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Chapter 12: Second chances

"Am I dead?" Daemar asked, feeling, rather than hearing his voice echo in the darkness.

"No, not quite yet."

Daemar felt himself turn to face his robed and hooded self; he was back in that strange dream-like place that always came from Encephalon diving. But why had it appeared now? His inner self nodded inside his hood and spoke.

"This place isn't attached to an Encephalon, it's more of a doorway in your mind, if you will. It's where you resided during your original voyage to Militia."

Daemar shook his head slightly and raised his right hand to touch his brow, but blinked when he realized that nothing was there.

"What the-?"

This place is a part of you mind, you project yourself here as you are in the waking world. So, right now you have a hole in your chest and your am is gone." His other self said in a matter-of-factly tone and gestured to a table with chairs that had just appeared. Daemar moved to sit, feeling slightly uncomfortable at the fact that he was so grievously injured, but reminded himself that his inner self wasn't whole either. He reached his left hand over to touch the damaged shoulder socket.

"So, I'm not dead…but I will be?"

His other self shrugged. "All things die, although, I think that with enough regular maintenance, you'll live for as long as you want." He raised a gloved hand to forestall Daemar's words. Right now, your body is onboard the Dammurung undergoing major repair."

The young cyborg frowned. "How can you know that? You're locked inside my head…how can you know what's going on in the waking world when I don't?" He asked.

"Like I said before, it is a doorway that can lead to an Encephalon. And since Encephalons are connected to the U.M.N., I can tap into it. In your case I was able to gain access to a number of security systems and cameras. Ziggy and the others came back when you and MOMO didn't turn up on the Durandal, when they found you, they brought you back but the medics seemed convinced that you were a goner."

Daemar put up a hand to halt his other self and took a moment to try and process everything. "You…can connect to the U.M.N.?" He asked in an incredulous tone but the hooded figure shook his head.

"Only when you're asleep or unconscious, like now. If I tried to access the U.M.N. while you were awake and active, it would cause mental stress in the form of nasty headaches that wouldn't go away. That and you would see what I was doing while you were active, creating a visual data overlap."

Daemar shook his head slightly and sighed. "I suppose that makes sense…."

His other self nodded and continued. "That was one of the things I had been meaning to speak with you about when next we met. But back to the matter at hand, Kos-Mos didn't believe the medics and used her own nanomachines to help keep you alive. And once Ziggy mentioned that Vector had rebuilt you, Shion made a call and had you taken to the Dammurung."

Daemar nodded, the nanomachines that Kos-Mos used were a more advanced version of the basic nanos that he used so it made sense that she'd use them on him. But what surprised him was the fact that she had used them at all. Kos-Mos was normally a logical being and since they had similar nanos, logic dictated that hers could help him. But his other self had said that she didn't "believe" the medics and took matters into her own hands. That sounded more like something a person with emotion might do.

"So, what about MOMO?" He asked, knowing that his survival was a guarantee now. If Vector's R&D Division could fix him after floating through space for 4,000 years, then this was a piece of cake.

"Last I checked, she was being held by Albedo on board a station called the Song of Nephilim, Shion and the others have gone to rescue her. The Song of Nephilim is a sort of broadcast center, sending out a song that seems to attract the Gnosis and worse, cause insanity in some humans. Once they save MOMO, the Federation fleet will most likely target the station and destroy it, that should stop the Gnosis from coming."

"So what next? It looks like I've got nothing but time on my hands now…" Daemar said, hating the fact that his friends were in danger and he could do nothing.

His other smiled under his hood. "Actually, you don't, time doesn't pass the same way here as it does in the waking world. You'll be awake sooner than you think, but don't worry, we'll meet again."

Daemar sighed softly, of course they'd meet again, it was HIS head after all.

"So, how long do I ha-"

Bright white light obliterated his senses.

"Sir! He's coming around!"

"Already? He should be out for at least another day."

"I know sir, but his heart rate is picking up and his mental activity is increasing as well."

Daemar groaned as the voices flooded into his ears, assisting in bringing him to a conscious state. For a short time he battled with the desire to just stay asleep, he felt so very tired after being impaled like that.

Impaled…impaled? Albedo! MOMO!

His eyes flew open then snapped shut again at the harsh white light in the ceiling above his face. He opened them slowly, giving them time to adjust and take in the surroundings. He was in the hospital wing of the Dammurung, a large viewport to his right afforded him a view of the Kukai Foundation, Second Milita and a very large space station that Daemar had never seen before. His attention was brought back to the other people in the room, the nurse who had spoken first and a man wearing the rank of surgeon on his collar.

