Title: Picture Perfect

Author: Shipchan

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Sirius/Snape

Warnings: Slashy goodness

Rating: PG

Summery: Harry finds a picture of this teacher and god father being more then friends and asks about it.

Disclaimer: All things JK Rowling!

Notes: Based on Tasogare's 51st challenge. Oh and Sirius is alive in this story because……BECAUSE I SAY SO!.

Harry made his way up the basement stairs of Remus's small house. "Never complain of being bored," thought Harry grimly. He had been staying with Remus and Sirius for almost the whole summer and lately he HAD been bored. Today (more specifically 5 minutes ago) he decided to voice this to Sirius. His answer had been, "Go clean the attic!" Harry went up to the dusty dark attic of Remus Lupin's house. Harry opened the creaky latch. "Lumos!" he said, lighting his wand and looking around. The little room was filled with boxes of all shapes and sizes that were covered with dust, cob webs, and only god knew what else. "Well," said Harry, taking a long breath, "better get to work."

Harry crouched down and looked around for a box that looked easy to open when something caught his green eyes. It was a small brown box covered in dust but what Harry had seen was a piece of the paper with the word "SCHOOL" on it. Harry picked up the box and dusted the grime off its top. There was a piece of white parchment stuck to the top that read "DAFFED THINGS FROM DAFFED SCHOOL DAYS." Harry opened the box carefully. Inside were many pictures. One was of his mother and father who looked to be in 6th year kissing each other and blushing, which Harry smiled at. Another was a picture of Remus looking up at the soft dark blue sky above him and pointing out the stars. One was of 4th year Sirius holding up a large black dog plushie. But the one picture that made Harry gasp was the next one. It was of a 6th year Sirius and Snape.

They were sitting in a field but not the one near Hogworts. Sirius was shifty eyed and then leaned over to Snape and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek. Snape looked over at Sirius and rolled his eyes while snuggling a bit closer to Sirius. Harry's eyes widened a bit more and ran down the stairs into the kitchen where he found Remus making tea quietly.

"Remus!" panted Harry, walking over to him. "Look!" He thrust the picture in the blond mans face. Remus picked up the picture from the bespectacled boy's hand and looked it over, a smile growing on his pale face. "Oh my," he said, grinning. "I remember taking this such a long time ago. Where did you find it?" he asked. "In the attic" said Harry. "Remus….why are Sirius and Snape….hugging…." He shuffled his feet. "Because, Snape and Sirius, were together." Said Remus "You see, Harry, after Lily and James got together, Sirius realized that maybe he and Snape could get along too, and before we knew it, 'getting along' turned into this."

He put the picture on the wooden table and sat down. Harry followed him. "But, they seem so happy in this picture. But they hate each other now….why?" asked Harry, frowning to himself. "Who says they do" asked Remus sipping at his tea and frowning, realizing he had no put a tea bag in it. Harry looked confused and Remus snickered a bit.

"Harry, Sirius has more secrets then the fact he wears heart under pants." said the werewolf still smiling. "Well I can't believe Sirius forgot to tell me something so important! I'm his godson for god's sakes!" yelled Harry shaking his fist. "Well why don't you tell him how you feel!" said Remus, finding this more and more funny as it went on. "I will!" yelled Harry "I'm going to tell Sirius that it's ok he's gay!" Harry panted and then looked around. "Hey….where is Pad-foot Anyway?" he asked. "He went fishing a few minutes ago." said Remus. "He'll be back in a few minutes." "I can wait" said Harry "I can wait…."


Somewhere out in Hogworts lack, Sirius shuddered. Something was very wrong. Sirius sighed and went back to fishing. Silently wishing his life wasn't like some bad Buffy fanfiction written by a sugar high fan-girl, slash fiend


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