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Chapter 1: Thoughts of the past. Actions of the present.

Forty-six hours is a long time to wait.

The two were cramped up in the back of the tiny cargo hold of the fighter headed for Pleroma. The eldest looking one stood with his back against the wall with arms crossed and eyes closed. The younger looking one sat on the floor in the same way with one leg bent and the other lying on the deck. Only his head was leaned back and eyes open with an expression of boredom written on his face. They couldn't talk or else the two U-TIC soldiers piloting the craft would hear them, even in the back. The elder one didn't mind this but the younger one did. He had nothing to do no music to listen to, no books to read and he couldn't talk.

46 hours is a long time to wait indeed.

Daemar sighed inwardly and looked around the tiny hold. There wasn't much to it, just boxes of supplies stacked high enough to hide them both from sight. He sighed again this time audibly and received a light tap from his partners' metallic foot. Daemar looked up at the blonde man's face and saw him shake his head and motion for him to keep quiet. Daemar could have screamed in frustration if he wanted to be found out, so he simply nodded and kept quiet. So with this new quiet he decided to think, it was all he could do.

Daemar wasn't born in the time just as his real name wasn't Daemar, he thought back to his own time. He was born on June 22nd, 2025 on Earth, in what might be now considered dark ages. He'd always been full of energy and he put it to good use by joining the military, once he got out of boot camp he was scouted out by a special forces agent and joined the US special ops force. In the year 2042 World War III broke out and the USSO force was called into action. That same year Daemar was injured and written off as dead, because of that he was used in an experiment to create the ultimate solider. He was made into one of the first true combat cyborgs to be used on the battlefield.

Unfortunately going from human to cyborg without being asked or even told about it didn't sit well with him, but because a portion of his brain was replaced with a computer he could be made to obey orders weither he liked it or not. For the next year he fought in the largest war known to man, unlike WWI and II, the entire world was literally at war. No country was safe, not even Antarctica. During the course of that year Daemar's mental state became more and more unbalanced until one day he could no longer tell the difference between friend and foe. That's when he starting to kill on both sides, anyone who stood in his path was cut down. At this Daemar frowned a little, he never liked that memory. Who would?

Soon after he stopped obeying the forced commands and began to kill anything that moved, including non-combatants. Because of his cybernetic enhancements, killing him would be nearly impossible. Destroying him would require a nuke at the very least and if any one country launched, the whole world would follow suit. So several Special Forces units were sent to stop him, and through a combination of heavy tranquilizers and EMP weapons Daemar was brought down alive. For the safety of all mankind he was stored in a cold sleep pod, which was in turn put into one of the first long range space shuttles and shot into space. The ship was aimed at a distant star, which is known now as Milita.

Of course Daemar wasn't aware of any of this, his last memory was that of being brought down by no less than twenty armed men. The next memory he had was being woken up in the hospital ward of a massive ship called the Dammurung, and that his body had been altered again. From what he was told cybernetic technology was far outdated, but compared to his very old body it was top of the line. His body's old cybernetic parts had been replaced with what was now called the P.C.S. or Personal Combat System. It was a new type of combat suit that was being tested to combat the Gnosis but when stacked up to an A.G.W.S. it failed miserably. But for Daemar it was far better than his old cyborg parts.

His mind had also been restored to its former state, the computer circuitry replaced with top of the line parts, minus the forced command override. He was told that it was almost a miracle that his brain wasn't destroyed from staying in cold sleep for so long, the lack of stimuli played a part in it. Daemar shook his head and smiled a little, it was a miracle there was no telling what kind of person he'd have been if he lost his memories. He'd been found in the rubble of a building on Milita fourteen years ago, his barely functioning cold sleep pod was part of a special "collection" that belonged to a crazy old man who'd died in his sleep when the part of the building he was in exploded during the fighting. Daemar's pod was locked away downstairs and was found by Vector soldiers who were trying to evacuate any civilians they could. The pod itself was badly damaged and partly open with Daemar laying half out of it and awake. Fortunately he was so disoriented that it was a simple task to take him back to the Dammurung. It took nearly four years to rebuild him. Instead of rushing headlong into the first ship he could find to go back to Earth, he took time to study the history he missed out on, after all if Earth had been around for more than 2000 years since he left then it could wait a little longer.

