The Bachelorette

Pairings: Ginny and Draco

Rating: M

Genre: Romance and Humor

Summary: Ginny decides to live a little, and applies to go on the Bachelorette: Wizard Version. She is surprised when she is picked. But she is more surprised by the men she is about to meet.

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters that you have heard of before.

Chp. 1- Shopping Spree "Are you serious?"

"Yes Ms. Weasley….we've decided that you should be our next Bachelorette."

"Oh my god. Thank you so much."

"The day you will meet the men for the first time is April 23rd, which is 2 weeks away. You need to be in Florida 1 week from now."

"Ok….well I have a lot to do," I reply and laugh softly, "I can't thank you enough."

"No problem Ms. Weasley. We'll be seeing you soon."

I stand up, and walk out of the room in a daze. I can't believe they picked me. I walk outside and make my way to my car. I'm smiling from ear to ear. I pass a man while going to my car and smile at him. He waves at me. I race to my car, and unlock the door. I slid into the seat, and slam the door closed. I start the car, and pull out of the parking lot. I make my way home. I'll call my mum from there. I turn up the radio, and start singing to the song playing. I roll my window down, and let my hair flow free.

I race home, and turn off the car, and lock the door, and walk to my flat. I unlock the door, and throw my keys on the console next to the door. I close the door quietly, and make my way to the kitchen. I grab the phone, and dial my parent's number. Since I'm the youngest in my family after 6 brothers, my parents live alone now. I've been out of the house for 4 years, since I was 17.

I can say I'm attractive. I'm 5' 8" with wavy auburn hair. I'm curvy, and have freckles all over my body.

My mum picks up the phone.



"Oh Ginny darling. It's you. I'm so glad to hear from you. It's been awhile. I haven't seen you since Christmas."

"I know mum. I was calling because I have so news."

"What is it?"

"I'm the new Bachelorette!"

"Oh my god Ginny. Congratulations. My little girl is growing up. We have to throw you a party."

"Oh mum. I have to leave in a week, because I will meet the men in 2 weeks."

"Be careful sweetheart. There are lots of men out there that will take advantage of sweet, young girls as yourself.

"Mum! Stop. So when are we going to have the party, because I have lots of things to get ready if I have to leave in a week."

"Well can you make it tomorrow night? I'll gather your brothers, and friends up."

"Alright. What time should I come?"

"Swing by at 7:30."

"Alright. Love you mum."

"Love you too Ginny. See you tomorrow."

I hang the phone up, and walk to the fridge. I pull out a water, and then make my way to my bedroom, so I can start packing. I grab my bag, and look into my closet.

"Oh forget it."

I throw my bag back into my closet, and open my water, and take a drink. I close it tight, grab a light coat, and go back into the hallway.

I grab my wallet and keys, and lock the door, and walk back outside. I make my way to my car, and unlock the door. I get back into the car and make my way to the store. I will just buy a whole new wardrobe, and luggage for it to go into. I get on the free way and make my way to the mall. I pull off on the exit, and turn into the mall. I park my car, and check my wallet to make sure I have my credit cards, money, checking card, and license. I lock the door, and walk to the main entrance, and open the door, and hold it for a couple coming through. They smile at me, and I smile back. I walk into the mall, and look around.

I LOVE SHOPPING! It is my favorite hobby. I make my way to Rue21, which is my all time favorite store in muggle malls. An employee instantly greets me, and I make my way to the jeans. I need so pants first. I look for my size, 7. I get a couple different colors, and styles. I hold onto them, and make my way over to the shirts. I get a couple of each type. A couple tube tops, tank tops, t-shirts, long sleeves, and more dressy shirts. One of the employees comes and takes my clothes, and opens a dressing room for me while I keep looking. I grab one of the dresses that I think is cute, and then look at the swimsuits.

I look at the bikinis. There's this really cute one that is baby blue, light pink, and white striped vertically. I grab it in a medium and then I look at some more dressy pants. I grab a pair of khakis, gray, and black pants. Then I look at capris and shorts. I grab a couple different kinds, and then I go to the dressing room, and throw my handful onto the other huge pile.

