The town meeting began like any other with people complaining about the ghost problems and the taxes. None were too happy with the property damage inflicted upon the previous week's fight which had destroyed a portion of the school building. Danny Fenton tried desperately to chink into his seat so his opinion wouldn't be called.

"It's all right Danny," said Sam. "You were just trying to save half the student body from being brainwashed by Ember again."

"Yeah, we don't blame you what so ever for destroying the cafeteria and the parking lot," added Tucker.

Danny and Sam shot him a withering look. "Gee, thanks a lot Tuck," said Danny in a sarcastic tone.

Sam put her hand on his shoulder and smiled, "Aw, Danny, its okay. They don't even know that you're you-know-who, so why should you act like you're guilty?"

"Because it is my fault, I should have been more careful where I was aiming!" said Danny, a little too loudly causing some heads to turn in his direction.

They giggled nervously, "Yeah Danny, we don't blame you at all for loosing last week's basketball game in gym!" Tucker said loudly.

"Yeah, it wasn't your fault!" said Sam, just as loudly.

Everyone turned their attention back to the mayor who was on a rant about public enemy #1 again leaving Sam and Tucker to console their friend.

"Danny, seriously, its okay. I mean half of it wasn't even your fault, right?" asked Sam.

"Well, I guess…" said Danny.

"Yeah, that's right; Ember did half of the damage with her guitar," said Tucker.

"I wish the town could see that. What they see are two ghosts having fun wrecking a school building," said Danny.

"Well, that may be, but at least we believe you," said Sam.

Danny smiled at her, causing her to blush, "Yeah, at least I have you guys," he said.

"Now on to the next problem," said the Mayor. "What are we going to do about the ghost kid called Inviso-Bill?"

"The kid is a menace!" someone called out from the crowd.

Danny sighed, "Here we go."

"I agree!" said someone else. "He should be captured and brought to justice."

Danny blinked, "That's new."

"Yeah, and I don't think I like the sound of that," said Sam.

"They've never tried to all out capture y... I mean Inviso-Bill before," said Tucker.

"Okay, I'll open the floor for discussion here on this issue," said the Mayor.

Maddie stood up, "I believe we can capture this ghost child and have him confess to what he has done."

A cheer rose from the crowd, but Danny, Sam, Tucker, Jazz and Paulina all looked more then a little put out. Jazz decided to put her 3 years of debate team to work. "Now hold on! The ghost kid can't be all bad," she said.

Danny blinked in surprise but didn't try to stop his sister.

"How can you say that Jazz!" said Jack in a hurt voice.

"Well, think about it. The ghost kid only comes out when another ghost is causing havoc in town, and when he does come out he fights that ghost. I think you've got him all wrong, I think what he's trying to do is save the town," said Jazz.

"Thanks Jazz," said Danny under his breath.

"Then why does he destroy stuff?" yelled out one person.

"I don't mean too," said Danny quietly.

"I don't think he means to," said Jazz. "Look, all I'm saying is that it doesn't look to me like the ghost kid is out to hurt people."

Maddie looked her daughter up and down. "Then why doesn't he come out and defend himself," said Maddie.

"Maybe he's scared of getting captured," said Danny loud enough for his mom to hear.

"Well, if that's the case then I think maybe he has something to hide!" said Jack, getting nods of approval from the crowd.

"Or not," muttered Danny.


Outside of the currently spiraling meeting Walker floated outside and smiled. This time he would get the ever elusive Danny Phantom for sure. A ghost that tried to live in the real world would never work, whether he was half human or not.

Inside Danny gasped as his senses were filled with a cold tingling. "Oh no," he muttered.

"Danny what is it?" asked Sam.

"I think there's a ghost in here," he whispered. "I'll be right back." Danny got up and ran towards the bathrooms where he transformed.

Walker came into the building via the ceiling and caused quite an uproar. People pointed and screamed and did what people normally would if they saw a ghost come through the ceiling into their town hall meeting.

"So, where is the one you people call Inviso-Bill?" he asked.

Danny was hovering outside when he heard Walker's voice and he stopped dead in his tracks. "Oh no, Walker," he said.

Walker knew Danny was very close by so he decided to bait the halfa by grabbing Jazz around the waist and taking her high into the air. Maddie and Jack stood there unable to do anything for fear of hurting their daughter if they shot at him.

