Torrence stared out the window. She turned when she felt another presence gathered into her room. The woman was old, with long salt-and-pepper hair, her eyes a bottomless pit of black. The woman took a step towards her. Torrence lowered her head in respect.

"Hello, Hekate. What do I owe the pleasure of your presence?" Tor laughed as she sounded so formal with the goddess.

Hekate smiled softly back at her. "Tiberius and Robert are wrong. I thought that maybe you should know that."

"Wrong about what?" Torrence asked, confused now by the goddess' straight-to-the-point attitude.

"Him being your guardian. Think about it dear. In your dreams, which side does the guardian come from?"

"The light…" She answered meekly.

"Robert is from the shadows. No matter how great he is, my son is from the shadows."

"Then…Then he can't be my guardian. He's just…The Guardian." Torrence looked at Hekate. What did this all mean for her and the future?

"You have a huge destiny to accomplish. This was only your first test. Many more are sure to come, many more you need to stand against. I'm afraid, however, that you will not succeed until you find your guardian. You are a mixture of the light and shadows, like your brother. The Atrox and Infidi will try and persuade you to their sides. Only you can choose where to stay."

"My brother, why does he not have to have a guardian?"

"Christopher, though mixed, has lived in the light. The shadows can't touch him. You are not sure where you stand. And every battle you fight will make you question yourself more and more. You are, after all, the daughter of Stanton."

"What about me and Robert? Is there a future for us?"

"My son misread what I told him. Maybe he's your soul mate, maybe not. Think about this. What if your soul mate was a woman? That doesn't mean you like women. It just means that there will always be someone there to help you out, someone you can rely on to love you.

"A colleague of mine, Anubis, his children have predetermined soul mates, but they have found others they love and want to be with. Soul mates are not just someone you're supposed to be with forever."

She smiled again before disappearing. In her mind, she heard Be safe, Princess Dea.

Torrence glanced over at her sleeping puppy. "You think these is another guy for me, Phobos?" His furry ears perked up at the sound of his name being whispered.

Well, that's it for Visions of Ice. . The next PD story will be about Blaze, but before that, I have a side story to put up about Ariel and the other Pandora Girls, that will answer a lot of questions about Chosen One. I hope you all enjoyed Torrie's story. Don't worry, she'll be back soon. After all, she has to find the other Gods of Night and her guardian.