Title: Picture Perfect

Author: Shipchan

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Sirius/Snape

Warnings: Slashy goodness

Rating: PG

Summery: Harry finds a picture of this teacher and god father being more then friends and asks about it.

Disclaimer: All things JK Rowling!

Notes: Based on Tasogare's 51st challenge. Oh and Sirius is alive in this story because……BECAUSE I SAY SO!.

Ok last chapter finally I fell so happy my 1st finished fanfic! sniff I want to thank the people who told me what they thought of it on the sites I posted on. I ove you guys!

Snape came through the door way of Remus's small country house. He had had a long day at the school and was not in the mood for certain……..people. but as he came into the house and living room he suddenly remembered that he did not live with those who were not sane and that there was no such thing as a relaxing evening. Sirius smiled that strange smile he gave snape before pouncing on him at night and did that thing with his tongue and um never mind that…….not now. Remus raised a single eye brow and slightly smiled.

Harry smiled and said simply "Mum's home." What was he talking about mum's…….oh lord…they knew…… "You….you told them." He said stepping back a little. Sirius smirked "No, Remus here did, well really Harry found the pictures but Remus filled in the details for him." Snape simply raised his eye brow "well then…thank god we burned that picture of Lily and James 'showing there love' as my mother so sickeningly put it. "So that's what happened to that!" replied Sirius, rubbing his chin.

Snape sat next to Sirius on the couch. "Can I ask you two a question?" asked Harry looking up at snape and Sirius with the look of a 5 year old with his parents. "Of course go for it!" replied Sirius "shoot, Harry." Harry smiled a very marauder-like glint in his eye. "Well I was just wondering how did you two get together in the 1st place?" Sirius and snape thought for a few seconds until Sirius said "Well I think it went a little like this…."


Sirius and snape sat on the cold floor of the dungeons cleaning the floors for detention work. "Black….." muttered snape looking down, "Yes Snivlly?" asked Sirius "well…..I just wanted to…to…..look at me for a minute ok!" he almost yelled. Sirius looked up at snape with anger in his eyes which was swapped with surprise at the next thing that happened. Snape's mouth met his, their tongues dulled and then finally they pulled apart panted for breath. "I love you Sirius black!" gasped Snape his eyes wide. "I know you do" Sirius embraced snape "now show me." they made love all night.

Snape's eye twitched a bit and Sirius smirked and nodded his head "And that's the way it went down." "That's not what happened at all!" yelled snape. "I didn't make the 1st move at all! In fact I remember you being quite the wanton for me…."


Severus snape walked down the halls of Hogswort reading a book he had just gotten from the library. "Snape……" said a voice from behind him. He turned his head and saw Sirius black looking at him lustily, he seemed to have materialized out of no were but then again didn't he always have that air of elegant mystery about him, even when with potter and the rest. "Severus…come here…" snape felt a need to head the other boys words as he neared him, maybe the girls where right when they said he was half vela. "Severus…..I..I need you. Every day I gaze at you and wish you to talk to me. but the only way to get my wish is to tease you." Said the longer haired boy "this is why I want you to take me right now…." he flushed and unbuttoned his shirt slowly. Snape nodded "Well since this seems to be causing you so much pain how could I say no?" he brought Sirius's red mouth to his and pressed, feeling all of his tension melt away.

"Oh yeah right!" Sirius stood up and then sat back down in a huff. "I can't believe you would think I would act like such a slut! And besides you're always on the bottom." Harry watch them with a slight smile on his face "this is all very interesting not to mention amusing but it still doesn't answer my question." Remus smiled "I know the truth" his smile grew. "Well then spit it out Remus!" said Harry impatiently. "Well if I recall me and some of the other had tiered of Sirius and Severus's constant fighting. So after classes were over we locked them in a class room together. When we came back in the morning they were asleep in each other's arms." Snape and Sirius both cringed "yeah like you could ever force me to do anything I didn't want to." Snape crossed his arms and huffed. "Yeah moony no offence but your well tiny…" Remus got off the couch and strolled away mumbling something about how people needed to except the truth. Harry, Sirius and snape talk on about how the two had met different stories were told but none of them were true. For only two people will ever know what happened that cold night. but that is a story for another time.

So there you go. I might do a part 2 showing what REALLY happend but that won't be very soon. I want to do another story and a AU next. ideas are always great! reveiw!