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ALL KNOTTED UP INSIDE - A Hana Zakari No Kime Tachi E fanfiction


Vegas. The Stratosphere Hotel.

They checked in at the front desk. Their bags were carried to their rooms. And the girls said their goodbyes to the men and went off to the spa and to shop. The men went off to take care of their respective tasks as well.

Three hours later, at the top of the Stratosphere, Sano, Shizuki, and Gilbert were standing in handsomely tailored tuxedos. Eiko, Lisa, and Julia were all wearing beautiful new blue dresses – Eiko's was navy, Lisa wore aqua, and Julia wore ice-blue. They were all smiling, and soft strains of Vivaldi filtered down to them. The door opened and Mizuki came in on the arm of Takumi. Sano gasped – she was the perfect Japanese bride in her white kimono, her hair worn up, the dark brown offset with jeweled combs and a few small flowers.

The girls had spent an hour at the spa. Then, as Mizuki's hair and makeup was being completed, the other three had gone shopping for their lovely dresses.

Meanwhile, the boys had gotten fitted for tuxes, then gone off to play some poker until just before the ceremony. Sano was up 200, Takumi and Gilbert had stopped at about 20 loss, and Shizuki was up about 50 when they realized they needed to go get ready.

But back to the wedding…

As she came down the aisle, Sano found his heart racing. Just before she entered the room, a part of his brain was freaking out and thinking, 'I'm only 18! Do I really want to get married?' And then she walked in, and all he felt was, 'I am the luckiest man that ever lived.'

The wedding took place on the terrace, surrounded by sky. But all Sano saw was Mizuki.

They said their vows, then the officiant took a rope to tie their hands together – a symbol of their lives being forever tied together. Sano stopped the officiant and held something out to him. "If you don't mind, can you use this instead?" It was one of their school neck ties. Mizuki blushed, as Sano continued. "It has… special meaning." The officiant nodded and used the tie to continue the ceremony.

He pronounced them man and wife, and they kissed, their hands still tied together, resting on her belly and the promise of their future together.

Once the photos were taken, they retired to a private room in one of the Stratosphere's restaurants for a wedding feast. During dinner, they talked about how they would have another ceremony the next year in Japan, once Mizuki and the baby could fly, with Sano's parents and all their school friends.

After dinner was complete, Sano and Mizuki danced their first dance as man and wife. Eiko and Takumi joined in after snapping a few photos. Then Gilbert grabbed Julia's hand and dragged her toward the floor. She looked back over her shoulder at Shizuki, but he missed the look she gave him. When he looked up and saw Gilbert dancing with her, he slammed back a whole glass of champagne and pulled Lisa out to dance, too.

Sano and Mizuki spent the whole night just staring at each other and blushing. That is, until Eiko pulled Mizuki aside and told her that she didn't have to stay at the reception any longer.

Takumi handed to Sano the key to their room, hugged him and said, "We are honored to have you in our family," and bowed to Sano.

Sano bowed in return and said, "No. It is I who am honored, Ashiya-san."

"It's Takumi," he responded. "Or haven't you figured out yet that we don't really stand too much on ceremony." He winked at his new son-in-law, and Sano laughed.

Mizuki tossed her bouquet and Julia caught it. And blushed from head to toe and wouldn't look at Shizuki. But he was too busy not looking at her and not thinking about how she was probably wearing ice blue panties under that ice blue dress to notice her reaction.

Sano and Mizuki left shortly after that and retired to their honeymoon suite. They were followed shortly after by a giggling Eiko and Takumi, who looked almost as cute as the newlyweds. Once they were gone, Lisa said she was gonna go down to the casino – she hadn't had a chance to do any gambling yet. Gilbert said that sounded like a good idea to him, and he followed after.

That left Shizuki and Julia.

Shizuki was more than just tipsy by this point. Julia went over and sat down next to him. She'd had a few herself, but not enough that she didn't notice that Shizuki should probably stop or he'd regret it the next day.

