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Hello. My name is Mr. Stoppable, and welcome to my humble home. My wife is working late tonight, and my son is out with a friend, so we won't have any interruptions. Ronald is my one and only son. My wife and I never had any plans to have any children, but then Ron came. I won't say I was disappointed; Ron is a good young man. He came up with his own motto: "never be normal". And he lives up to it with enthusiasm.

Ronald may not be the most popular guy at his high school, but only a blind man wouldn't notice him there. He has had popularity a few times. Once when he got a new haircut and new clothes to go with it. Another time, he used some sort of molecular muscle enhancer so that he'd feel like a man (he, thankfully, learned that muscles do not make a man). There were also a few other times, but I'd rather focus on how Ron normally acts.

Ronald is a very kindhearted young man. He's always thinking about ways to help his friends. He treats everyone nicely, even that Rockwaller kid. She always teases him, but he doesn't let it get to him. He doesn't care what other people think, which isn't always a good thing. Because he ignores what some people say, he won't try self-improvement. I guess that's not too bad, considering that fact that usually when he does self-improvement, it ends in disaster.

Ronald is also the inventor of the "naco". It is immensely popular. Bueno Nacho gave him a very wealthy royalty's check for all the money that was made off his idea. It was for 99 million dollars! I was very upset that he wasted all the money and got it stolen. The next time one of those checks comes in, I'll tell him to invest it.

Now I think I'll tell you about Ronald's friends. His best friend is a girl named "Kimberly". He met her on his first day of preschool, and they've been inseparable ever since. They've been through a lot together. Ronald helps Kimberly on her missions. They fight some frightening characters, like that fellow Dr. Drakken and his cohort (what was her name?) Shego. It turns out that Drakken used to be a friend of Kimberly's father, but now I'm getting off track. Ronald hasn't had many friends, and none of them has stuck with him as long as Kim has. She's always there for him; she'll stand up for him, even if he won't.

Ron may not have a lot of friends, but I've always said, "If you have one good friend in your life, you're doing really well."

Ronald has another friend named "Felix". He's a nice young man in a wheelchair. But that doesn't slow the boy down at all. Felix is very good at basketball and videogames. I think he likes being Ron's friend because Ronald has found a way to look past the fact that he's in that wheelchair. Felix has also been helping Ronald do better in school.

I'm sure you're wondering if Kimberly is just Ron's best friend, or if she means something more to him. Recently, I've seen her treat him differently. It's the same way my wife treated me (before we even started dating) when she wanted me to ask her out. I think Ronald has begun to notice it. He gets very nervous whenever I ask him about it. He's constantly murmuring something about "black holes". I don't understand what he means, but I think he's very apprehensive about his relationship with Kimberly.

I've talked with Kimberly's parents and they think that Kim and Ron are made for each other. Kim's mother is especially excited about the thought. I believe Ronald is beginning to get more comfortable with the idea of dating Kimberly. He asked her to come with him to his cousin Ruben's wedding. I was very surprised (pleasantly, of course). I hope nothing comes between those two. They share a bond that some married couples don't even have. And "Kimberly Anne Stoppable" does have a nice ring to it.

Okay, I'll be doing Shego, Mr. Dr. Possible, the tweebs, and Mrs. Stoppable after I see Kim Possible: So the Drama. I hope you liked this one.