Chapter 20

The Truth

It had been over an hour since Sarah and Gabe had gotten back. Sarah was resting on the couch sleeping ever since. The others couldn't believe what they were hearing. Drew murdered at his own home. The story was that Drew had been upstairs taking a shower when he heard a noise from downstairs. He got out of the shower and got dressed and went down to the kitchen to get something to eat. He turned around and found himself face to face with a masked man. He had a gun pointed to his heart and fired. The next-door neighbours heard something and called the police. They found Drew in the kitchen dead on the floor. But there was something else that the police had told Christian who told Gabe. Drew's lungs had been incinerated. That part had been kept out of the report but the police had told Christian this of course. The only thing that came to mind was a Siren a demon that uses a song to make men go under their spell and when there bored of that man toy they use there kiss and incinerate there lungs instantly. The man had no control over anything. They were dangerous and mostly only came after Protectors.

"Gabe are you alright?" Judson asked snapping Gabe out of his trance.

"Uh yeah I think that I need some fresh air." Gabe said getting up and walked towards the stairs and went up to the deck. As he walked out to the stern of the boat he saw Christian standing there.

"I've been waiting for over an hour." Christian said.

"Sorry. Have you any concerns for anyone else." Gabe said. "Do you realize how much Sarah's been though?" Gabe yelled.

"Gabe listen I think that it might be better if Sarah comes to stay with us for a while." Christian said.

"Christian I think that she should stay right where she is." Gabe said.

"Why, she could be a target. Do you notice that she's been through so much? She thought that she lost Liz, found out that she has two brothers, Drew's sudden death." Chris explained.

"But who would want to hurt her?" Gabe asked.

"Gabe get it though you thick skull. She's our sister. Everyone is after us and the way to destroy

us is through Sarah."

"What! That's not fair." Gabe said.

"I know, she can't take much more. One more major blow and she could... I don't want to even

think about it." Christian said.

"She could end up like me that time I totally broke down?" Gabe asked.

"Yes. She needs to be protected and who better then the elders."

"Chris, I don't know about this. What about everyone else?"

"I think that they need to know the truth."

"WHAT ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND. Tell them about are powers and special gifts." Gabe yelled. "Are you insane?"

"Maybe, but if they know then they can protect themselves better then if they don't." Christian


"Okay then if they don't react the way we want then we can do a memory spell to delete what we just told them." Gabe said.

"Good idea well lets do it." Christian said as he and Gabe walked down the stairs and saw that

Sarah was awake. Gabe sent her a message and told her what they were going to do.

"Are you out of your mind." She mouthed as she sat up and walked after her brothers.

"Everyone there's something that me and Gabe have to show you." Christian said.

"Okay then what is it?" Mac said as she turned around to face them. Judson had put down his coffee cup and Liz stood up and walked over to Sarah.

"Do you have any idea what there going to do?" Liz asked.

"Yep." Sarah said as she turned around to face her two brothers.

Gabe shimmered out and reappeared behind Sarah. Then Christian froze the fish that were in the fish tank.

"How did you do that?" Judson asked with surprise

"Me and Gabe are what you call Protectors. We help rid the world of evil." Christian said.

"Okay and you have magical powers." Mac said.

"Yes, and so do I." Sarah said, as she stood up levitated over to Christian. "Judson your thinking that your seeing things."

"How did you know that?" Judson asked as he looked over to Mac and then to Liz who was over by Gabe.

"Because I have powers too." Sarah said as she turned to look at Liz.

"That is sooo cool." Liz exclaimed.

"So your okay with this?" Sarah asked surprised that her best friend was okay with what they had just showed them. On the other hand Judson and Mac were taking a little longer to come around from the shock that had just been presented.

"Mac, Judson are you guys okay?" Sarah asked.

"Why didn't you tell us before?" Mac asked.

"We didn't know how you would react and when Sarah first came to you she had one power. The power to read minds, But she hadn't used it in over 2 years." Christian explained.

"Then all of a sudden they decided to come alive again after I thought that Liz was gone." Sarah interrupted. "There's something else that I have to tell you."

"Sarah don't." Gabe said.

"I didn't rescue you on my own. Gabe and Christian were with me, but they went to go and find the kidnappers. I couldn't get the door opened and before I knew it I had another power. The power to levitate." Sarah said.

"Gabe you were there when Sarah came and carried me out of that ware house and you didn't help her?" Judson asked.

"I couldn't. I knew that if I saw you then I would doubt my self and that I could have another attack." Gabe said.

"What do you mean attack and the word another?" Mac asked as she looked over at Gabe with sad eyes. Gabe looked down at his feet. Sarah hadn't known about his attack and he didn't want her to know and now he had just blurted it out in front of her.

"Gabe what happened? Please tell me." Sarah said as she walked over to him and put her hand under his chin and lifted his head so that they were eye to eye. "I asked the same question to Christian but he changed the subject about how you and him discovered your powers."

"Okay. I think that everyone should have seat." Gabe said as he moved his head and walked away from Sarah. Everyone came in to the living room and sat down. There he explained everything that had taken place over the last three years and that he had experienced what the elder's called Fearadopton a condition that only Protectors could catch. When he finished everyone sat there in complete silence until Sarah spoke.

"Why didn't you ever tell me?" Sarah asked with hurt in her voice.

"Because... everything that you've been through I didn't want to add to that ever growing list." Gabe said, as he looked at his sisters hurt eyes.

"Gabe why would you ever think that. Family is the number one on my list always and no matter


"I'm sorry I should have told you in the first place."

Sarah stood up and walked over to her brother and gave him a big hug. "I love you Gabriel Patterson.

"Okay then what next?" Liz asked.

Ten minutes later Gabe, Mac and Judson were over in the kitchen having a cup of coffee when Judson asked the question that had been on his mind for a while now.

"Gabe is this why you left "Adventure Inc" to go and become a Protector?"

"Yeah should have told you and Mac the truth in the first place." Gabe said.

"It's okay we understand. Trying to keep a secret like that must have been really hard." Mac said.

"Thanks Mac I think that I needed to hear that." Gabe said.

'No problem, what are friends for." Mac said turning around to look at Sarah and Liz. "But I think someone else needs you more then me and Judson right now."

Gabe looked over to see that Sarah had gone back to sitting on the couch. Liz was sitting beside her and her head was resting on Liz's shoulder. It looked like Liz was talking to her gently trying to calm her down.

"Gabe look Sarah is still hurt deep down and you know it. She thinks that it's her fault that you had your attack. She doesn't understand what happened." Judson said, as he looked Gabe in the eyes.

"What, she thinks that it's her fault." Gabe exclaimed.

"I don't need to read minds to know that." Judson said. "Go and talk to her. Tell her everything."

Gabe turned around and walked over to his sister and saw that she was asleep. Liz looked up as he approached.

"I need to talk to her." Gabe said as he sat down on the coffee table.

"Well okay." Liz said as she gently nudged Sarah's shoulder. She opened her eyes and saw Gabe sitting in front of her. She closed her eyes and looked away from him. Liz stood up and walked up the stairs to the upper deck where she had seen the others go a few minutes ago.

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