"Sad about losing your little sister?" she asked, sitting down next to him and patting him on the arm.

He looked up startled, then looked around and saw that everyone had left the room. "Nah. Yeah. I mean, she was gonna get married someday. And you're right. Sano's a good guy. And he knows if he screws up, I'd kickizASS!" He reached for the bottle of champagne to pour himself another glass.

She put her hand on his, halting its movement. "Shizuki, I think you've had enough."

He turned to her, his eyes a few inches from hers flashed with anger, and said, "Enough of what, Ju-ju?" She jumped back, startled, her heart pounding. And he turned and grabbed the champagne bottle and filled her glass, then his own. "You're probably right," he sighed and held his glass firmly. "Just this one glass more, and then I'll… go back to my room. Alone.

"You were right you know. I don't know about women." He looked into his glass. "I'm an idiot."

She touched him on the shoulder. "Shizuki-kun, I didn't mean-"

He held up the glass in a cheers pose. "So let's drink to our success. We pulled it off, didn't we? We really did make a great team." He smiled awkwardly at her, and she raised her glass and clinked it with his.

"To us." She said, and smiled at him.

"To us!" He agreed and grimaced and downed the whole glass.


"Why do you call me that now?" He asked, putting one hand on her shoulder? "Why not Shi-kun or even Shiz-nit? Why can't you call me…" He frowned and ran his hand through his hair. "What was I saying?... Oh! Yeah. I was going to go to my room after I had another glass. He grabbed the bottle to pour another glass.

"Shizuki, you already had another glass," she went to push his hand away from the bottle, and he grabbed onto her hand, pulling it in front of his face and looking at it closely.

"Even your fingers…" he mumbled, stroking her hand with the other, "…so pret-" He cut himself off and dropped her hand, holding both of his own up and to the side, like he'd touched something hot. "Sorry. I think I should go back to my room."

He pushed his chair back and attempted to stand up. Attempted. He stumbled, and she rushed to his side to catch him, but with his extra size, they both ended up stumbling backwards until her back was against a wall, and he was leaning with one hand on each of her shoulders, and his forehead pressed against hers.

She looked up at him, and he looked down at her ice blue eyes. Why did that color keep haunting him? Her cheeks flushed, and she continued to fall into his eyes. He leaned down further, whispering her name like she was a ghost haunting him. "Julia." She tilted her head up to his, felt his breath on her cheek as he leaned in…

Then he pulled back, not looking at her. He ran his hand through his hair. "Sorry. Lost my balance. Guess I really did have too much, huh?"

She stood there breathing heavily for a bit, then put his arm around her shoulder and said, in a business-like tone, "Okay, big boy, let's get you back to your room for come coffee and a nap."

'Damn, damn, damn!'

'I can't! I can't! She's just… It'd be wrong. She's my little sister's incredibly smart and beautiful and amazing… It'd be wrong.'

'It'd be wrong. He's drunk. He's upset. He doesn't know what he's doing… But what's gotten him so upset anyway? Poor Shiz-nit. Shi-kun…'

They walked back to his room in silence. It took a couple minutes, but Shizuki finally found the key, and Julia helped him slide it into the door slot so that the room would open. Then, she walked him into the room, and sat him on the bed, went over to the phone and ordered up a pot of strong coffee, two large bottles of water, and 4 aspirin.

Once that was done, she turned back to Shizuki, who was sitting on the edge of the bed, elbows on his knees and head in his hands. She crouched in front of him until he noticed her.

"Ice blue," he mumbled.


"Uh. Nothing."

"Well," she replied, "We can't have you sleeping in your rental. Lean back." He braced himself into a sitting position with his arms behind him, propping him up, and she stood in front of him, and untied his tie. Then she pulled off his jacket. She had to sit next to him to help hold him up as she pulled the sleeves off, but she succeeded in removing the jacket with no real problems.

She leaned forward and started unbuttoning his shirt. He looked up to see her swallow in a large gulp and then furrow her brow, concentrating on what she was doing.

