Danny flew back a few feet and shook his head dazedly. All the power surging in his body felt like it was going to his head, literally. Vlad came at him with a fully charged Ectoplasmic energy blast aimed right at his head. Danny went intangible at the last possible second and Vlad continued on his set course right into a tree. "Is that all you got?" Danny jeered with a confidence he did not feel.

Vlad picked himself out of the tree and flew at Danny do fast he could only blink before Vlad was right in front of him. Danny brought up his hands to stop the attack and Vlad grabbed them. His green white power began to clash with Vlad's own red power. They mixed together and pushed at each other, it was like trying to mix oil with water. Vlad was slowly beginning to overpower Danny who was weak from taking in all the power of the jewel. Ain'ah stared at the battle with some kind of horror struck look on her face. "What have I done?"


Maddie looked at the scanner in the Fenton RV. "Jack! There's a huge shot energy signature in the state park," she said while staring at the huge green blip on the radar screen.

The overly excited Jack pulled out their newest weapon with excitement. "All right!" he cheered.

Maddie took a sharp left that sent Jack into the side of the door. "Time to catch some ghosts," she muttered.


"Is that all you've got!" Vlad yelled at Danny. "Honestly boy, I expected more from you. You're such a disappointment, just like your old man."

Danny's eyes flashed a brightly glowing green and a shuddering power rippled through the area. "Leave my dad out of this," he said in a dangerously low voice.

Either Vlad didn't notice the power that just came from Danny or he chose to ignore in because he kept on taunting the boy. "You know you can't win Daniel. I have more power, experience and time then you to train myself. You know it's hopeless, so why are you trying?"

Danny pushed on his hands that were now numb from pushing against Vlad's for so long. He took in a deep breath and matched Vlad glare for glare. His eyes glowed an almost eerie white color and Vlad looked a little put out. "Because, nothing is hopeless," he said quietly and in a blink of an eye Vlad was blasted back by a white colored power issuing from Danny's hands.

All the other ghosts watched in awe as Danny started to glow a bright white. The normally dim outline around his body was now flaring giving the impression that Danny was on fire with some kind of ghostly power. Ain'ah looked happy, 'He did it,' she thought. 'His body has accepted the power.'

Vlad picked himself up off the ground and glared at Danny with angry red eyes. "So, we've learned some new tricks," he said with a sneer.

Skulker looked at his scanners to see that the Fenton RV was coming. "Ummm," he said trying to break up the fight between the two angry ghosts so they wouldn't get caught.

Danny and Vlad didn't care.

"I'm through being your pawn," Danny yelled. "I can defeat you now, and I can act on my own."

Vlad grinned horribly. "Can you back that up?" he asked.

Danny flew at him yelling his rage. Vlad mirrored the action and they once again clashed in mid air, Danny's white mingling with Vlad's red, the two energies started to try and consume one another until Danny's finally expanded and engulfed Vlad. Their powers extinguished for the time being Danny took a shot at Vlad with his fist. Vlad caught it but Danny managed to pull himself out of Vlad's grasp.

Ember now looked at Vlad's scanner. "Hello?" she called out.

Danny put his hands out in front of him in a last ditch effort to summon an energy blast. A white beam hit Vlad square in the chest and he went down. He landed on the ground and resumed his human form. He picked himself up painfully and Danny hovered in the air just above him. "Leave," he said quietly.

Vlad glared at Danny with contempt, then he went ghost and vanished. Vlad wasn't stupid and he knew a defeat when he experienced one. But that didn't mean he could plan another more powerful attack. Danny had a new power, but Vlad had more motivation. And after all, wasn't it motivation that got Vlad where he was in the first place?

Danny's white aura started to fade and he set foot on the ground lightly. Ain'ah went to his side and held him up so he didn't collapse. Skulker and the other ghosts went down each looking at Danny with a mixture of respect and a little contempt. "Well ghost child?" Skulker asked.

"Well what?" Danny said weakly.

Skulker crossed his arms. "You just won."

