Chapter 8: Kaorin Arrives

((Warning: Yuri Content))

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Sakaki's skin tingled with each kiss Kagura placed on her neck. The faint touch of her warm lips aroused her senses, and made her feel as if she would drift out of her body. Her eyes only opened when she felt something wet against her neck. She turned her head to Kagura to discover tears rolling down her cheeks. A wave of concern washed over her instantly.

"What's wrong?" She asked in a faint tone.

"It's nothing…" Kagura said with a faint smile and rubbed her tears away. "I was just scared…"

Sakaki tilted her head, perplexed by Kagura's words, but held her silence to let her continue.

"I was so scared … Scared that you would reject me. I was watching you, admiring you." She paused. "I had always wanted to be more athletic for myself and myself alone. But I found myself wanting to be noticed by you as well. That day, on sports day when you outran me, I cried. It wasn't just because I had lost even after working so hard, but also because it made me feel unworthy to you."

Kagura heaved a sigh. "I know it sounds silly but, I had just thought that way because of the way you always rejected Kaorin."

Sakaki blinked slowly. "Kaorin? Rejected?" She echoed, once again puzzled by Kagura.

Kagura was about to laugh, thinking that Sakaki's innocence was a joke. But when she saw the earnest look in her eyes she waved her hand quickly. "Never mind… I'm just really happy to lie with you like this. I couldn't help crying."

A smile spread across Sakaki's lips and she pulled Kagura close and let their bare bodies press against one another. Kagura wrapped her arms about her master and closed her eyes, a feeling of tranquility sweeping over her. Sakaki reared her head back slowly to meet Kagura's eyes and whispered. "You're my kitten now; you don't ever have to be scared." With those words she kissed Kagura once more. It was then that Sakaki's clock beeped once to signal that an hour had passed. Sakaki broke the kiss while turning her head to look at the time.

"My parents will be getting home in another hour." She said softly and turned to Kagura who had a sly grin on her lips.

"We don't have much time then…Nyaaan..." Kagura purred and ran her tongue slowly up Sakaki's neck while reaching down and pinching her nipple. This make Sakaki blush softly. "Kitten wants to do something special for you, to make sure you never forget this day." She whispered while tugging Sakaki's nipple outwards and letting it snap back, making her squeak.

"B-Bad kitty…" Sakaki gasped but showed no sign of stopping her.

Kagura giggled playfully and slid her fingertips gracefully down Sakaki's stomach. She stopped to trace her nail around her belly button before continuing her advance. Kagura felt her nipples harden once more the moment her fingertips started sliding through Sakaki's moist pubic hair, and the sound of her master whimpering from her touch only made her body get hotter. "Nyaan…Masters tight little slit is still so wet, doesn't she want kitty to play with it a little more?..." She whispers in Sakaki's ear before nibbling softly at it.

"Y-Y-Y-e…"Sakaki struggled, blushing deeply and body trembling. She gave up and just nodded eagerly, wanting Kagura to touch her warm sex again.

Kagura let her fingers entangle themselves in Sakaki's pubic hair for a moment, before she slide them lower and let two of her fingertips trace along her already soaked folds. This made Sakaki moan faintly in delight, and she buried her face against Kagura's neck in response. Kagura licked along her lips slowly and continued to tease her master with her fingers, while rubbing her legs together. It was making her juices coat her inner thighs, just the feeling of letting her fingers slowly glide up and down Sakaki's hot little opening. She could feel Sakaki breathing deeply against her neck, and then unexpectedly, Sakaki opened her mouth and sank her teeth roughly in to Kagura's neck.

"Nyaaaahhn!!" Kagura cried, moaning loudly as the bite sent a jolt of pain and pleasure through her body. Her fingers slipped when she was bitten, and pushed easily in to Sakaki's sex.

"Ahh Kagura I-I…Nhm! Ahh! I'm S- Ahnn!" Sakaki tried to apologies, but Kagura was pumping her fingers rapidly in and out of her, making it hard to speak.

"It's ok Master…Nyaa…" Kagura spoke in a deep seductive tone. "It's ok to abuse your little sex kitten…Mm nyaa she likes it…Do it Sakaki…Abuse your little sex kitten…I'm all yours…"

Sakaki moaned aloud when she heard Kagura speak and wrapped her arms tightly around her. She sunk her teeth in to the flesh on Kagura's shoulder and began thrusting her hips wantingly towards her fingers. Kagura moaned again in delight her throbbing sex just dripping with her hot honey now. "That's it…Hurt your Kitten..Abuse your kitten…" She whispered to her.

But then suddenly she pulled her fingers out and sucked them in to her mouth. Sakaki whimpered helplessly, wanting them back inside her. When her eyes met with Kagura's, Sakaki slowly opened her mouth and let her tongue hang out. Kagura flushed deeply and slipped her fingers back out of her 

mouth, then slowly pushed them in Sakaki's open mouth. Sakaki closed her mouth around Kagura's two fingers reflexively and began to suck on them. Kagura began to pant again softly, it was a very erotic feeling, to let Sakaki suck her fingers. She could feel her tongue slipping back and forth along her fingers, pushing between them, and swirling around them. It was hot inside her mouth, and her tongue slickly coated her fingers with her saliva. She reluctantly pulled her fingers back and backed up from Sakaki.

Sakaki watched as Kagura turned away from her and crawled away from her. She blushed deeply at the sight of her swaying rump, round and glistening with sweat, and the soft pouting lips partly hidden between her cheeks. It made her wants to lunge forwards and push her own lips between them. Kagura gained her attention once more when she shifted her body to face Sakaki, and took hold of her left leg.

