The Two Protectors
Chapter One The Two Brothers

It was a warm summer afternoon and Christian Patterson was outside sitting on the front porch taking in the sweet smells of the late afternoon. He looked over to the large leather bound book that was sitting on the table. He reached over and opened it. He read a small passage that read, "He that holds this book will be reminded that he has a job to do." Christian always wondered what that meant. He had come home one afternoon and found the book sitting on his coffee table. He stood up and walked inside. Later that night as he was safely in bed he had a very odd dream that he was facing a large group of very ugly scaly green monster things. The next morning he woke up wondering what the dream could mean.

Judson Cross was sitting up on deck of his boat the Vast Explorer looking at the open sea around him. He loved the sweet and bitter smell of the salt water. He sat back on one of the three deck chairs and picked up the book he had so meanly wanted to read.

"Hey Judson do you want me to take a look at the engines. You said earlier that they were making a weird noise?" Someone said from behind him. His name was Gabriel Patterson son of the Senator Patterson.

"Sure Gabe if that wouldn't be a problem with you." Judson replied.

"Okay I'll be right on it." Gabe said as he started towards the engine room. "By the way have you seen Mac lately?"

Mackenzie Preven the third member of their crew was in town looking at the sights and sounds of the city.

"Mac went in town she'll be back soon." Judson answered.

"Soon that's a joke she's probably out some where looking to get in trouble." Gabe joked.

"I'm surprised you actually think I would get in to trouble." I female voice said. "I'm shocked!"

"Mac I didn't think you would be back so early." Judson greeted.

"I'm not very predicable am I?" Mac said teasingly.

"I guess your not." Judson said trying to get back to his book.

"And Gabe I guess you don't want what's in the bag?" Mac said waving a plastic bag in front of

his eyes.

"Maybe I don't. What is it?"

"You'll just have to wait until after supper." She said walking past Gabe and going below deck to the living/ dining/ kitchen/ area. Bedrooms were down the hall the same with the bathroom.

"That's not fare!" Gabe yelled going in the opposite direction towards the engine rooms.

Later that evening after the supper dishes were cleared off of the kitchen table the satellite phone rang. Judson stood up and picked up the receiver.

"Hello Judson Cross."

"Can I speak to Gabriel Patterson?" The voice on the other end said.

"Sure just one second." Judson said. "Gabe phone is for you."

"What the phone is for me?" Gabe said questionably as he got up from the table and walked over to Judson in the living room and taking the receiver out of Judson's out stretched hand.

"Hello Gabriel Patterson." Gabe said.

"Hi Gabe it's Christian."

"Hey I haven't heard from you in ages." Gabe said

Yeah I've been busy lately." Christian said. I was wondering if you wanted to meet me tomorrow I know you're in town and well my house is about half an hour from the dock." Christian asked.

"Um yeah sure the engines can wait a another day." Gabe said with a laugh.

"Okay let's say around 1:30, 2:00?" Christian asked.

"Sure no problem." Gabe said. "See you tomorrow."

"Okay bye." Christian hung up and so did Gabe. Gabe went back to the rest of his team and saw

the looks on their faces. He figured that they were probably were listening in on his conversation.

"For your information it was my brother Christian I'm going to see him tomorrow." Gabe said.

"Oh okay, what about the engines?" Judson asked.

"I'll either do it when I get back or the day after tomorrow." Gabe said.

"Oh okay." Judson said.

"I'm going to my cabin, if you need me then just holler." Gabe said turning away from his crewmates and walking down the hallway to the bedroom cabins. He walked into his cabin and closed the door behind him. He flopped on to his bed and noticed a leather bound book on his chest.

He stood up and took the book to his bed and sat down and looked at the emblem on the front cover. It looked like two people standing side by side circled by a three triangles intertwined other wise known as a tranquette.

"What is this book and where did it come from?" Gabe pondered to himself.

He opened the book and looked at the first page, which said, "He that holds the book is reminded that he has a job to do." Gabe looked up from the book and wondered what it could mean. He looked back at the book and read the second passage. "The two brother's were named The Two Protectors they were to use there powers to help others in need." Gabe once again looked up from the book and wondered what the passage could mean.

"I'll just take the book to Christian's house tomorrow and see what he thinks the passages could mean. Gabe looked at the book and pictured the book being back on the chest. When he looked back up he saw that the book was on the chest.

"Oh no I did it again." Gabe whispered.