History of the Youkai

By: Botan-kun

A/N: This is a must read for Imminent change, however if you do not read Imminent change you can still read this and you won't be confused. This is my explanaition of things. Plain and simple it is about Youkai. It starts off slow, but it picks up after a while.
On with the story...

Fifteen people stood on top of a hill looking down on a burning village. The one in the middle was kneeling looking right in the blaze that was going through the village. The one on his right the smallest of all of them was looking away with tears threatening to fall from his eyes. The one on his right had his arms crossed looking at the sky. They were all sad at what had happened and they knew that even if they were thirty minutes faster they couldn't change what had happened. They were only gone one day and they came back to their village to see it destroyed, it was the saddest thing that has ever happened to them. Their mission was simple destroy a small faction of ninja that was threatening to destroy them. When they got there the ninja were gone and they knew their mistake and moved as fast as they could to get back to there village to find that it was already destroyed. The strongest of the village was them and they were gone, the enemy tricked them and they fell right in to the plans of the enemy too easily. The one in the middle stood. He was the tallest there and was also the most muscular. He jumped down into the burning village one thing on his mind, survivors. The other fourteen jumped in everyone of them going in different directions trying to find anyone that might have survived this attack.

They had looked for hours getting burned, tired and annoyed they had only found five people who survived three of which died shortly after due to massive injuries. The other two merely children of the ages of four and six. The two ninja that found them were Inzen who was the smallest of the ninja only because he himself was only fifteen. He had bright red hair and was very fit. He wasn't muscular but you could see that his muscles were there. And the other was Ganriki, she was very slim and was twenty. She had long beautiful blue hair. The two children were both found in their parents grasp as if the parents used themselves as a protective barrier for their children. The children had cried themselves to sleep as the two ninjas took them to the rest of the group. Everyone had very solemn faces except three. Kyoujaku and his brother Kudouryoku were very pissed. They were both very muscular and they each had a wide variety of tattoos. They both had black hair, the only thing that was different about them was that they had a five year age difference. And the other one without a solemn expression was Zendaimimon. Zendaimimon was always quiet and alone. No one knew anything about him not even how good he was. He was adequate during training and he always got his jobs done adequately, but he made it look somewhat easy. He had snow white hair, and he was seventeen that was the extent of the groups knowledge about him. He had a placid look on him which seemed out of place due to the situation true he didn't lose anyone in the attack, but by the look of him it made the group think he was coldhearted. In reality he was contemplating many a things in his head, things about the future the past, all what ifs and what now's.

They decided to take watches so they could be prepared. The triplets Kenpei, Kenryokusha, Kenryoku took the first watch. They were all pretty identical except for the fact one was a guy and they all had different hair. All three of their hair was brown, but they had streaks, Kenpei had white streaks, Kenryokusha had orange streaks, and Kenryoku had yellow streaks. The twins Kyoudai and Kiryoku took the second watch. They were completely identical, They had always competed to see who was the best in the past, but at the moment they were just watching waiting. They were waiting for whoever destroyed their village to come at them they were just waiting, they were going to kill them once they saw them. The brother Kyoujaku and Kudouryoku took the third watch. They were the most muscular and by far the strongest. And they were taking their frustrations out on each other. They both knew it was a spar, but they weren't holding back. Each hit they took sent them back at least twenty feet. The family of three Kengen, Kensei, and Kennou were fourth to watch. They were just a family no special relation like twins or triplets, they were each born different years. Kennou was the older brother at twenty-four he was calm and collective while his sisters were both hotheaded. Next in line would be Kensei at eighteen and then the youngest at seventeen was Kengen. Kensei and Kengen were both extremely fast, while their brother was the slowest in the entire group of ninjas next to the two children.