He lifted one hand and ran it along her face, making her turn and look at him. "You're so pretty," he mumbled. "Do you even know that?" Her eyes widened. His hand left her face and lightly grasped her shoulder. "You're boooooooful." His head fell forward and his hand dropped to his lap. "It mayce me sad."

"Wh- wh- Why? Does that… make you sad?" her breath was coming very rapidly now.

"Cuz I… cah nevrr… mrmrmmmmm …you…" With that, he slumped forward, asleep.

She gently eased him to the bed, and took a couple minutes to regain her composure. Then she unbuttoned his shirt the rest of the way. She had to roll him to get the shirt off him, but he was out cold. Once that was off, she looked at his tuxedo pants.

She swallowed hard. 'I'll take off his shoes!' she thought. 'Yeah. Those have to come off first.' She untied them and slipped them off, and he sighed in his sleep.

'He thinks I'm beautiful?' She walked up to the bed and sat next to his hip. She looked at his bare chest and gulped. 'He can never WHAT me? What was he saying?' Her hand reached out toward his firm shoulder of its own accord. She pulled it back, 'What am I DOing?' She sat up straight.

She went over to his suitcase and opened it, pulling out a pair of pajama pants for him. She turned back to the bed. 'It doesn't mean anything. Just because I've had a crush on the guy for as long as I can remember, and just because we've been working together for the past four months and even though I've been worried about Mickey, I've been so hap-' She stopped herself. 'I have NOT been happy. Okay. I haven't. Let's just get these pants off him and get his pajama pants on, and then we'll get him some coffee and aspirin, and…' She took a deep breath.

'First things first. Pants.' She steeled herself and walked to the bed. Her hands hovered just above the waistline, and she hesitated for a second. Then she firmly grabbed hold of the waistband and undid the button there. She very cautiously, tooth by tooth, began to unzip the zipper – afraid that something might get caught if she did it any quicker. She was so focused on her goal that she didn't see his eyes open.

He saw her kneeling next to him on the bed, unzipping his pants.

'I'm not supposed to have these dreams,' he thought. 'So why do they keep on getting more and more…' He grabbed each of her wrists and pulled them up toward him. She lost her balance and now was on hands and knees over him on the bed.

"Shizuki, what are you doing?"

"MY dream. Shouldn't have it. But it's MY dream." He leaned up and kissed her, wrapping his arms around his ice blue princess.

She tried to pull away at first. He was drunk. He didn't know what he was doing. But when he kissed her, all rational thought left her. She moaned into his kiss, and he moaned back. His hands ran down her back as she lay on top of him. The kiss continued on and on, their tongues playing and licking at each other.

'This is the best dream,' he thought.

And then there was a knock on the door. "Room service!"

"Damn it," Julia muttered and pulled back. Shizuki froze in place. She climbed off him and opened the door, to let in the Hispanic woman with a tray holding a pot of coffee, two cups, cream, sugar, two large bottles of water, and two travel packs of aspirin. The woman placed the tray on the desk, and Julia said, "He's had a bit too much to drink," as she signed the room service receipt. The woman nodded and smiled, and left. Julia locked the door behind her.

'It wasn't a dream!' "Julia, um…"

"Shi-kun, why don't you try to take those tuxedo pants off and put on your pajamas, and then we'll try to take care of you so you don't get a hangover. Okay? I'll be right back." She practically ran into the bathroom, the door closed behind her. She leaned over the sink and looked up at herself in the mirror. "What was I thinking?" she muttered to herself. "He doesn't like me like that. What was I thinking?" She sat on the edge of the bathtub and put her head in her hands. She had started to cry.

Back in the other room, Shizuki managed to get his tux pants off, and get the pajamas on, but they did nothing to hide his erection. He mentally willed it to go away.

Julia hadn't come out of the bathroom yet, so he poured himself a cup of coffee. Before he took a sip, though, he opened up one of the bottles of water and chugged. Then he took two aspirin and started to drink some coffee.

