Ravager sat in his room, putting the finishing touches on some devices. He wasn't going to let one setback keep him from doing the job. This time he had a plan, a plan that would allow him to take care of all the Titans at his own pace and nothing was going to get in his way this time, nothing would be left up to chance.

The Titans patrolled the city in the T-Car, trying to find Ravager, but he had not done anything that would have caught their attention since the previous day when he had tried to attack them. As well the strange incidents involving their mysterious speedster had also calmed down a bit, though they had not stopped entirely.

Cyborg pulled the T-Car over as they approached the Jump City First National Bank; the police had set up a perimeter around the building.

"What's going on officer?" Robin asked the nearest police officer.

"There's a hostage situation. Some costumed nut with a gun came in here and took people hostage. He's been asking for the Titans, saying that if anyone else comes in, he'd kill the hostages." The officer said bitterly.

"We don't have a choice… Let's go Titans." Robin motioned for the team to follow him in.

"What? Dude, shouldn't we a plan or something?" BB protested.

"We'll have to wing it." Terra said rushing along.

They entered the building; the people were huddled in a corner, cowering for their lives and Ravager stood over by the counters, a soupped-up shotgun in one hand, a device that resembled a detonator in the other.

"Welcome, Titans. I was hoping you'd get here earlier, but I suppose it couldn't be helped." Ravager said.

"You're the guy from the other day!" Robin exclaimed.

"How astute of you, boy wonder and they say Batman is the master detective." Ravager replied his voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Who are you and what do you want?" Cyborg demanded, his sonic cannon aimed right at the villain.

"I am Ravager and I've been hired to kill you." He said simply.

"Well you have us, you can let the hostages go." Raven said.

"And lose my only bargaining chip in this situation? I don't think so, besides they are the least of your worries." Ravager pressed the button on the detonator.

The building rumbled and distant thunder could be heard for a brief moment. Raven glanced at Terra.

"Hey! I told you to stop looking at me every time there was an earthquake. It wasn't me!" She said indignantly.

"What did you do?" Starfire demanded.

"I set off two explosions on either side of the city. I imagine that fires have started and are spreading fast. That's… what? Hundreds, maybe thousands of people whose lives are in peril? As 'heroes' its your jobs to save them, isn't it?" Ravager laughed. His body flickered and became transparent. A little box at his feet was projecting a three dimensional image of him. "One other thing… I'm not really here and you have exactly one minute to disarm this bomb otherwise… well 'boom'. Have a nice day Titans, I'll see you around."

The image disappeared and Robin dashed over to the device, beginning to examine it.

"Cyborg, you, Terra and Beast Boy take the west side of the city; do what you can about the fire and save the citizens. Raven, you and Starfire take the east side. I'll take care of this. Get these people out of here!" Robin barked.

"But…" Starfire began to protest.

"GO!" Robin retorted.

The rest of the Titans herded the former hostages out of the bank and then split up towards their separate missions, leaving Robin to deal with the bomb. He took one of the various tools out of he belt and opened the device. He looked at the various wires in it, pulled out a small pair of wire clippers and prepared to cut a wire.

"I've only got one shot at this." He murmured.


On the west side of town, Cyborg, Terra and Beast Boy had just begun to combat the flames. The sun had begun to set, so the fire lit up the sky in hues of orange and red. Terra had caused slight earthquakes around fire hydrants to make them burst, spewing cold water everywhere in order to help douse the flames. She then used her powers to help evacuate the citizens along with Cyborg. Beast Boy turned into an elephant and used his long trunk to suck up water and spray it at the flames.

It looked like it was going well, when suddenly a car exploded, sending Terra flying, knocking her unconscious when she hit the ground. Cyborg charged forward towards her to check on her, but never made it as a large metal spike flew out of the flames and skewered him through his electronic eye. Sparks flew and the blue parts of his electronic body turned gray as he shut-down.

"Terra! Cy!" Beast Boy cried out, reverting to his human form and dashing towards them.

He stopped short as the smoke atop the smoldering, flaming heap that used to be automotive vehicles began to clear. Ravager stood atop them, a hunting rifle aimed straight at Beast Boy.

"I love hunting season, don't you?" He laughed.

The gun fired with an explosive bang.


Some time later, on the other side of the City, Starfire and Raven had helped evacuate many people and had been able to contain the fire, however, they were concerned about the others, as they had not heard from them. As they helped another group of citizens, Raven using her powers to transport them down and Starfire carried them down thanks to her great strength. Starfire was about to go back up when she spotted something on the roof.

"It is the Ravager!" She exclaimed angrily before flying off after him.

"Starfire, wait!" Raven cried out.