Inzen and Kunugi took fifth watch. They were always working together. They were probably the most feared Inzen's chakra control and manipulation gave him the ability to do tremendous things, while Kunugi had abilities that enabled him to do things with sand that seemed impossible. Kunugi had tan hair and was just eighteen. The two of them together can take on any other team within the group easily. Kenmon and Ganriki took the sixth watch. These females both had something to give to the team and that is medical abilities. They weren't the best medics, but they were the only ones in the group that had any medical knowledge. Since they were invaluable to the group they were given the easiest shift. Zendaimimon was given the final and hardest shift. He was the only one in the group that could handle long periods of time without sleep so while the other ninjas got small shifts he was given the most time of security. He spent the entire time in a meditative state. Konjou and Gen Rei obviously didn't get a watch since they were too young and they weren't ninjas yet. Konjou was just a six year old boy with blue hair with a military style haircut, and Gen Rei was a four year old girl with short blonde hair with black streaks. The group was very thankful that they weren't attacked during the night. The two children didn't wake up at all that morning and know one talked. It was safe to say know one knew what to say.

They walked South they had no idea where they were going Kyoujaku just got up, put Gen Rei on his back, and started walking. Everyone decided it was best to stay as a group and started walking. Kudouryoku picked up Konjou so no one would be slowed down. They had walked for three hours before the children woke up. They were still broken and would break out crying every once in a while. It was unbearable for the ninjas, but Kyoujaku never slowed his pace. It took five hours until Kyoujaku reached his destination.

"This is The Shukumei no Tou." Kyoujaku said to the group as they looked in awe at the thousand foot tower. It's diameter was easily five hundred feet wide. There was no entrance at all.

"How do we get in?" Kunugi asked. They all wondered that also. This was the first time they had ever seen anything like it before.

"The only entrance is on the top." Kenmon said. They all looked up at the endless tower wondering how to get to the top and get inside.

"Nobody has been able to get inside because you must be able to get to the top. No matter what tactic you use it is nearly impossible to reach the top. Many from our village have tried and died in the process. They say that all knowledge shall be given to those who can get inside. I brought us here for us to try." Kyoujaku said. Everyone looked at him in awe.

"You just said that no one has been able to do it and you expect us to just make it to the top?" Inzen said incredulously.

"I don't expect anything. We have nothing left. I want to know what will happen to us now that we are alone. In the morning I will attempt this tower you all can choose what you want to do. We were the best that village has ever seen in a millennia Maybe we can do what others have failed at. You can choose on your own. All of you, that means you to Gen Rei and Konjou." Kyoujaku said.

"Now wait a minute we may be good but they are just kids!" Kenryoku practically yelled. The two younger kids were still a little shocked about losing their family, but they knew what they had to do.

"I'll do it!" Both kids yelled at the same time shocking all the older ninjas. Kenryoku smiled and went over near the tower to rest. No one had even noticed that Zendaimimon had left until He arrived next the tower with a dozen dead rabbits and two dead dear. Everyone looked at him like was weird and then they saw that a large pile of firewood was attached to a rope and was being dragged behind him. He sets the dead animals down on the ground and sets up the firewood. Everyone is watching him incredulously because they all know that he does it all the time and no one ever notices until he's back. After he sets up the fire he leans up against the tower and simply rests. Everyone starts to cook the animals thinking about what they are going to do. The ones that have decided are trying to figure out how they will do it. Eventually they all drift to sleep deciding they will need every ounce of strength.

When morning came everyone was staring at the tower. They had all decided to take the challenge of the tower. Now all that was needed was a way to the top. Kyoujaku and Kudouryoku both knew exactly their only option.

"Well then I guess it's time. You all decide to challenge the tower?" Kyoujaku asked. They all nodded. "Then I guess I will take the two little ones with me. Hop on." He said and leaned over so they could get on his back. They both positioned themselves on his back and he got comfortable. "I guess it should be a race just like old times then. Same stakes the last three up there buys dinner for the next week. GO!" Kyoujaku said as he pounded his fist into the tower and started propelling himself up the tower by using only his hands. Kudouryoku took the shock of everyone else to follow in his brothers foot steps and started to do the same. Kyoujaku was thirty feet up and Kudouryoku was twenty feet up when Kengen and Kensei smirked at each other and started to run in opposite directions around the tower. There speed was amazing as they positioned themselves so they would run along the tower. They were circling the tower extremely fast while climbing keeping their momentum so they didn't fall, it was only a matter of minutes before they passed the two Herculean brothers.