"Where are you Phantom!" he spat out.

Danny hesitantly came into the room and saw Jazz floating his above the ground. His eyes flashed a dangerous green and he let the green ectoplasmic energy encircle his hands in a pulsating light. "Let her go Walker," he said.

"Then catch her!" he laughed and let Jazz go.

Danny flew as fast as he could to save his sister and reached where she was in plenty of time, but all the people just saw the enemy going after Jazz. Maddie help up her gun and finally decided to take a shot, she knew she could maneuver fast enough. Danny dodged and Walker caught him in the small of the back as he voided Maddie's attack.

"Ow… talk about being attacked on all sides," he muttered, trying to find a way out without hurting his sister.

"Mom, stop! He's trying to help me!" Jazz yelled at her mother, and amazingly Maddie stopped shooting. Even though Danny had a feeling it was because she was worried she would hurt Jazz.

"Thanks," Danny said breathlessly.

"No problem," said Jazz.

Walker came in again and tried to get Danny, but he was too quick and swerved out of the way before he could get caught. Then Danny flew down and let Jazz fall harmlessly on the ground and tried to fly out of the building.

Unfortunately, long before Maddie had put up the ghost shield. He couldn't phase through it as he was trapped with Walker. "This is just… perfect," said Danny.

"Look out!" Paulina called and Danny turned around just in time to get hit by Walker. He was sent spiraling into the podium, where he lay trying to get a grip on his spinning world.

"Heh, I knew you were no match for me, the fact that you're half human proves that," Walker laughed.

Danny bolted into an upright position and heard the collective gasps around him. "Did he say half human?" asked Maddie.

Walker smiled, "Oh, they didn't know? Oh well, it doesn't matter because you're coming back to the ghost zone where you belong!" he yelled flying at Danny.

Danny flew out of the way and jumped up so he was behind Walker. Then he summoned the flow of energy to his hands where he shot them out and caught Walker in the back. "I do not belong in the ghost zone!" he yelled.

Before Walker could reply, Maddie shot her portable ghost zone gun and Walker was sucked in the small vortex back to his world. Danny floated there looking at Maddie who had the gun aimed in his general direction.

Danny sucked in his breath and waited for the shot that never came. Maddie set the gun down and she looked at him, "What did he mean, half human?" she asked.

Danny floated in mid air but remained motionless while the clamor went on around him. He could hear the people questioning their motives and whether or not he was truly human. Danny felt a little overwhelmed by it all but didn't run, because that would just make things worse then they already were. What he needed was an excuse, some lie to get him out of the mess that he was in.

"Well, I uhhh… he meant…" Danny stuttered and fumbled his way around the bases as he stalled for time. 'Come on Danny, think! There has to be something I can say,' he chided himself.

Maddie sighed and went over to the button that turned off the ghost shield. "If you promise not to run away, then I'll turn this off," she said, placing her finger right over the big red button that turned it off for emphasis.

Danny help up his hands, "Okay, okay, I won't run I promise."

Maddie smiled and turned off the shield and even though Danny didn't know it she was testing him. Seeing if he was trustworthy enough to keep his promise. At that moment in time she didn't care if he was human or not, she just wanted to see if she and Jack may have been wrong about the ghost boy. She eyed him floating up near the ceiling and called out, "Why don't you come down here?"

"Oh, I'm fine up here thanks," said Danny eyeing one of the many guns strapped to Maddie and Jack's waists.

Maddie sighed, "Okay, listen, just tell us this, are you human."

'Yes, a question where I don't have to lie!' Danny cheered in his head. "Nope," he said with an actual air of pride, he'd never actually felt comfortable admitting he wasn't human before, but given the circumstances he figured it was okay.

Unfortunately for him, Maddie saw right through the guise. "Are you half human?" she asked him.

"Well… I ummm…" Danny saw everyone looking up at him and he felt a panicky.

Jazz went over to her mother and placed her hand on her shoulder. "Mom, I think you're asking a little much from him," she said quietly.

Maddie sighed, "Okay, listen ghost kid, how about you come with me and answer some questions. That way you're not talking in front of everyone."