So for the next five years he did his own exploring, learning what had changed and what hadn't. So in T.C. 4762 Daemar became a freelance mercenary after returning to Vector to receive weapons upgrades. Daemar paused in thought for a moment and then nodded to himself. He'd met his partner three years ago; they'd both been on a mission for different employers. It was a simple recon job and they'd decided to work together since it was a matter of gathering information. Once they'd both seen how well they worked together they teamed up as partners. Over the next three years they did most of their jobs together though now and then they did solo jobs.

Daemar stopped his line of thought there; it had been three years ago today that they met and it had been a bit of a strange relationship that they shared. His partner was older physically, had less cybernetic parts and longed to forget his human side. Where as Daemar was younger (though technically he's thousands of years older) had more cybernetic parts and tried his hardest not to forget his human side. He blinked as he felt the ship slow; they must have been getting closer to Pleroma. He stood up next to his partner and once the small ship docked they both switched on their stealth suits and moved out of the ship into the dock silently.

From there it was a simple matter of strolling to the cells and recovering the 100 series Realian. Daemar reached out to tap his partners' shoulder to catch his attention and divert it to the Mercurio A.W.G.S. Even for a pair of cyborgs, it would be a tough battle if it came to that and at least one of them wouldn't make it out alive. Daemar waited until his partner had planted the explosives before they moved on, and then the worst possible thing happened.

Daemar looked over in time to see his partners' stealth suit fail. "Z? What's wrong?" He whispered. Ziggurat 8 was tapping the small control panel on his arm and looked back at his still invisible partner. "Damn...a malfunction. We'll have to do this the old fashioned way." Daemar taped the controls to his own stealth suit and became visible. The form reviled was that of a young man in his early twenties standing a little shorter than Ziggurat 8. The young man had dark brown hair held back in a loose tail, matching dark brown eyes and tan skin. It was obvious that he was a cyborg, both of his arms appeared to be a part of some metallic blue combat armor, but after a moment a hologram flickered to life over them and made them look and feel like real flesh. His clothing wasn't exactly the latest fashion either, a simple white shirt tucked into black jeans that were tucked into knee high leather boots. A matching black leather jacket hung opened and the sleeves were rolled up to the elbows, it was the type of clothing that people wore in the twenty first century. And more accurately it was his favorite outfit.

Even by Ziggurat 8's standards Daemar was unusual, he didn't act like the people of this time and when he spoke to him, the younger man almost never called him Ziggurat 8. Usually it was something like "big Z" or just "Z" The young man was very strange indeed, but he was strong and that's all that mattered. With ease the two cyborgs moved across the tile floor and slipped passed the soldiers without raising any alarm. Across the small bridge over the chapel and passed a Mercurio A, and on to the cells. They both peeked around the corner to look, it was pretty obvious that out of three cells the only one with guards held the Realian. On the count of three, they both rushed the guards and took them down with no trouble.

Ziggurat 8 peered into the cell and spoke to the Realian, Daemar couldn't see her but heard a voice that belonged to a child. While Daemar kept his eyes open for anymore guards, Ziggurat 8 spoke to the Realian, and a few moments later spoke to Daemar. "We can't force the door open or it'll trigger the alarm, there should be a master key around here somewhere. I'll go look for it, you stay here." He said. "Got it Z." Daemar replied as he switched on his stealth suit. He could only wait while Z went to find the key, he didn't try to speak to the little Realian, not that he was rude he just didn't want to be heard if any guards came.

Finally Ziggurat 8 returned and opened the door and entered with Daemar behind. Peeking around the taller cyborg, Daemar got his first look at their objective. She was a cute little girl with red hair and yellow eyes, the clothing she wore could have been, in Daemar's opinion, a school uniform for girls in this day and age. He smiled at her and spoke aloud after Ziggurat 8 confirmed that she was their objective. "Wow, I didn't think I'd be rescuing such a cutie!" Before anyone could say anything the alarm went off, Daemar spun around and saw that a guard had triggered a remote alarm.

They all ran quickly after the girl gave her name and ducked into a monitoring room where a round of introductions was made. "Who are you?" MOMO asked. "I am Ziggurat 8 and this is my partner Daemar." Ziggurat said.