She hesitated a brief moment, making sure that the firefighters could handle it, before taking off after Starfire. Above the roof, Starfire looked down on Ravager; it did not appear as though he had noticed her yet. Her hands glowed green as she charged up her starbolts. Then she let loose an unrelenting barrage of starbolts; the energy projectiles flew threw the air, unerringly at Ravager and then passed right through him, striking the wall adjacent to the building. The image of Ravager flickered and vanished; Starfire gasped realizing it was a trap. She didn't have time to react as bolts of energy lanced out to strike her. She convulsed as the energy danced over her body and cried out in pain. The energy blast stopped and she fell to the roof, hard. Ravager stepped from the shadows, discarded his energy blaster and walked towards the fallen Starfire, a handgun drawn. Starfire struggled to rise.

"You… will… not get… away with… this." She gasped, her eyelids fluttering.

"My dear girl, I already have." Ravager chuckled.

"Get away from her!" Raven yelled. "Azarath, Metrion…"

Ravager turned and threw a small silver ball at Raven. It exploded in bright light.

"AHHHH! Can't see!" Raven exclaimed.

The ball uncoiled as the light blared and it became a plethora of cables came out and wrapped her up, keeping her from moving. She tumbled from the sky, landing on the roof. Raven fell unconscious.

"Now… where were we?" Ravager asked rhetorically, aiming his gun at Starfire's head.

A boomerang whirled out of the darkness and struck Ravager's hand, forcing him to drop the gun. He looked up and saw Robin standing near the edge of the roof.

"These constant interruptions are starting to get annoying." Ravager growled. "Robin, glad to see you could disarm the bomb. Now I'll have the pleasure of killing you myself."

"Get away from her!" Robin said, hurtling two more boomerangs at him.

Ravager whipped out a dagger and slashed at the air, blocking the two boomerangs.

"You 'heroes' and your toys. Really, if you're going to use a projectile weapon, use a gun."

"Guns are for cowards and the weak." Robin retorted.

"Are they now? Why don't we put away the toys and see who's the weak one?" Ravager said as he put away his dagger.

Robin snarled and charged and Ravager met him at about the middle of the distance that had been between them. Robin started with a flying kick, which Ravager grabbed and, using Robin's momentum, tossed him behind him. Robin recovered and attacked again, but it was obvious from the outset that Ravager had a distinct advantage as he broke Robin's guard twice and decked him. Ravager had greater reach, greater power, greater experience and greater technique than the boy wonder; Robin was losing. Robin also noticed, as he was getting pummeled, that Ravager's combat technique was disturbingly similar to Slade's. However, he did not have a chance to ponder what this might mean as Ravager broke his guard once again, kicked him with a solid blow to the solar plexus and sent him crashing to the ground.

"Looks like I win, brat wonder." He said as he pulled out his large shotgun. "Now, shall we find out if your mask is bullet-proof?"

The gun barrel was several inches away from Robin's face. Robin closed his eyes; there was nothing he could do but wait for the end. A thunderous bang sounded, but Robin did not die. He cautiously opened his eyes and was surprised at what he saw. The bullet was smoking, but held between the thumb and forefinger of a red-gloved hand. The bullet dropped.

"Isn't this overkill?" A youthful sounding voice asked. "I mean you're using a nitro express cartridge with a velocity of two thousand F.P.S. and a striking energy of four tons."

Ravager took a step back and suddenly the shotgun in his hands literally went to pieces.

"Who are you?" Ravager demanded.

The slender youth in the red and white costume smiled in a cocky manner.

"The name's Impulse." He said.

Author Notes: And Impulse makes his entrance, but what about the rest of the Titans? Find out on the next exciting chapter of Terminal Velocity.

Fast Facts: The second Flash was Barry Alen, perhaps the most famous of the Flash legacy. He was doused with lightning struck chemicals from a cabinet as he worked late one night as a police scientist. These chemicals and lightning gave him super-speed. Inspired by Jay Garrick, he took on the name Flash and soon became a celebrated hero and founder of the Justice League of America. After years of crime fighting he married his sweetheart Iris West. After a few years of marital bliss, tragedy struck as the villain, Professor Zoom, killed Iris. Barry fell in love again some time later and almost married Fiona Webb, but Zoom tried to kill this fiancée again. Barry stopped him, but in the process killed Zoom by breaking his neck. Barry went on trial for murder and was eventually acquitted of the crime. Afterwards he was reunited with Iris who had been reborn in the 30th century (don't ask, it's a long story). Barry joined her in that time period and essentially retired from heroics. Barry was wrenched from retirement when the Crisis on Infinite Earths started and he sacrificed himself to save the entire multivers by single-handedly destroying the Anti-Monitor's Anti-Matter cannon. Barry had broken all speed limits and had become one with the Speed Force, or so it is supposed (there are many other stories where Barry makes an appearance). Barry is the father of the Tornado Twins, Dawn and Don Allen and the grandfather of Bartholomew Allen (Impulse/Kid Flash).