When Sakaki gave her a slight look of confusion Kagura smiled and said. "Kitty is going to make us both feel good… "

As she said that she began to slide her wet folds against Sakaki's inner thigh. Sakaki gasped and looked down feeling the sensation of Kagura's hot sex inching closer to her own with every passing moment. Kagura began to breath deeper in anticipation and shifted to let Sakaki's left leg rest on her right shoulder. Then with one last push, their soft slits were pushed against each other. Both of them let out a pleasured moan, and each tilted their heads back in bliss as Kagura began to thrust her hips, grinding their wet openings together.

"K-Kagura..Ohh..Your-Your slit…Touching mine…So good ahhn!!" Sakaki moaned starting to eagerly thrust back rubbing their lips together more roughly.

"Nyahh! Ahh! Y-You're so rough…Mm Kitten likes that…" Kagura moaned out, doing her best to shift her body in a way so their hard little nubs would brush together. As their folds ground together, their nectar begin to leak on to the floor, and the sound of slick flesh against flesh filled the room, mixing with both girls moans, and cries. Their mouths open, a thin stream a drool coming out of each of their open jaws. They began thrusting faster and faster, their swollen sexes so soaked that they slide easily back and forth. Sakaki gasped, wanting more, so she slowly reached out with one hand and cupped Kagura's rump.

Kagura let put a soft squeak but continued pushing her wet sex against her. Sakaki held on to Kagura's rump, forcing her to thrust against her harder, and as she did so her fingers began to slip in to the crack of Kagura's rear. Kagura's body was coated with sweat, and because of this Sakaki's middle finger rather suddenly slipped in to her small puckered anus. Kagura's eyes opened wide and she let out a soft cry.

"Ahhn!! Nhhmm!! Master, Nyaa!! Don't, D-Don't stop!" She cried, the feeling of her slit against her masters, and the finger pushing deep in her anus almost too much. "M-Make me cum!! I'm going to cum!!"

"M-Me too! Kitten, cum with master! Cummm!" Sakaki cried, and continued to push her finger deep inside Kagura's tight little hole as the pushed their warm folds together. Both of them screamed aloud and Kagura's body tensed up and began to shake as both of them came in floods, creating a small 

puddle under their sexes on the floor. Kagura then fell against Sakaki, panting deeply and planting soft kisses against her lips.

"Master.." She smiled and lay with her quietly for several minutes. Then she looked at her once more with a smile. "Master, let's have some more fun…"

Kaorin stared at the house before her. This was defiantly Sakaki's house. She continued to stare in awe for a few moments before taking in a deep breath and making a fist. "I'm going to visit Sakaki…" She whispered to herself and began to shake with sheer excitement. She walked up to the front door, and raised her hand to knock. But before she could the door swung open slowly. She blinked a few times, feeling her muscles tense up. 'Did she leave the door open accidentally?' After pondering on it for a few moments Kaorin dismissed it and walked inside. "Hello? Sakaki-san?" She called softly then froze suddenly when she thought she heard a moan.

She suddenly grew very quiet and found that it came from the end of the hallway, she crept closer and herd a soft groan. Kaorin's face began turning red, was Sakaki…? The sheer thought of it made Kaorin's legs feel numb, but then she heard a voice. "Push it faster!" Her body tensed again. That wasn't Sakaki's voice that was Kagura's voice! "Go in deep Sakaki." Kaorin's face grew a brighter red if it was possible. 'No! No,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no! It can't be! No! She wouldn't! They wouldn't!' Kaorin felt a great sense of fear and anger building up at the same time as she approached the door to her room.

She felt butterflies in her stomach, what if they were?! No Kagura wouldn't, and if she would then, then... Kaorin growled and made a fist. Nervously, she took another step forwards and swallowed hard, the sound of heavy breathing came from the room. "Hurry, Hurry!" She heard Kagura say softly. That was it, she would put a stop to this right now, and with that in mind she pushed the door open. "Sakaki!?"

She froze at what she saw, her face going pale.

Sakaki was sitting at the edge of her bed, holding a hand held video game in her hands, and Kagura had her arms on Sakaki's shoulders as she watched her. Kagura's arms were on her shoulders! In a very close fashion! Both girls were dressed in their uniforms and Kagura shouted again. "Faster or-" A small explosion sound game from the game and both girls groaned, but then stopped to stare at Kaorin.

Kaorin managed to tear her eyes away from Kagura's arms being so close to Sakaki to speak. "Um I…" She said softly. "The door was open…" As she spoke all she could think to herself was. 'How dare she have her arms so close to Sakaki! She's just her friend! I deserve to do that! Will she have to be an opponent of mine!?'

The awkward silence was broken suddenly when a high pitched whistling noise came from the kitchen. "The tea…" Sakaki said softly, shutting off the game and leaving the room. Kagura smiled and followed behind her. "I want honey in mine!" She slapped Kaorin's shoulder. "Come join us Kaorin!" She said with a smile. Kaorin just stood there, dumbstruck. But she sighed with relief now that the tension had faded, and turned to follow, but paused when something caught her eye under the bed. After looking to make sure Kagura and Sakaki were out of sight she quickly slipped down to her bed and blushed deeply when she pulled out a pair of tiger stripped panties from under the bed.

'S-S-Sakaki's…Used panties!?' She thought to herself steam blowing out of her ears. (Metaphorically of course) Again Kaorin looked around the room and quickly pushed the undergarments in to her bag. "Kaorin you coming!?" Kagura called.

"I- Yeah I'm coming!" Kaorin shouted back and left Sakaki's room, struggling to stop blushing.

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