"Yeah, and?"

"What are you going to do?"

Danny looked at Skulker with tired green eyes. "I'm gonna go home and take a long bath, then go to sleep and enjoy the rest of my weekend in peace."

Skulker grinned, "Feh, weak human." Danny glared at him. "Well, I guess we owe you that much, we'll leave you alone for the time being, Daniel but don't forget, this pact is over now that we have the ghost zone back." Skulker held out his hand and Danny stared at it. "Well?"

Danny took his hand and gave it a firm shake. "Thanks," he said.

"We'll be back, ghost ch…" Skulker paused. "I mean, Daniel. You better be ready."

Danny nodded, "Oh don't worry, I will."

Skulker took one last glance at his scanner. "Oh and your family will be here in about five seconds."

"What?" Danny asked.

"Bye!" Ember waved and disappeared. Everyone else followed suit until it was only Danny and Ain'ah in the clearing.

"Oh no!" Danny said.

"Can you fly?" Ain'ah asked.

"That's not the problem…" Danny said quietly.

There was a loud rumble and the Fenton RV crashed through the trees. Maddie and Jack jumped out with loaded guns.

"All right ghosts…" Maddie started then paused. There was an overly tired Phantom being supported by a small girl she had never seen before. "Where is everyone?"

"They left," Danny groaned. "Don't worry; there won't be any ghost attacks for a few days at least."

Maddie's eyes sharpened and she held up her gun. Danny recognized it as the new one that would cancel out a ghost's intangibility power. Not that it mattered to him. Danny shook his head, "Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere."

Maddie lowered her gun and after a few tense seconds Jack followed suit. "Who are you?" Maddie asked.

"Phantom," Danny said with a small grin. "Maybe some day you'll find out more."

Maddie blinked, "What do you mean?"

Danny took in a deep breath and flew into the air. "When the time comes, you'll know," he said cryptically and they both vanished.

"Maddie?" Jack asked his wife at a loss of what to think.

Maddie sighed, "Come on Jack, let's go home."

"Right," Jack said.

"I wonder what he meant…" Maddie said quietly.


Maddie and Jack pulled their RV into the drive way and went inside the house. There they found Jazz reading a book and Danny sprawled out on the couch with his head in her lap fast asleep. "He came home and just collapsed," Jazz said with a small smile. "He's been working very hard."

Maddie and Jack gave her questioning glances.

Jazz caught her mistake by the ears, "Ummmm, he's been working very hard to get his grade up in English! You know all those after school classes with Mr. Lancer and all…"

"Jazz, it's Saturday," Maddie said.

"Which is why he went in on the weekend!" Jazz said brightly. "He's working very hard to please you two," she said softly.

Maddie and Jack exchanged glances. Maddie sighed, "We know sweetie."

Jazz smiled and started to read her book once again.

Maddie looked at Danny's worn face. "We know…"


Ain'ah looked at the small family gathering with a warmth in her heart she had never felt before.

"For now, just stay with me," Danny said as they were flying home.

"Why?" she asked.

"Because, the ghost zone isn't a place for you. Don't worry, we'll figure something out, but for now you can just stay with me," he said giving her a small smile.

Ain'ah nodded happily and gave Danny a small hug in mid air. "Thank you."

Danny wavered and she quickly let go. He laughed, "No problem. It's nice to meet friendly ghosts."

She fingered the small necklace around her neck and watched and Maddie and jack left the room. It was a far cry from perfect, but she had a home.


Jazz stroked Danny's hair unconsciously. Danny felt the motion and woke up a little. "Jazz?" he asked.

"I found you sprawled on the floor, I figured you'd rather let mom and dad catch you like this," she smiled.

Danny sighed and felt his eyes closing. "I wanted to take a bath," he sighed.

"Rest for now, little brother. Don't worry, you're safe now."

Danny smiled and fell asleep, "I know…"


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No, Maddie and jack do not know Danny is Phantom. They just have vague suspicions, that's all.

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