Kenpei, Kenryokusha, and Kenryoku smirked as they started to form seals. When they were each done a burst of wind shot from underneath them and they shot up into the air easily passing the two brothers and sisters in close to two minutes. The twins Kyoudai and Kiryoku spun wildly making them look like a couple of buzz saws and they jetted towards the tower and due to the speed of their rotation started to climb. Ganriki used her strength and followed the brothers she was not as strong as them but she was the third strongest. Kenmon and Kunugi used techniques only they could do. Kunugi gathered sand under him and lifted himself up into the air with the sand. Kenmon made a plank appear out of the tower and she sat on it. The plank then lifted itself up the tower with her on it.

Inzen, Kennou, and Zendaimimon were only ones left they had no special abilities like the rest so they were royally screwed. Kennou heaved a sigh and went to where one of the brothers started off and started climbing using the holes that were created. Inzen went back through all his training and came up with only one idea. He gathered chakra to his feet and started walking up the wall. Zendaimimon looked at the wall calmly unlike the rest it wasn't that he didn't have an ability to climb the tower he had too many.

Half way up and the sisters were starting to feel the problem all other ninjas must have dealt with, fatigue. They were getting tired with all the running they were doing, they might have made the best time, but they were also running out of it. Kunugi and Kenmon were already at the top their abilities were not only fast, but required little chakra. Kyoudai and Kiryoku were also making good time they were three-fourths of the way up, but they were getting dizzy. They were running out of time also. Kenpei, Kenryokusha, and Kenryoku had to keep doing their jutsu because it was only bursts that they were doing thus they would reach the peak of the jutsu and start to fall then they would do the jutsu again. They were running thin too. The three brutes were straining their muscles too much and they could feel it. Every punch into the tower and their muscles would ache. They did all they could to push through the pain. Inzen was doing a mild jog up the tower. With his chakra control and the amount he had he wouldn't have any problem. Kennou was slow everyone knew it, but he was smart and right now he wasn't doing that much exertion. He knew that he could last three hours before his muscles gave out and after that he would use chakra and after he would go back to muscles to ensure that he would at least not fall. Zendaimimon was still on the ground he was just waiting for the exact moment that he needed to get to the top in the fastest moment and that was exactly noon.

The sisters finally made it to the top, they both arrived at the same time along with the spinning brothers. Inzen had arrived an hour prior and they all decided to go in together. The triplets made it up a few moments later to see that the brothers were puking up the meat that they had for breakfast. They waited for the last of their comrades. It had been six hours since they started so they looked over the edge to see how far away their friends were they were all about fifty feet away except for Zendaimimon. In the positions they were in The brothers were tied Ganriki was third and Kennou was bringing up the rear. The brothers knew they were fortunate since they knew Zendaimimon was still way behind so they weren't going to be the bottom three. All of a sudden a bright flash was seen from the sun and Zendaimimon fell from the sky and landed on the top of the tower.

"How many abilities do you have!" Kunugi asked incredulously. Zendaimimon scratched the back of his head sheepishly and looked over the edge. The brothers saw Zendaimimon look over the edge and they looked at each other. They thrusted themselves upwards. The children were getting tired just holding on so they were playing I spy and now all they spied were blurs. The brothers arrived at the top at almost the exact same time. The elder was just a fraction slower and the younger was jumping for joy.

"Ok we lose can we get some help?" Kennou asked. Everyone started laughing thankful that their minds were off of the tragedy that had befallen them just a day prior. Kunugi sent some sad down and grabbed Ganriki and Kennou and brought them to the top. When the two arrived everyone stood impatiently outside of two very huge doors. Kyoujaku and Kudouryoku pushed the doors and they opened them with a creek. A bright flash surrounded them and they looked all around them to see that they weren't where they were seconds prior. The place they were in was surrounded by shadows. They could barely see each other.

"You have made it to the top of The Shukumei no Tou. You have gained admittance to be tested in the Youkai no Taikai." A loud booming voice proclaimed. The group of ninja looked around frantically for the source. "If you succeed the tournament you will receive the power you desire." The voice said. The ninjas were a little confused.

"Power? You must be mistaken we came for knowledge." Kenryokusha said.