'I can't believe…' he touched his lips. 'I kissed her! God she felt so good. Just like I… No. I never imagined kissing her. She's my little sister's friend. She's so beautiful. Why can't I control myself around her? I'm supposed to be a doctor. Why can't I… Why hasn't she come out of the bathroom?

'God, she must be upset at me. I took advantage of her!' He stood up quickly and almost fell down. Then he stood up slowly but purposefully and walked to the bathroom door. He knocked on it, and it swung inward.

She started and lifted her face at him. It was streaked with tears.

"Julia, I'm so sorry." "Shizuki, I'm so sorry." They both spoke at once. Then they stopped and looked at each other.

In stereo where available:

"What are YOU sorry for?"

"I took advantage of you."

"No, I took…"

They realized it seemed like something of a sketch on a bad sitcom, and they both stopped and took a deep breath. Shizuki sat down next to her.

"You must think I'm just a dirty pervert."

Julia looked at him in shock. "Then you must think I'm a horrible…" She looked away and started to cry again. "I just… For so long… I wanted…" She took a deep breath and wiped her eyes and faced him. "I took advantage and kissed you while you were drunk and didn't know any better. I'm sorry, Shizuki. I shouldn't have… I shouldn't have…" She let the words trail off and a tear glistened on his cheek.

"No. It was me. I leaned up and kissed you. It's my fault, not yours. I was so envious that I drank too much, and you've been an angel for trying to take care of this old man. You didn't even get to… go do anything fun with…"

She looked at him and cocked her head at him. "You were envious of Sano and Mizuki?"

"NO! Not them! Gilbert!" He blushed and looked away. "I should have realized that I'd been… you need to be with people closer to your own age..."

She let the age comment slide, because she was still confused. "Why on earth would you be envious of Gilbert?" She looked at him dumbfounded.

His blush deepened and he wouldn't look at her.

"Shi-kun, you're not making any sense. Maybe we need to get you back in bed."

"I'm not drunk any more," he declared. "I'm just an old, tired idiot." He paused. "Why do you bother trying to take care of me? Is it because of Mizuki?" He blushed again. "Ju-ju, why are you here instead of having fun with Gilbert?"

She sat up straight, and thought, 'It can't be!' She smiled and said, "Because you're my favorite Shiz-nit."

"What does that MEAN?" he asked. "Shiz-nit. I know it's gotta mean something because of how Lisa always laughs when you call me that. Wait. I'm your favorite?..."

She paused before answering. "You've never asked me that before. It's the latest ghetto slang for 'shit'. It's like I'm calling you a…" She swallowed with a gulp. "A little shit… I'm sorry. It seemed funny the first time, and then, you didn't know and it annoyed you so well, and… then… Well you just always make me so frustrated!" She worked herself up and by the end she turned to accuse him. It was his own fault. If he didn't …BOTHER… her so much, she'd never have come up with that for him.

"I'm your favorite shit? I make YOU frustrated?" He laughed. He laughed so hard he fell off the side of the tub. Then he laughed at himself. "Maybe I am still a bit drunk. Uptight, boring Shizuki makes the beautiful princess of ice blue frustrated!" He laughed and placed his forehead on her knee. "That's so funny!"

"Princess of Ice Blue?"

He stopped laughing and sat up straight.

"WHAT does THAT mean!" She slapped his shoulder.

"OW! Nothing. Nothing. It means nothing." She slid down off the tub next to him and slapped him again.

And again. And again. "You think I'm an Ice Princess? You think I'm… You think I'm…"

He grabbed her wrists and thought, 'This feels familiar. Isn't this how this started?' But what he said is, "Ow! Stop hitting me! Ow! Underwear, okay? Underwear!"

She stopped hitting him and said, "Underwear?"

"Yes. Okay? Now you're going to know exactly how much of a pervert I am, but yes, underwear. Ice blue, lace underwear. Underwear that I can't stop thinking about, on a girl that I can't stop thinking about, and I'm an old pervert! There! Are you satisfied now?"