Danny sighed with relief, that actually went better then he thought. "Okay, I can live with that. I'm actually a terrible public speaker," he laughed.

Maddie looked up and him and started to wonder.

After the room was emptied of all its previous inhabitants except his family Danny decided it was safe enough to float down.

Maddie looked him dead in the eye and said, "Okay, be honest with me. Are you really half human?"

Danny smiled weakly, "Well, I wouldn't say…" he sighed, "All right, yes, I'm half human half ghost. I'm called a halfa."

Maddie and Jack looked stunned, "How could this happen?" Maddie asked.

Danny shrugged, "Don't ask me, I'm not telling you that much. And please, if people do ask about this tell them I'm completely ghost. It would save me a lot of grief."

Jack and Maddie looked at each other a little surprised. "But, that doesn't make sense,' said Maddie.

Danny shrugged, "Its okay, just promise to stop hunting me and we'll call it even."

Jack eyed him suspiciously, "How do we know this isn't some low down ghost trick!" he yelled.

Danny blinked, "Uhhhh, I really wouldn't try and trick you. I just don't like being hunted. I have my own enemies."

Maddie actually understood him, and felt sorry. 'Careful, he might just be trying to play on your emotions,' she thought to herself. "Okay, listen. We won't hunt you for the time being. But if I see you doing anything to put someone at risk, and I mean anything, you're going straight into the ghost zone."

Danny smiled his knees weak with relief. First Valerie, now his parents, things were actually starting to turn to the bright side for him. "Thank you, I promise I won't do anything. Actually, believe it or not, I try and save people."

Maddie smiled and shook her head, "I believe it."

Jack crossed his arms and sulked, "Well I don't. You better keep out of trouble Inviso-Bill, I'm warning you…"

Danny held up his hands, "Please, don't call me that."

Maddie nodded, "Okay, then what's your name?" she asked.

Danny blinked, "M-my name? Ummmm…" He searched his brain for a suitable name for himself, 'Well, it can't be Danny, I might as well just tell them who I am… maybe I should just go with the second half of my ghost name. Yeah, that's okay I guess…' "My name is Phantom," he said aloud.

Jazz hid a giggle in a cough. "Well, glad to know there's one not evil ghost in Amnity Park," she said.

Danny smiled, "Yeah, glad to know you don't hate me as much any more." He waved at them, "I need to get home, so I'll see you around I guess."

"Good bye, Phantom," said Jazz, then she went into a coughing fit after she said it. Danny looked at her and got a little suspicious but decided not to pursue it.


Danny flew his way on towards his house enjoying the night air. He knew he could easily get home long before his parents did and decided to take a detour into the forest. It was one of his favorite places to fly because it was so secluded that no one ever saw him. He dipped below the trees and flew under the cover of the canopy for a few minutes, looking at the splashes of moonlight on the bases of the trees. Then Danny flipped over on his back and looked up at the stars, it was one of the rare times when he enjoyed his powers.

In the corner of his eye he saw a shadow flicker in the moon light. He abruptly stopped flying and flipped over, his ghost sense on high alert. Behind him the giant shadow expanded and swallowed him up in a dark enclosure. "Hey, you're Johnny 13's power!" he yelled and then he let his hands glow with his power trying to break the ghost's hold on him.

Johnny stepped out of the protection of the trees and held up his hands, "Hey, woah, slow down there kid. We just want to talk with you."

"Yeah, then why am I inside a huge ghost?" Danny asked.

"To get your attention. Shadow, down!" Johnny said and the Shadow unwrapped himself from Danny's frame.

Danny floated there, very wary of the turn of events. "Okay, you have my attention. What do you want? And what do you mean, we?" he asked.

Skulker stepped out of the shadows as well. "He means we as in all of us," said Skulker extending his arms to motion at the ghosts behind him. The small army consisted of no more or less then every single ghost Danny had fought.

Danny gulped and looked at them with a puzzled look, "How did you get here?" he asked.

"That's what we want to talk to you about," said Skulker.

"What do you mean?" asked Danny.

"What I mean, ghost child, is that we came her for you help."

Danny almost fell out of the air in shock. "Okay, back up, what?"

Ember looked very upset, "Vlad Plasmius has taken over the ghost zone, and you're the only one that can help us, dipstick."


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