"Ah, good to see you awake Daemar. I'm a little surprised that you woke so soon after surgery. But that just goes to show how tough you are I suppose."

The man laughed a little and Daemar felt himself twitch, that laugh was a little like Albedo's.

"How long?"

The doctor stopped chuckling and looked down at a small pad in his hand then looked back at his patient.

"The surgery took about two hours, we had to remove your right lung completely I'm afraid, too much damage. But we did replace it with a synthetic one, top of the line too; the nano-surgery on your left lung took care of that damage easily. But, as I said, I'm surprised that you are awake so soon. It's only been forty-five minutes since we closed you up-"

The doctor cut off as Daemar pulled the sheets from his body and swung his legs over the edge of the bed. To his satisfaction, his right arm had been reattached with no problems. The doctor on the other hand wasn't so happy. He gestured to the nurse as he came around the bed and both of them tried to restrain him.

"Where do you think you're going?" The doctor asked, clearly annoyed.

"My friends are in danger, MOMO is still being held captive and I've got a job to do." Daemar responded, and got to his feet, despite the doctor's efforts.

"No you don't, by your standards, you just underwent MAJOR surgery. The kind that normally takes 14 hours or more, with little chance of survival. You need to rest for at least a day before you do anything!"

"I'm fine doctor." Daemar said simply and in truth he felt fine. "I haven't got time to lay about doing nothing, my friends need me. So you can either help me, or get out of my way." With that, he pushed away from the bed and pulled free from their grip. He paused for a brief moment to look out the viewport, ignoring the obviously agitated doctor and nurse.

"What is that thing? The Song of Nephilim?" He asked himself.

"No, it isn't." A new voice suddenly replied. Daemar looked toward a view screen built into the wall to the left of the door at the image of a young woman with short brown hair and wearing the uniform of Vector. "And you are?" He asked.

"The name is Miyuki Itsumi, Vector Industries Second Division, pleasure to meet you Mr. Daemar." She said cheerfully and actually waved at him. Daemar in turn frowned and muttered to himself. "Miyuki….Miyuki…I've heard that name before…" He raised his voice. "Wait, you were onboard the Woglinde with Kos-Mos and Shion before it was destroyed." Miyuki nodded. "Yes, well, I belonged to First Division then but that's not the point. Shion asked me to brief you on the current situation as soon as you were conscious." Daemar nodded.

"Shion and the others boarded the Song of Nephilim, you know, that triangle shaped spike? And rescued MOMO from a URTV named Albedo."

"I remember him…."

"After fighting him and another strange entity, a man dressed in black robes…huh…weird… The Song of Nephilim ceased to function and everyone returned to the Kukai Foundation. They attempted to destroy the Song but for some reason all attacks directed at it were repelled. The surviving Gnosis in the area were absorbed into the Song by Albedo and has personal A.W.G.S, Simeon. Using some of that power, Simeon created a sphere of energy which radiated outward from its position atop the Song of Nephilim and opened a rift into the Abyss. What emerged was an enormous space station called-"

"Miyuki." Daemar cut in.

"Oh, yes?"

"As important as this is, don't you think if might be better if you briefed me en-route to….whatever that thing out there is?"

"Oh…yeah…I guess that would be a good id-"

"Now hold on there." The doctor cut in, stepping in front of Daemar to speak directly to Miyuki. "This man is still my patient, and I won't allow him to go harrying off to God knows where, when he needs to rest!" He crossed his arms over his chest stubbornly and waited for her answer. It came instead from Daemar. "Doctor, I appreciate what you've done for me, if not for you, I'd be dead. But right now, my friends need me and I can't help them if I'm lying in bed waiting to heal up. Look, I feel fine and it's not like I'll be fighting alone out there. Besides, if something does happen Shion, Kos-Mos, Ziggy, and MOMO have enough knowledge of cyborg components between them to keep me from dying."

The doctor frowned, looking only somewhat convinced. "Look Doc, you're job is to take care of me until I can move about on my own, right?"

"Yes, but-"

"And you can see that I'm clearly able to walk around on my own without help, right?"

"I can see that but-"

"Then I'm well enough to do what needs to be done, so I'm going." Daemar finished as the Doctor spluttered and finally relented. "Alright…just…don't overdo it…you may feel fine but your body is still healing so don't push yourself if you don't have to." Daemar nodded and clapped the man on the shoulder. "Thanks Doctor, Miyuki, you should be able to find my personal frequency in the Dammurung's database, link up with me while I find a free shuttle and see about joining the others."

End of Chapter 12

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