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Well folks, again I am taking a little different track. This as you can see is rated a little higher than most of my stuff. This little work was inspired by and inspired thepicture of the same name done by Richard "Lionheart" Sirois. This dude and I have a great time coming up with pic ideas and this story and the pictures came from a conversation we had on the IM system the other day. Hope you like it. It's short but packs a punch.

Hey There Badboy

Kim sat before the mirror in the bath of their suite. She had just finished getting a bath and was fixing her hair. The events of the day had been wonderful. She was married now. That very special man in her life had promised to love her and stay beside her the rest of his life. He looked so handsome standing there beside her. They had acknowledged their love, said their vows, then the pastor had pronounced them husband and wife. His kiss at the end of the ceremony told her that this was just the first day of a wonderful adventure.

She fixed her red hair just the way she knew he liked; long flowing and she put a pink ribbon at the end. She had dried and brushed it to exquisite softness. She placed a little perfume is special places that she hoped he would explore in the coming hours. She had used her favorite shampoo that she knew he liked because it made her hair smell like strawberries. Kim reached for her panties and then with a smile all to herself shook her head. "no, let that be a surprise".

Kim stood and stretched her lithe young body. She knew she had a beautiful figure and she liked to show it to that very special person waiting for her in the next room. She reached over and picked up the gown she had purchased for this special night. It was white, as it should be. This would be her first and she wanted to let this special, wonderful man know that she had waited for him all this time. He was handsome, smart, brave and she loved him with all her heart. At the darkest points of her life, he had always been there for her. She pulled the gown over her head and smoothed it out. It was thin and sheer and left nothing to the imagination as to what was under it.

She smiled her little smile. The bedroom had been darkened when she came in the bathroom. She knew that when she came out of the bathroom that the light of the bath would backlight her and show right through the gown she was wearing. It was the effect she was hoping for. All for him. She was ready to give him all the love her mind and body could provide. She reached for the doorknob and opened the door. She leaned against the doorjamb and said "Hey there badboy." Then she smiled. She could see in his eyes that her plan had worked. The light from behind her highlighted her hair and her legs. The light also shown through the sheer material of her gown show everything to this man that she loved.

Tonight was going to be wonderful. She walked toward that special man swaying her hips from side to side, her tongue brushing across her lips giving them a glistening softness. Her eyes glowed with warm desire for this man standing in front of her with open arms. She slid into his arms and wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down for a kiss. Her lips brushed his. They held each other in the kiss for what seemed to be ages. She then lowered her head and laid it on his chest as she wrapped her arms around him. She molded her body to his, feeling his warmth, her head on his chest listening to his beating heart. His hands gently stroked her hair, then down her back where they gently stopped and slowly circled the small of her back. She caught her breath as he reached down and swept her off of her feet. She cuddled up to his chest as he carried her to that place she desired to be with all her heart. He laid her on the bed and then lay next to her. She smiled at him and pulled him into the first of many embraces of the coming night.

Hope y'all liked this one. I thought I would try something different and this is the result. Jez told me once that a writer should challenge themselves and try different styles and types of writing. I tried something different on this one. I most likely will not post again until after So the Drama. I am in the midst of writing "I am Kim Possible" and "I am Ron Stoppable". These two works should be posted the same evening that StD airs. I hope you like them when they come out. Thanks for reading and please review.