She pulled back from him and crossed her arms to hold herself in. "How did you know I have ice blue, lace underwear?"

'See. I knew it. Now she's disgusted by me.' "You were wearing them the day Mizuki came back, and, after you tackled me…" She nodded her head and blushed, remembering.

She looked over at him, sitting there, looking so ashamed of himself.

"Shizuki." He looked up at her. "I'm 18."

Confusion filled his expression.

"I'm… Shizuki, if I told you that… Never mind." She leaned over to him and kissed him, wrapping her arms around him.

He froze up when she kissed him, then relaxed into it. Then pushed her away.

"What are you doing?"

She looked up at him. 'Did I misinterpret what he said?' Her eyes that looked up at him were a bit scared. Still, she boldly faced him and said, "Shizuki, if you turn me out of here tonight, I'm going to go back to my room and cry myself to sleep." Then she stood up and walked back into the bedroom portion of the hotel.

He stood up slowly, and followed her into that room, a bit scared of what he'd find. When he got there, she had removed her dress and was sitting, legs crossed, at the table in an ice blue lace bra and panties, and her high heels, nothing more, sipping on her bottle of water. Her eyes blazed at him defiantly. "Ice Blue Princess?"

"Oh. My. God!" His eyes couldn't have moved off her if he'd tried. 'I'm dreaming. This can't be real.' He stumbled as he walked forward, and she jumped up to catch him. Their bodies collided, and he leaned down and kissed her. She kissed him back. 'She's kissing me back!'

Hands on her waist, he lifted her to him, and she wrapped her legs around his waist, her arms around his neck. He moaned into the kiss, and she returned it. He carried her to the bed, and her hands roamed up and down his back. He kissed her neck, her shoulder. She nibbled on his ear and moaned, "Oh, Shi-kun!" sending shivers down his spine.

He laid her on the bed, and hovered over her, kissing down her neck to her chest, which he touched tenderly, gently, and she moaned his name, "Shizuki."

He stopped. He looked at her. "I'm not just dreaming this again, am I?" She shook her head no. He closed his eyes and breathed in relief. "Oh, Julia, Julia…" He continued to explore her body, stopping every few minutes to make sure she was alright, that it was real.

Finally, she got frustrated. She grabbed his wrists and pulled them down so he was on hands and knees. Then she made him roll over so that she was on top. She held his wrists in still against the mattress as she kissed him forcefully. Then she licked down his neck, crawled over him, licking down the center of his torso, letting her tongue dart in and out of his belly button – which made him gasp. She took care of him until he stopped her and turned her around.

"Julia, I'd like to take this further, but I don't have a condom on me. And I doubt you have one…"

She shook her head no.

"It's probably best for us to go a bit more slowly anyway. But I definitely don't want to make love to you without a condom – because when I propose to you, I want you to know I'm doing it only because I love you. I don't want you to ever think that it's just because you and I went too fast."

She couldn't resist. "When you propose?"

He blushed and looked away. 'Oh my god. He meant it. He loves me!' "You know what I meant."

She nodded and thought, 'I love you too, Shizuki.'

She snuggled up next to him, with her head on his shoulder.

"I really could get used to you taking care of me, Ju-ju."

"Me, too, Shiz-nit. Me, too."

They pulled the covers over themselves and fell asleep. They didn't even wake up when Gilbert came back to the room that he was supposed to be sharing with Shizuki – a fact that the couple had completely forgotten – saw them, grabbed his suitcase and went to knock on Lisa's door. She hadn't found anyone in Vegas, so she let him take the extra bed there. Where nothing happened except sleep.


You may want to know what happened on the wedding night. But there are some things that are too private. I'll continue telling the story of Mizuki and Izumi a bit later on. I'll be picking it up with a 9-month pregnant Mizuki and I'll take you through her giving birth.

But not today… Maybe later.