walking over dribbling the basket ball. "Sunset…" She said standing up looking down at her drawing. It was next to picture perfect, wonderful. "That's pretty good…" He said as Lucas walked over to take a gander himself. "That's really good." Brandi dusted off her Khaki pants and black shirt and turned to them. Her eyes were a deadly green. "Thanks," She said as she picked up the book and closed it, "You know Brooke?" She asked "Yeah," Lucas said avoiding her eyes. "What brings you here?" Said Nathan dribbling the basketball through his legs. She shrugged, "Brooke said there was a guy here who his wife just left him and now she thinks I could cheer him up. She flew flew me in from Pennsylvania. North Carolina is beutfiful…" Brandi turned to them and the were staring at eachother. "Brooke flew someone from PA to cheer me up?" "I dunno why she'd do something like that…" The brothers said back and forth.

"Well… Brookes probably waiting for me at a coffee shop down in Carolina Beach. It was nice meeting you." She smiled walking off.

I'm so sorry for the shortness you guys, I ran out of ideas and I only had 30 minutes to type… plus my Drake and Josh fic and such. And the coffee shop in Carolina Beach is Majik Beans. My mom manages it so if you ever get the chance to go, please do! You might find me there in the summer.