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"Tsuzuki-san, I would like you to travel to Sanq as a special favour to the Sanq branch of the Judgement Bureau. It appears that-"

"Nani! Sanq? No way!" Tsuzuki interrupted, holding up a hand. "I refuse to go there."

"But Tsuzuki-san, they need a guardian to look into some suspicious occurrences."

"Send someone else. I won't go."

"But you're the best. Hisoka and yourself have the best chance of solving this case."

"I said no, boss. I'm not going."

The door slammed shut behind the purple-eyed Shinigami. From behind the desk, his Boss blinked in surprise.

"I wonder what that was about?"


Hisoka glanced up from his computer screen as his partner stormed into their office and threw himself into his chair. He was broadcasting a tangled mix of emotions that the young empath couldn't begin to sort out.

"What did the boss want?"

"Doesn't matter. I refused. You can go if you like – maybe with Watari."

"Was it a job?"

"Aa, suspicious occurrences in Sanq."

"Why did you refuse?"

"I don't work in Sanq. Ne, Hisoka, want some coffee? I was going to go get some."

"No thanks, I'm fine."

Hisoka turned back to his screen, and then glanced down at the papers in his hand. They could wait; this was more important. Unravelling the mystery that was Tsuzuki was taking him some time and a lot of effort, particularly since the violet-eyed Shinigami was so intent on letting people only see the masks, never himself. However, Hisoka thought it was worth it. Ever since he had glimpsed the fragment of Tsuzuki's past, where he had been ostracised and teased by the other children.

Hisoka focused on that memory. He had already examined the surroundings, and come up with nothing. This time he concentrated on the voices. Tsuzuki probably wouldn't be back for a bit, so the green-eyed empath had a little time to himself.

He almost had it… frowning in concentration Hisoka did his best to make out what the kids were shouting. Then it hit him; it wasn't in Japanese! The accent was all wrong. He tried again, trying to make out individual syllables rather than words.

Maxwell's Demon

"Tsuzuki was afraid that he wasn't even human when he flashed me that. Demon… Akurei. Well, that sort of solves that one." Hisoka turned back to his computer screen. "Tsuzuki has worked here for around 70 years, and he died when he was 26. He was about 6 in that memory, by my reckoning. So, 90 years ago. That's back before the wars, AC 184, I think…"

Just then Hisoka heard footsteps coming down the hallway and quickly closed the search window. It wouldn't do to have Tsuzuki figure out what he was up to; his partner would only pull away from him.


Tsuzuki pushed open the door to the office, a steaming mug of coffee in his hands. His breath caught in his throat at the sight of his partner sitting at his computer, staring intently at the screen. 'How many times did I see Heero sit like that?' wondered the part of his that was Duo. Tsuzuki grimaced. He had mostly managed to forget that he had once been Duo, but every now and again the abused street rat in him raised his head. This time he suspected it had been the mission in Sanq – no, not mission! Case! Tsuzuki groaned silently. 'After all these years you'd think the military training would have no hold. Mine was tenuous as it was.'

Tsuzuki slumped his way over to his desk and rested his head on his hands, staring intently at the swirls the bubbled made on the top of his coffee.

"Are you going to drink that or did you get it for the way it looks?" Hisoka's rather monotone voice cut through the silence.

"Dammit, why do you even have to sound like Heero?" Tsuzuki muttered, too softly for Hisoka to hear.

"What was that?"

"Nothing. It's the end of the day; I'm going home."

As soon as he was out the door, Tsuzuki let Duo's instincts take over. Instead of walking down the corridor, he jumped straight up, and into the air vent above, transforming into spirit mode and passing through the wire grating. Not two seconds later, Hisoka opened the door.

"Tsuzuki!" he called. Duo held his breath, and worked on suppressing his emotions. It was something that he had learned to do around Quatre when the teenager was upset. However, he had taken care to make sure that Hisoka had no idea that he could do it. Old habits die hard, and he still always tried to keep something in reserve.

"Kurosaki-kun, is something the matter?" Tatsumi's smooth voice asked.

"Ano… have you seen Tsuzuki? He left, and just… disappeared."

"Ah. Tsuzuki can do that. He is almost impossible to find if he doesn't want to be."

"And I learn another thing about my partner."

"Did he tell you about the case in Sanq?"

"Yes, he said that he refused to go. Do you know why?"

"No, but I do know that he avoids that country, as he does the Arabian Desert and some of the colonies."

"Do you know which ones?"

"L2 and L4, as far as I remember. I don't know why he avoids them either. Our Tsuzuki-san is something of a mystery."

"You're telling me. Well, I'd better get back to what I was going. Sayonara."


Once Tatsumi's footsteps had faded and Hisoka had retreated back into the office, Duo began to move along the ventilation shaft. The journey made him feel more 'Duo-ish' than he had for months. It wasn't that he didn't like his past – there were good memories there as well as the bad ones – but he had a new life now as Tsuzuki Asato, one that he had chosen for himself.