"Are you combat realians?"

"No, ex-humans."

"Hey, speak for yourself Z, I never died! Oh wait... I did…at least…I think…..." Daemar said feeling a little puzzled.

"Ex-human?" she asked.

"Yes, we're cyborgs." Ziggurat said.

MOMO smiled a little bit as she looked at the two crouched cyborgs. "I like your name Daemar but your name sounds like a model number." She had turned back to Ziggurat and tilted her head to one side then suddenly brightened as she got an idea. "I know! Let's call you Ziggy, Z-I-G-G-Y, it's short for Ziggurat. What do you think? Does it sound like a puppy's name?" Ziggy reeled back for a moment and Daemar reached out a hand to steady him. "Hey Z, you ok?"

"I'm fine" he replied then stood up again. "Call me whatever you want." "Okay, then Ziggy it is!" MOMO said happily. Daemar frowned slightly, he wished he could be happy at a moment's notice as MOMO seemed to be. He shook his head and looked at them. "I think it's time we left." Ziggy nodded. "Your right, we can't stay here long." He peered over the edge of the glass and then looked back. "They're gone, let's go!" The small group stood and ran down the hall to a hatch in the floor with a ladder. At this point Daemar looked back and frowned then he turned to Ziggy. "You keep going, get to the docks, I'll find another way out of here." Ziggy didn't look surprised at this. "Are you sure? Fighting alone can be dangerous..." "Don't worry about me old man," Daemar said as he waved his hand. "I've been fighting on my own for a long time, I'll get to the dock so don't worry about me. Get her out of here safely, that's your concern. I'm planing on going back and causing some trouble."

MOMO stared at him with her head tilted to one side. "But how?" He grinned and tapped his left forearm, abruptly he disappeared though his voice could still be heard. "I still have my stealth suit, now get going you two!" With that he started off as they climbed down the ladder, now he began to worry as he ran as quickly and quietly as he could down the halls. Staying out of the way of guards and cyber crabs as well as he could. How exactly was he going to get out? The ship they had found and planed on using to escape was only large enough for two people and he very well couldn't sit in Ziggy's lap. He stopped his line of thought as he reached the bridge over the chapel. On the other side were a number of guards and a Mercurio A.W.G.S.

He'd have to move very carefully if he was to sneak past them, fighting wasn't much of an option. True he could take on the guards by himself no problem. It was the A.W.G.S. that had him worried, even though it was carrying a sword there wasn't enough room for him to move around without getting hit. He didn't have long to worry, a small arc of electricity shot from his left forearm to shoulder. A few smaller bolts moved from wrist to arm and the stealth suit failed, as did Ziggy's. He looked at his arm, then at the guards who in turn stared back at him. For a few moments no one said anything, the sound of an explosion from behind the guards broke the silence, causing them to whip around. That's when Daemar took his chance.

He rushed forward, clearly intent on rushing past the guards. As he did his entire body was suddenly covered in light and flashed brightly for an instant. The guards looked back at the flash and saw instead of a young man running towards them, they saw a humanoid figure clad in a type of blue combat armor with glowing yellow eyes. The figure roared in a metallic voice as it rushed the guards, at this point the A.W.G.S. raised its sword and brought it down hard. And it missed. Daemar shoulder tackled the first guard, knocking him down and kept running, the guard in question had a moment to scream as the sword from the A.W.G.S. came down on him. The blow was so strong that it actually crushed the man rather than cut him in two. The remaining guards were so bewildered by this that they didn't bother to fire as the battle armor clad Daemar rushed out toward the docks.

At first MOMO was scared of the blue metallic figure that rushed out of the flames toward them. When she yelled out to Ziggy, he looked at the source of her distress and smiled slightly. "It's alright MOMO, that's Daemar. He has a P.C.S. that's all." And true to his word, as he drew closer the blue armor clad Daemar changed back to normal and jumped onto the ship. After a moment, he picked up MOMO, sat in her place and planted her in his lap. She looked back and smiled for a moment, now it was easier for her to reach the controls. Ziggy looked back at them as MOMO closed the cockpit and tore the shuttle out of Plemora. "What took you so long?" He asked.

Daemar blinked and scratched the back of his head. "Um...scenic route?"

End of Chapter 1

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