Chapter 1: You give me fever

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A/N: Written in 2005 by a very lonely virginal girl who's now a grown up and looks back fondly on her first foray into creative writing, however after reading the many reviews said girl/lady has decided to go back and attempt to fix mistakes and clean up the writing. Also this lady/girl would like to thank all the readers and reviewers who over the years have given her intermittent and much needed confidence boosts! Enjoy x


Hippogriff Fever Strikes!

Readers, the Daily Prophet is shocked and dismayed to announce the arrival of a new wizarding virus which has befallen our world: Hippogriff fever! The virus which is carried by the beasts has now been passed on to human handlers and has spread like Kneezle pox throughout our community. The Daily Prophet can say that although highly uncomfortable and painful the virus is not a fatal one; it is also believed that once the virus is contracted and has played its 3 month (aprox) course the victim can not be re-infected. We the Daily Prophet have taken a stand against the Ministry and are demanding they find and issue a vaccination to all of the wizarding community before it brings us to a three month halt.

Hermione closed the newspaper silently and rubbed the bridge of her nose; she had survived Hogwarts, a war, most of puberty and the death of her parents in the past 7 years and now she was being faced with the vilest virus ever. Dark wizards had taken their toll and now it was natures turn.

She was brought out of her reveries suddenly by the door opening, Mrs Weasley had returned to the burrow with George. Hermione sighed and walked to the hall to greet her, she had been waiting in the burrow for over an hour, Mrs Weasley had left her a note telling her that she had had to take George to a doctor's appointment. Hermione was shocked when she walked in the hall to find Mrs Weasley with a bubble head charm on and her son leaning against the wall limply, his face was red and clammy and his eyes kept rolling in his head.

"Is George Drunk…" Hermione did not get to finish her sentence; Mrs Weasley had not had time to warn her, George had lunged straight at Hermione kissing her in a sweaty yet passionate manner. Hermione was shocked and had not moved, she had stood there rigidly as his burning lips had pushed into her mouth, shaped in a surprised "o". She only pushed him off when she heard a distant Mrs Weasley say: "Get off of her George you delirious fool!" then George chimed in with: "but mum I'm in love with 'Mione, and I had to let her know, I mean When can a man kiss his girl if he cant kiss her when he's got the fever!" he laughed and tripped slumping against the wall with a quiet yet surprised "oof!"

Mrs Weasley left Hermione while she dragged George up the rickety stairs into his room and locked the door behind him. When she had returned she still had the bubble head charm on. Hermione was quick to notice this but before she could ask anything Mrs Weasley stopped her by saying:

"Hermione Dear, I am so sorry. George contracted Hippogriff fever, something to do with a produce supplier for the joke shop… when he…hem hem… kissed you he more than likely gave it to you." Molly finished with a truly apologetic expression. She continued at Hermione's silence… "Now the medi-wizards at St Mungos gave me these strips to test all of you. If you could just stick your tongue out for me, we'll test you now, before the others return… just in case."

Hermione obliged by sticking her tongue out and letting Mrs Weasley place the white strip on it. Seconds later, bright red sparks were shooting out of Hermione's mouth, making her look like an angry dragon.

"I am so sorry dear, I am afraid your going to have to go up to the third floor turret for quarantine and treatment… Oh gosh I suppose I could put you in another room." She pondered for a few seconds before shaking her head solemnly. "Hermione I know you're not going to like this very much… there's no other way about it I'm afraid… you're going to have to be isolated with George. I am sorry there is no where else to put you… and I wouldn't dream of sending you back home all alone, in fact that would be forbidden. I need you here where I can look after you and make sure you get well dear!"

Mrs Weasley stopped talking and looked Hermione straight in the eye. "In fact Hermione, Arthur and I would really like you to continue to live here once you're better. Now I know that we can never replace your own parents but perhaps you could come to look on us as guardians of some sort… we do care for you, and I know that in the past I have made some rash decisions in regards to you and Harry's relationship. At the end of the day Hermione I know you're 18 and may feel too old to be adopted, it's just that we all love you dearly and we all want to protect you and It would be so much easier if you were here. Just consider it dear, I shan't badger you." She finished, her eyes welled up with tears and as the bubble head prevented her from reaching her eyes she let the tears flow.

Hermione smiled, she had been expecting this conversation and was actually hoping it would happen sooner rather later, she spent so much time at the burrow as it was, that she couldn't refuse Mrs Weasley's kind offer. She knew that while Ginny was at school she could have her room and so she agreed and accepted the kind offer with a simple yet sincere; "Thank you!" She smiled at the old woman who would help fill the void in her soul that her own mother's death had left.

Hermione walked up to the third floor, Mrs Weasley in tow and waited for the woman to unlock the door. When she did, Hermione sighed a defeated woman's sigh and walked in expecting George to ambush her again, but was surprised to find him out cold on his bed, his skin red and wet with fever. This is what she had to look forward to. Mrs Weasley whispered:

"I've taken his wand off of him Hermione but I'll let you keep yours, I know he can be a bit boisterous and so I give you full permission to put him in his place when necessary.

Hermione noticed how sterile the twin's old room had become, last time she had been in here the whole place looked brown. It was obvious that Mrs Weasley had cleaned the room for the purposes of a hospital ward, with a flick of her wand; she removed the blue bed covers and replaced them with fresh linen in a light shade of pink:

"Your favourite bed clothes dear. Now just sit tight and I'll bring your things to you and…" she flicked her wand and conjured a large white curtain between George and Hermione's beds: "a little privacy."

Mrs Weasley left Hermione to grow accustomed to her new home for the next three months; she would have to put her life on hold for a quarter of the year. She sighed and slumped onto the bed. It hadn't really sunk in properly but Hermione knew that in only a few hours she may have killed her best friend's big brother. Oh well.

Mrs Weasley returned with a pile of Hermione's pyjamas and some clothes, a pile of fresh towels, a toothbrush, some feminine products and to Hermione's delight a large pile of books and magazines.

"Now dear; there is an en-suit bathroom to your left and on your right is a wardrobe, Fred usually uses it but I have shifted his cloths down to Ginny's room, for now." She indicated both much like an air hostess: " Now I wont be able to come in that often, the bubble head only works to a certain degree and it's not healthy to do it too many times or for too long. Plus I won't want to carry the germs out of the room with me. But I'll floo and summon food and fresh clothes up to you. If you need anything washed just floo it down to the kitchen, and don't hesitate to ask for anything, just stick a note in the floo and it'll go to whoever it is intended for in the house. Also could you decontaminate things before you send them down? Do you know the Decontamination charm?" Mrs Weasley's reply was the look on Hermione's face: "of course you do dear." Well better get changed and straight to bed.

Hermione sat hours later still not changed into her night clothes and still not sleeping, she could feel the fever starting to run over her body and it terrified her. She decided the best thing for it would be to do as Mrs Weasley asked, so she pulled the curtain shut and started to change into the pretty night shorts and vest Ginny had bought for her 18th birthday.

A certain twin lay in his bead with one eye open watching the shadow of the naked girl move as she pulled on the skimpy bed clothes. He smiled deliriously then fell back into his coma the only clear image in his head was Hermione.