Sakaki's Weakness

"That was amazing today! That was one of my best spikes but you rebounded it back like it was nothing!"

Kagura stated with excitement. "Can you teach me how to do that?"


"Come on Sakaki! You must be hiding some technique secrets!"

"No….Not Really…"

Kagura sighed and tilted her head as she waked next to Sakaki. "Seriously though, I want to learn some of your moves."

Sakaki glanced at her silently. Kagura usually did most of the talking as they walked home. But today she seemed to be distressed. It wasn't hard for her to tell she was trying to hide it. 'Did I do something wrong?' She silently asked Kagura in her mind.

"Are you ok?" Kagura asked. She had noticed the concern on her face.

She quickly turned her eyes back to the road. "Yes… I'm fine…" She stopped suddenly.

"That's good. You know Sakaki, I got this great new game and… Sakaki?"

She looked back to see Sakaki had stopped. She was staring at a small brown kitten. Sakaki blushed softly, then crouched down and held out her hand. The kitten let out a tiny mew and approached her slowly. It had nearly reach her hand when Kagura appeared between them. "Blarg!" She said loudly then made a face at the cat. "Gaaaah!" The little cat's fur raised with fear and it ran away quickly.

"Hahaha that should teach it!" Kagura chuckled.

Sakaki could only stare at her. She always did this. She always scared away those cute creatures that she loved so much. She bowed her head and her eyes shadowed.

"Why do you always do that?" She mumbled softly.

Kagura stopped smiling. "Huh? Sakaki?"

"Why do you always do that!" She said more loudly as she stood up. There was an upset look on her face and there were tears in her eyes. "Why can't you just leave us alone! Just go away!"

And with those words she ran away towards her home. She Ran as fast as she could to get away. Kagura just stood there, completely dumbstruck.

'Us?' She thought to herself. Sakaki loved cats so much. So much she wouldn't even refer to them separately. She watched her run away and felt her heart wrench in her chest. If only she knew that the reason she did that was because she was jealous. Those cats always attacked her, so she scared them away to protect her. But she also knew it was because she wanted her to notice her, not the cats.

She let out a shaken sigh and gripped her bag. Inside was her surprise for Sakaki. She wanted this to be a happy day, but she only upset her best friend, and felt a little betrayed herself. She bit her lip and a single tear ran down her cheek. She sniffed softly and quickly wiped it away. Then she bolted down the road. Chasing after her. "Sakaki…" She whispered. "I'm sorry…"

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