Chapter 14: Wake Up Call!


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Hermione yawned and stretched but found the directional path of her foot cut short by an opposing limb. That limb however did not belong to her, she was quite sure of that. She nudged the obstacle again as her sleep drenched brain tried to compute what exactly was going on. She gave the blockage a final sharper tap which could be better described as a kick.

"Ow, that hurt….. Stop kicking me!" A sleepy voice that sounded how she felt ended her limb warfare. She remembered suddenly, and a jolt of shock, surprise and pain made her sit up very suddenly. Her whole body ached from the strain of the previous day, she had been trapped in a burning building, she had almost fallen off the side of a burning building, flown on a broom through a burning building, saved her friends before passing on a virus to them all, moved into a new house with her new family and most importantly her new "BOYFRIEND", discussed marriage and children and then the cherry on the cake… excuse the pun… she'd had sex, proper intercourse for the first time with a man she loved! She wanted to vomit, her head was spinning as all the emotions that adrenalin had undermined the previous day tried to register in her brain.

George lay very still suppressing the grin that he had tried not to crack all morning, fearing that the slight movement of his face would wake the girl sleeping in his arms. He saw Hermione pull her legs to her chest, a look of utter bewilderment on her face. His heart sank a little, had she changed her mind already?

"Hermione…" he placed his hand on the bare base of her back, her spine tensed slightly… "Are you ok?" he asked gently, scared of her reply.

She took a large gulp of breath and let it all spill out, very quickly and with little pause for breath:

"I'm fine… It's just so much to take in… and well there's just so much to do, I mean this is the first time my brains felt fully clear since I got sick and…. It's just when we were Ill a lot of stuff didn't go through my brain, I just acted on impulse… only all the thought processes that didn't get analysed and thought through completely well they stored up…. And now they're all hitting me, and I'm making lists George… Huge lists, of all the things we've got to do, we've got to keep this house going. Feed everyone, make sure they're all healthy and stuff!" She stopped suddenly and let her back relax, looking defeated.

George looked at her, the elation he had felt on minutes before drained from him, He looked at her sadly and shifted his hand slightly up her back in a comforting way:

"Do you think what happened was a mistake? Did I do something wrong? You know that I love you right?" the unsure nature of his voice and the way he seemed so timid made tears well up in Hermiones eyes, she turned to reply to him a gentle smile on her worried face "it was no mistake."