"It is you who are mistaken child. Over time truths become distorted what once was power turned to knowledge. We only offer power to the victors if you do not like the arrangement I can send you back." The voice said calmly. The group thought it over and decided they would rather leave with something rather than nothing. They decided to stay. The room was lit in a matter of seconds and the group could see a few cages. "You came in together you fight together." All the cages opened and out came overgrown animals. There was a ten foot Brown Bear, a nine foot Kangaroo, and an eleven foot Panda. The ninja became slightly worried. "You haven't been proving yourself since I gave you your new abilities. If you beat these humans I give you a second chance." The voice yelled. All the ninjas then knew it was a double sided fight. The demons charged at the ninjas with incomparable speed. All seventeen humans were thrown into the wall with ease. The demons smirked knowing that their freedom was ensured. Out of the seventeen Inzen, Zendaimimon, and Kyoujaku were the first to stand and they stepped forward in front of the other ninjas.

"You guys don't think you can handle them yourselves, do you?" Kudouryoku asked frantically. Inzen smirked, Kyoujaku cracked his knuckles, and Zendaimimon just stared his enemy down. All three of them slammed their fists into the ground at the same time causing a massive earthquake and the ground to crumble under their enemy. The demons became unsteady, which gave time for the three to attack. The attack was beautiful it looked as if it was coordinated each did it gracefully and simultaneously. All three punched their opponents directly in the chest sending each animal into the wall. The three animals got up very quickly and became on guard. They now knew that these three were no normal humans. The animals moved again too fast for the three ninjas to calculate, but the triplets jumped in front of them already finishing their seals.

"Fuuton: Are Kuruu Kaze Bakuha no Jutsu!" All three yelled out as they thrust their hands out causing a massive gust to shoot out of their hands slamming the demons back into the wall. The demons were now even more cautious they had never been thrown back twice. This time they had no time to move as the twin males jumped to the sides of their enemies.

"Keikan Kemono Hauringu no Jutsu!" They both yelled simultaneously and sound waves came out of their mouths and went right at their opponents. The demons were held still they couldn't move and blood started coming from their ears. Kenmon and Kunugi each took their stand and summoned the power of their element as three sand spikes and three wooden spikes came out of the ground and shot at their enemies hitting them in each lung. Kennou started to do hand seals, his sisters seeing this smirked and started running circles around their brother. Kennou finish the final seal and electricity started to flow around his body.

"Raiton: Jinshin Denryuu no Dousen no Jutsu!" Kennou said. And with his siblings passing every second the electricity lifted off the ground and connecting to them. The electricity became a disc of pure electricity with the constant movement. Kennou was lifted off the ground due to the electrical charge. The two running siblings shifted their running positions so they were spinning circles while heading right after the demons.

"Raiton: Bouseki Enbun no Erekiteru no Jutsu!" The three said as the sisters stopped spinning and there brother surrounded by an electrical disc went flying at the demons. The three demons were thrown back into the wall unable to move because of the electrical charge to their systems. They were indented into the wall unable to move the last thing they saw was Kudouryoku and Ganriki rushing towards them. Kudouryoku and Ganriki kicked the sides of the Bear's and Panda's head smashing them into the Kangaroo's finishing them instantly. The group was proud of themselves they had finished off three demons and they did it easily.

"Very good. Just as I expected. Now that the test is done let's get to the real challenge." The voice said to the group. The group was confused, at least they were until fire erupted from the ground and some figures came out from behind the fire. "I have waited one hundred years for someone to be able to defeat my Katoudoubutsu so I can test my ultimate creation, The Jikkendoubutsu!" The voice said pompously. From behind the fire five demons came out. One was a Dragon, one was a Unicorn, one was a Phoenix, one was a three-headed dog, and last was a scaly monster. "I give you the best of the best, my ultimate Youkai. The Heavenly Dragon, Ryokusu! The lovely Unicorn, Mianta! The undying Phoenix, Ho-oh! The powerful Cerberus! And last, but certainly not least The ocean lord, Leviathan! They were the best of their time and now they are the greatest beings. You showed skill against The Katoudoubutsu, but they were lower strength when I created them so they had no potential as Demons. These however were very strong and now I have a chance to test them with you humans." The voice said. The ninjas became slightly worried, and not only was their life on the line, but two innocent children's were also.

"Stay behind us Gen Rei, Konjou this will be extremely dangerous." Kyoujaku said to them as all the ninjas got in their fighting stances.

To Be Continued.

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