I lock the door, and take my clothes off, and begin trying the clothes on. I begin with jeans and a couple shirts. Then I make my way slowly through the pile, when I realize I don't have any skirts. I finish the pile, and get rid of a couple items that don't look right. Then I grab the rest, and the saleslady takes it and sets it up by the register, and I look at the skirts.

I grab a couple minis, and then some right below my knee, and then some longer ones. I go back into the dressing room, and then I try on the skirts. All of them fit, so I put my pants back on, and grab all of them and take them up to the register.

"Ok I'm done."

"Alright miss."

The saleslady rings all my clothes up and the total comes to 258.93. I use my credit card, and the lady hands me my receipt, and I grab my bags, and make my way out of the store. I make my way to JcPenny's so I can get some dresses. I walk in, and make my way to formal. I look through all the racks, and pick out 15 dresses. I have a couple long ones, and a couple shorter ones. I make my way to dressing rooms, and I set my bags down, lock the door, and begin with a long, slender black gown.

I look at myself, and approve, so I take it off, and hang it up. Then I grab a shorter white one. I keep that one too. Then I grab a hunter green one that is a bit too big, so I need to get a smaller size, and set it aside. Then I try on a dark blue one, a red one, and a dark purple one. They fit, and I finish up the other dresses, and get a couple different sizes in some, and then I go and pay for it with my credit card, because the total comes to 467.23. I have all 5 of my bags, and I make my way to the jewelry store, and buy some necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, make-up, hats, barrettes and hair things. Then I go to the shoe store, and buy a couple pairs of tennis shoes, a couple sandals, and then a couple different looking dress shoes. My arms are now full with 10 bags. I make my way to my car, after spending like all my money, and open the trunk, and stuff all the bags inside it.

Thank god I have a job as a model. I get all my money from that, which is pretty good money. Plus I can determine when I will work or not. Another good thing is that almost whatever clothes I model I get to keep. So my walk in closet I have is plump full with designer clothes. Which is a big plus to modeling.

I was found by a modeling agency when I was 18, and signed right away. I have a 5-year contract that can be renewed for another 5 years. My mum wasn't that happy about my career choice, but she got use to it. I work with a lot of top designers. The only types of outfits I don't get to keep are the one of a kind. I'm shown on television, in magazines, and in fashion shows. This lifestyle is the way to live. Some people would call me shallow, but it's a way to pay bills.

I won't wear anything too revealing though. I start my car when I realize that I didn't buy any luggage, so I take the key out of the ignition, and lock the door again, and make my way to the mall again. I go into the luggage store, and buy a 10-piece luggage set that's black with silver accents. The cashier rings it up, and I pay with my credit card because total is 250. I don't pay for anything myself unless it's under 100.

I grab all the luggage, and haul it out to my car, and put it into the trunk along with my clothes. I get back into my car, and start it up again. I get back onto the freeway, and make my way home. I stop off, and grab a sub to eat at home, and get back to my house, and unlock the door, and put the sub on the table. I walk back out, and start hauling all my clothes and luggage inside. After it's all inside I lay it on my bed, and grab my sub, and put a movie on in the living room. I eat my sub and watch my movie.

After the movie ends, and my sub is finished. I go back into my room, and start packing the clothes up in my new luggage after I take all the tags off. I grab a couple designer dresses, some socks, bras, and underwear from my closet. Then after all my clothes are packed, I grab my make-up, jewelry, hair products, and hair things, and shove them into another bag. Once I'm done packing I have 8 out of the ten bags I bought full of stuff to take with me.

I lay the bags aside, and change into my silky nightgown. I pull my sheets back, and lay down on my bed, and cuddle into my pillow and fall into a dreamless sleep.

Well it's short, and hopefully sweet. I just wanted to give you the basics of what was going on. Now we can get into the story more…..once you R&R.