"But maybe being Duo Maxwell again isn't such a bad thing. Especially seeing as I may have to go to Sanq. Relena is old, but she is still alive, as is Mariamaia. The other pilots, Zechs, Noin, Lady Une, they are all dead.

"Man, I better be careful, or I'll slip back into my old mode of speech too! Bet Hisoka would be shocked at that, I don't think he's ever sworn in his life." Grinning to himself, the ex pilot slipped out of the shafts into the men's bathroom two floors down. Dusting off his black coat, he swept out of the door, heading for the living quarters inside the Ministry.


Back in the office, Hisoka carried on his search.

"Maxwell… Maxwell… there's a bit on a glam rock singer called Brian Slade, aka Maxwell Demon way back in 1970 something AD, I doubt that's it. I'm looking for AC… ah! Maxwell Church! That sound more like it. It was… bombed? No survivors? Maybe not then, Tsuzuki died over a decade later. Wait, a footnote?

What is this! Gundam Pilots? Weren't they in the war? I remember something from a history class… Five pilots. Why did the Maxwell Church article send me here? Maybe there's something in the text…

Heero Yuy

Origins: Unknown. Japanese Decent. L1

Gundam: Wing, Wing Zero, Epyon

Known as Pilot 01, Yuy was the harshest of the pilots, known for giving no mercy. He self-destructed several times, and was responsible for the death of the peace leaders at the beginning of the war. Yuy was trained by a man called Dr J, who is reported as being the main force behind the creation of the Gundams. He is the only pilot who successfully mastered the Zero system.

Duo Maxwell

Origins: Unknown. American Decent. L2

Gundam: Deathscythe, Deathscythe Hell

Pilot 02, a maniacal fighter who called himself the God of Death, or Shinigami. The stealth expert amongst the pilots, he was rumoured to be an L2 streetrat and the only survivor of the Maxwell Church massacre. Maxwell disappeared after the Mariamaia coup. He was trained by Professor G, and never actually took part in Operation Meteor. According to the other pilots, he actually stole the original Deathscythe, with G's blessing.

"Shinigami! Maxwell Church Massacre! That cannot be Tsuzuki! Oh, why isn't there a picture?" Hisoka muttered, scarcely able to believe what he was reading. The young guardian opened another window and began searching for pictures of the Gundam pilots.

It didn't take him long to find a shot of five teenage boys standing with someone he recognised to be a younger Relena Peacecraft, the heir to the Sanq kingdom.

Next to Relena Peacecraft was a serious looking Japanese youth, with dark blue eyes that burned even in the photograph. He looked deadly, even wearing some black skin-tight shorts and a green tank top. However, standing next to him with an arm slung around his shoulders was someone wearing sunglasses, dressed all in black. He seemed to have a rope swinging behind him… no, it was a braid! Hisoka gasped. It was over a meter long! Not even Oriya had hair that long!

Next to the braided boy was a short blond wearing a pink shirt and a tall brunette, who had his hair in a strange style, completely covering one eye. The brunette was wearing tight white jeans and a dark sweater, seemingly the most normal of the lot, despite his odd hairstyle. Last there was an obviously Chinese man in white traditional trousers and a dark blue tank top. He had his hair scraped back into a really tight ponytail.

Either the tall brunette or the teenager with the braid could have been Duo Maxwell, Hisoka guessed. He turned back to the page before and carried on reading, trying to figure it out.

Trowa Barton/Nanashi

Origins: Unknown. Mercenary. L3

Gundam: Heavyarms

Trowa was trained by Doctor S. He was originally part of a mercenary troop, who picked him up from an extremely young age. During the war he took cover in a travelling circus, who welcomed him back once peace had been attained. He his an accomplished acrobat and also performs as a clown in his adoptive sister's knife throwing act.

Quatre Raberba Winner

Origins: Arabian, L4

Gundam: Sandrock, Wing Zero

The blond Winner heir did not follow his family's tradition of pacifism, a fact which would have got him disowned had he not been the only male heir. Once the war was over he took over the company and was very successful while running it. Winner was trained by Instructor H and his main forte was strategy. He was the pilot who built Wing Zero and the Zero System.

Chang Wufei

Origins: Chinese, Dragon Clan, L5

Gundam: Shenlong, Altron

Chang had a profound distrust of woman, perceiving them as weak, which coloured some of his responses early in the war. However, he was forced to revise his opinion, and managed to carve out a successful career as a Preventer after the wars. After the wars he grew his hair out in memory of Maxwell, who disappeared. Chang was trained by Master O, and was a scholar before the war.

"Grew his hair out… and if he's Chinese, then its already longer than the tall guy's, so the one with the braid must be Maxwell. Huh, he's got glasses on. If he really is Tsuzuki, then his eyes will be purple. I need better descriptions…"

Searching again, Hisoka finally managed to pull out the information he wanted. What he saw made his eyes widen in shock.

Duo Maxwell


Gundam Pilot

Mobile Suit: Deathscythe

Age: 15

Origin: L2 Colony

Ethnic Origin: American

Height: 156cm

Weight: 43kg

Eye Colour: Purple / Cobalt Blue

Hair Colour: Brown